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Celebrate Autumn in PVE! The PVE Foundation wishes to extend a heartfelt thank you to Gemma Kemps, President of MCHA, and her husband Councilmember Michael Kemps for their efforts in adorning PVE with delightful decorations that perfectly capture the essence of the fall season. They personally bought and donated all of the pumpkins and festive decor that has undeniably elevated the joyful ambiance of our community.

Crime Deterrent Initiative

Currently the Foundation is raising funds for a Crime Deterrent Initiative which will provide approximately 20+ additional Automated License Plate Readers (ALPR) strategically located at all ingress and egress locations throughout PVE. The expanded ALPR will virtually monitor all license plates entering and exiting the city and provide our officers additional tools to ensure the safety and security our residents. We all enjoy living in a community with one of the lowest crime rates within California BUT we are still exposed to crimes. