October 2015


I am Paola Padovan a long time resident of Key Biscayne. My father, FedericoPadovan, moved our family here in 1973. I was raised  on the Island, before briefly leaving to earn a BFA degree at NYU and live the BIG CITY lifestyle. But my heart never left Key Biscayne. So I returned to my Island Paradise home where I am raising 4th generation Key Biscayners with my husband Donnie Hall. 

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Many of my friends and social media followers ask me about my lifestyle  and the amazing deals I come across. Truth told, I am a research junky and I love to get or make, a great deal happen. And I am very happy to share this knowledge with my friends.
This monthly newsletter is my attempt to share interesting things and my EXTRA VALUE discoveries, including a FREE monthly Raffle for a $100 Gift Certificate to a LOCAL BUSINESS. 
Welcome to KEY INSIGHTS!


WIN $100 gift certificate to ORIGIN Asian Bistro & Sushi  

FREE to Enter $100.00 Value Gift Certificate RAFFLE for Origin Asian Bistro and Sushi
at 200 Crandon Boulevard Key Biscayne, FL 33149

Since 2008, Origin Asian Bistro & Sushi has been and still is one of my family's favorite go to restaurants on the Island for lunch, dinner, take out or delivery. Some of our favorite dishes are the Steamed Vegetables cooked to order, the various Curry Dishes, the Pad Thai, Duck and fresh Sushi. It's a great place for group celebrations, they have a fantastic lunch special and the kids love their children's menu. The food is always delicious and there are a great variety of dishes to choose from. 

For more info about Origin Asian Bistro & Sushi
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Now you have a chance to experience Origin's for FREE.

Win a Gift Certificate worth $100.00 and enjoy one of the best Restaurants not just on the KEY but all of Miami-Dade County. Simply ENTER BELOW for up to 4 chances to win!
First Annual Taste Paradise

No worries, the first Annual Taste Paradise Key Biscayne gourmet event sponsored by the Key Biscayne Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Center will more than fill the void.
Yes, Right now from 9th to the 25th of October, the Island of Key Biscayne will be offering a fixed p
riced lunch and dinner menu presented by nearly two dozen local participating restaurants. CLICK HERE  or on their LOGO for more information!

Bring your appetites and enjoy some of the best food in the world right here on Key Biscayne.

I am a huge fan of Whole Foods, However...

...the drive is nothing to get excited about. The time spent to get to Sunset or Miami Beach then shop and drive back can be hours. Parking can be problematic, traffic usually is a pain. Then there is wear and tear on your car. It costs time and money before you add in the cost of the actual groceries.
With Instacart, all my favorite Organic, Gluten free, Non GMO food items are delivered on Key Biscayne right to my door.  
Furthermore, The cost of the groceries are the same as if you went yourself. CLICK  HERE or on the Instacart LOGO to receive $10.00 Off and FREE delivery on your first order.
  Have More Fun, Be Safer, Save Money and time with uber & Lyft
I love Key Biscayne and our incredible location.

It's wonderful to be just 20 to 30 minutes away from Theater, Sporting Arenas, the Ports and all the things that make Miami a favorite destination for millions of people each year. However, driving to these venues can be ARGGH!!!

Driving in Miami TRAFFIC can be very stressful with construction, detours and the lack of available spaces, a.k.a. PARKING is a big problem!  Sure you can opt for valet services in many places but it's expensive, time consuming and someone has to be the designated driver. Meaning very little or NO wine for my hubby. :(
The answer to our problem is UBER & LYFT. For what it costs to valet, the time it takes for the car to be retrieved and the potential DUI just waiting to happen due to the sneaky and frequent Police traps we deal with, UBER & LYFT are better choices. Furthermore, if you double up with a friend, you can spit the rate. Making the driving experience more fun, stress-free, safer, faster and less expense than if you drive yourself. 
NOTE: Exceptions to this rule apply during surge hours.
Many of my friends as well as My husband and I use both UBER & LYFT regularly. In fact we personally know a couple who gave up their two cars, use a golf cart on the island and Uber to go off the island and they are saving a ton of money doing so. I highly recommend taking advantage of these types of riding services to be safer and save money and time.
 If you have any questions feel free to contact me and I'll share more price saving tips and tricks.

or the Logo for $20 off your first UBER ride!!!
for $20 off your first LYFT ride!!!
The Village of Key Biscayne has a text notification  system available. 
It will notify you about...
  • and OTHER UGENT and EMERGENCY situations
Here is a link! Simply  CLICK HERE  or 
the Village of Key Biscayne LOGO so you too can receive these critical and timely advisories from the VINS (Village Information and Notification System) emergency text messaging alert service. In the event of an emergency, a text message will be sent to the cell number that you specify and/or your email address.
A quick safety check before Halloween will help prevent injuries.

