May 3, 2024
Brinley Sullivan, 6th grader, took this picture in her yard this past week. What a great reminder of what our Savior did for each and every one of us! He is risen! He is risen, indeed! Alleluia!
Upcoming Events
May 4: VLHS Track Meet @ VLHS

May 4: 5:00pm Worship Service

May 5: 9:30am Worship Service - Preschool, Kindergarten & 1st Grade Sing - Travis Grulke honors Principal of the Year

May 6-10: Teacher Appreciation Week

May 6: 6:00pm Youth Group Meeting

May 7: 10:20am 5-8 Grade Field Trip to Great Lakes Loons Game

May 8: 8:05am Chapel - Pastor Morris

May 9: 6:30pm Ascension Day Service - Cherub and Seraphim Choirs Sing

May 10: SCRIP Orders Due

May 10: Preschool Spirit Day - PJ Day

May 10: 7:00pm Matilda the Musical @VLHS

May 11: Lutheran Invitational Track Meet @VLHS

May 11: 5:00pm Worship Service

May 11: 7:00pm Matilda the Musical @VLHS

May 12: Mothers Day

May 12: 9:30am Worship Service - Confirmation Practice Immediately Following

May 12: 2:00pm Matilda the Musical @VLHS

May 15: Spirit Day - Blue or Pink Day - Vice Principals Noah and Darlene Jungnitsch

May 17: Lutheran Schools Music Festival @VLHS
Strong & Courageous
Devotion of the Week: They got me! They got me good. Usually, the principal knows what is going on in his own building, but unfortunately, this week I failed at knowing all the planning, organizing and scheming that was taking place for a “principal celebration” after chapel. Delicious desserts were prepared, a very impressive movie was made by students, and cards were created…all behind the back of the person that was supposed to know what was going on. I am very thankful for the recognition I received from my St. Peter parents, students, faculty and staff. It is very humbling. I am getting thanked for simply doing the job that I was called to do, and at the same time, being blessed without measure in an environment that supports, encourages, forgives, and loves. To be a Lutheran school teacher/principal is somewhat unique, but my position has been extremely rare over the years I have served here since 1996:
  • I have served with my wife in all my years at St. Peter. Margaret Hagenow receives the “Wife of the Principal of the Year Award”. What a blessing!
  • I have served with my dad at St. Peter since 1999. What a blessing! I had my children (Lindsay & Brady) in school for 10 years each (4PS-8th grade). What a blessing!
  • I coached my children in basketball every year they were at St. Peter. What a blessing!
  • I worked with my children at St. Peter when they were Early Childhood Caregivers for four years each. What a blessing!
  • I taught my nieces and nephews while they attended St. Peter. What a blessing!
  • Most of my family members, including my parents and sister, are members of St. Peter Lutheran Church. What a blessing!
  • I have worked with two exceptional volunteers many years at St. Peter: Harold & Sue Schroeder, my in-laws. What a blessing!
  • I serve with my son-in-law, Anthony Wolter, at St. Peter. What a blessing (especially with a grandchild on the way)!
  • I have a very supportive faculty and staff. The teachers I work with are very special to me. They make the job of a principal much easier because of their dedication, work ethic, and commitment to their call. What a blessing!
  • I live 0.2 miles away from school. What a blessing!
  • I work in a place that has a mission to teach children about Jesus every day which has eternal significance. This is the greatest blessing!
The recognition I received this week was humbling and I felt very appreciated. But St. Peter Lutheran Church & School has given me more blessings than any recognition I can receive. Thanks be to God that He has blessed the mission and ministry of St. Peter Lutheran Church & School for many years. I am overjoyed, proud, and blessed to work in such a wonderful place with supportive parents, great students, excellent teachers, an outstanding staff, caring congregational members, and my own family members. St. Peter Lutheran School is a place where children learn about Jesus every day. There is NOTHING more important. May God continue to bless our ministry here in Hemlock with our current faculty and staff and those that serve here in the future…for many, many more years to come! -Eric Hagenow (Click here to watch the video made by Josie Wolgast, Hannah Biber, and Katie Hales.)

Call Received: Please continue to keep Mrs. Sherry in your prayers as she deliberates her call to Peace and her current call to St. Peter. May the Holy Spirit guide her in her decision.
Serving in Worship: Preschool, Kindergarten and 1st Grade will be singing in church this Sunday. Children will sit with their families until it is time to sing during the offering, when they will come to the front of the church. Children will return to their families after they sing. The Cherub Choir (grades 2-4) will be singing in church on Sunday, May 19. Thank you!
  • Ascension Service: Both Cherub and Seraphim Choirs (grades 2-8) will be singing at the Ascension Service on Thursday, May 9. Students need to meet in the music room at church at 5:45 p.m. to rehearse with the adult choir before the service.
  • Choir Schedule Change: The Seraphim Choir will not be singing on June 2 as indicated on the choir schedule from the beginning of the year. Their last performance will be at the Ascension Service on May 9
Music Festival 2024
Music Festival Schedule: The annual Lutheran Schools Music Festival will be held on Friday, May 17, at Valley Lutheran High School. Everyone is invited to attend the various school performances throughout the day. The following St. Peter students will be participating:

  • 9:08am - Landon Sherry, Instrumental Room 3
  • 9:24am - Rozlynn Prentice, Brinley Sullivan, Vocal Room 1
  • 9:48am - Dean Thomas, Vocal Room 3
  • 9:56am - Kaeden Watson, Landon Sherry, Instrumental Room 2
  • 10:04am - Rozlynn Prentice, Vocal Room 3
  • 10:52am - Charlotte Starke, Instrumental Room 2
  • 11:30am - Seraphim Choir, Choir Room (11:15am warm-up)
  • 1:24pm - Connor McKenzie, Instrumental Room 1
  • 1:40pm - Dean Thomas, Instrumental Room 3
Sensational Students
Matilda the Musical: St. Peter is proud to announce that three of our 7th graders, Hannah Biber, Larkin McQueen and Dean Thomas, will be appearing in "Matilda the Musical". The performances will take place on Friday, May 10 and Saturday, May 11 from 7:00-9:00pm and Sunday, May 12 from 2:00-4:00pm at Bethlehem Lutheran School.
God's Helping Hands
God's Helping Hands Food Distribution: Thank you to our 5th-8th grade students for their help this morning with food distribution at Zion Lutheran Church (God's Helping Hands). They spent the morning unloading the food truck, organizing and loading food into vehicles of people in need.
Vice-Principals of the Day: Darlene & Noah Jungnitsch
VPs to Take Office on Wednesday, May 15: Ms. Darlene Jungnitsch and Mr. Noah Jungnitsch will begin their duties as the vice-principals on Wednesday, May 15, 2024. Their terms will last for one day. Darlene and Noah's family had the highest bid at this year's auction for them to be "Vice-Principals for the Day". Vice-Principals Jungnitsch and Jungnitsch's first official act for their one-day term was to declare Wednesday, May 15, to be Blue or Pink Day as their spirit day choice. Students are encouraged to wear blue (in support of Noah), pink (in support of Darlene), or wear both colors to support them both. Their special lunch that they have chosen is Macaroni & Cheese, veggie mix, strawberries, and brookies for dessert. Ms. Jungnitsch and Mr. Jungnitsch will be working with Mr. Hagenow throughout the day doing an administrator's job. We look forward to having Ms. Darlene Jungnitsch and Mr. Noah Jungnitsch as our VPs.
2024-2025 Athletic Sign Ups
Sign Up for 2024-2025 Athletics: All current parents of 3rd-7th graders are asked to fill out the sign-up link below for next year's sports. Even if your child(ren) is not planning to play, you can indicate that on this form. Thanks for your help. PLEASE SIGN UP BY MONDAY, MAY 6. THANK YOU!
News & Notes
Lunch Menu for the Week of May 6:
  • Monday, May 6: Homemade Spaghetti w/Meat Sauce, Green Beans and Applesauce.
  • Tuesday, May 7: Cheese Quesadilla, Refried Beans and Diced Pears.
  • Wednesday, May 8: Homemade Sloppy Joes, Baked Beans and Diced Pears.
  • Thursday, May 9: Popcorn Chicken, Tater Tots and Pineapple Tidbits.
  • Friday, May 10: Mini Confetti Pancakes w/Sausage Links, Corn and Fresh Strawberries.
Spirit Day: On Friday, May 10, we will have our Preschool Spirit Day which is "PJs Day". Wear your most comfy pajamas! Lunch for the day will be Mini Confetti Pancakes w/Sausage Links, Corn and Fresh Strawberries.

Summer Art Camp: Applications for the kindergarten - 4th grade art camp session are still available. The camp will take place Monday, July 8 - Friday, July 12. The kindergarten - 4th grade session will be from 9:00am-11:00am and the 5th-8th grade session will be from 12:00pm-3:00pm. Please contact Ms. Parsell with any questions!

Retirement Celebration: We will recognize Ms. Parsell at our closing awards ceremony on the last day of school, June 5, and we will have a reception for her following the closing service. There will be a card box available at the celebration to express your thankfulness to her.

Thank You: To Mr. James Ryan who picked up and delivered the art boards from Vassar High School to St. Peter for our Evening of the Arts. Thank you also to Mrs. Rhea Yackel who brought in wraps, sandwiches and chips from Chandler's for the faculty and staff on Wednesday.
Mother's Day Flower Sale
Mother's Day Flower Sale: The Saginaw County Right to Life will be hosting their annual corsage, rose and gift sale, and our school will be a part of it. "By participating in this event, we can help raise awareness of the gift of life that our mothers have given us and at the same time help raise much needed funds to continue our work here in the community." The silk corsages, Gerber daisies, and other gift items offer students the opportunity to purchase a gift priced at $3.00 for all items. These flowers will be on sale Thursday May 9 and Friday, May 10, at the beginning of the school day for children to purchase. Thank you to Mrs. Patrice Sherry for organizing this flower sale.
Evening of the Arts
Evening of the Arts: Thank you to Ms. Lois Parsell and Mr. Brian Heinlein for all of the hard work they put in to make the Evening of the Arts a huge success on Wednesday night! It was a wonderful evening of art work and music. Thank you also to all of our students who performed instrumental solos and duets and sang: Rozlynn Prentice, Brinely Sullivan, Charlotte Starke, Dean Thomas, Landon Sherry, Kaeden Watson and the Cherub Choir.
Track: Our track team had a successful first meet last Saturday at Reese High School. Here are their results:
  • A-Team 400m - Landon Sherry 1st (1:00.65)
  • A-Team Shot Put: Brody Curnutt 3rd (36'1")
  • A-Team High Jump: Zophia Zaleski 4th (4'3")
  • B-Team 400m - Ethan Smith 1st (1:11.59)
  • B-Team 4x200 Relay: Ethan Smith, Owen Smith, Noah Jungnitsch, Brooks Shirely - 2nd (2:26.59)
  • B-Team 200m - Ethan Smith 2nd (30.52), Logan Sherry 6th (33.46)
  • B-Team 800m - Noah Jungnitsch 4th (3:25.17), Brooks Shirely 5th (3:33.30)
  • B-Team 1600m - Noah Jungnitsch 5th (7:26.06)
Great job, Panthers! The team will be at Valley tomorrow, May 4, for the VLHS Invitational. Go Panthers!

Track Volunteers: This weekend's track meet is hosted by Valley Lutheran so their track team will be doing all the volunteer work. Parents will be needed for the remaining track meets. Thank you for your help!
2024 Summer Camps
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