There will be a sharp increase in foot traffic around Key Biscayne on Halloween night so you'll want to put safety first around your property.  Here are a few tips that will help keep the kids safe when they come knocking:

  1. Loose Ends - Repair any loose railings on your porch and steps.
  2. Think Ahead - Have a spare light bulb on hand in case your porch light burns out.
  3. A Safe Glow - Use a light stick or flashlight in your jack-o'-lantern instead of candles.
  4. Frightened Fido - Halloween is a scary time for dogs so keep them secured in a separate room.
  5. Lighten Up - Although Halloween is a dark and spooky time, it's important to ensure the path to your front door is well lit.

It's easy to get caught up in all of the fun and festivities that surround Halloween but don't forget about safety.  Halloween's an occasion where children form lifelong memories so as homeowners, it's important that we do our best to ensure they have a safe and happy time.
Are you better with the Big Company Realty Company or a Smaller Boutique Company? 

It will depend on your choice of agents, their experience & knowledge of the market. Both Big and Small will have access to the MLS. Both will market properties for sellers & research the market and schedule viewings for buyers. All agents should be legally qualified to handle all services required including the contract because they all are required to be licensed. However, there are often some advantages with a good qualified Boutique firm over it's larger competitor. 

  • Big firms tend to follow Company mandates that often include steering  customers towards their own limited inventory instead of opening the entire market place to the buyer. This could waste time and limit choices for people eager to buy. 

  • Big firms are more likely to hire rookie & part time agents that lack experience. This gives a "bigger is better" impression. The truth is, this is NOT a benefit for a buyer or seller. Quality is always better than quantity when selecting a Real Estate company. 

  • Overhead cost. From the receptionist & secretaries to the agents the broker & owner of the Big firm, everyone needs to eat. Office costs including their lease debts indirectly gets passed on to the customer. 

  • Juxtaposed to smaller firms where the broker, agent & owner are typically one-and-the-same. Less overhead and fewer mouths to feed translates to potential big savings for a seller or a buyer. Meaning smaller firms are freer to negotiate their transaction fee while larger firms can't afford to do so.

Bottom Line: If all things are equal in terms of Experience & Service, Boutique is the way to go! For the best and most experienced Boutique Real Estate Company there is no better choice than  Padovan Realty Corp.
Don't forget to throw out the big stuff!


Monday, October 12, 2015 (Green Zone on color-coded pick-up map): Bulky waste will be picked up from West McIntyre Street to West Mashta Drive and from Fernwood Road to Harbor Drive.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015 (Blue Zone on color-coded pick-up map): Bulky waste will be picked up in the triangular area bordered by Harbor Drive - Fernwood Road - West McIntyre Street, as well as in the Holiday Colony area  on the east side of Crandon Boulevard.

Thursday, October 15, 2015 (Pink Zone on color-coded pick-up map): Bulky waste will be picked south of West Mashta Drive in the Cape Florida area and on Mashta Island.

Friday, October 16, 2015 (Yellow Zone on color-coded pick-up map): Bulky waste will be picked up from West Heather Drive to West McIntyre Street and from Fernwood Road to Harbor Point Drive.

CLICK HERE for the Color Coded Map.
Wondering what to do this Fall?
The Village of Key Biscayne Community Center has plenty of programs:

  • FREE On-Island Transportation for SENIORS
  • Passport services. 
  • Party Packages & Island Room Rentals
  • Beach Park Access Cards
  • Toddler Room Drop-in care
  • Youth and Teen fitness, clubs, music, arts, dance, camps and Athletic programs                                                                                plus much more.
CLICK HERE for membership and other information or call 305-365-8900.

PS Are you sick of scouring the paper and MLS sites looking for homes?  Tired of playing telephone tag with agents only to hear the home's already sold?  Sit back, relax and let me do the work for you! 

Just visit MY WEBSITE and check off the features you're looking for.  Whenever a home matching your criteria hits the market, it'll be automatically flagged and emailed to you so you'll never have to worry about missing your dream home.

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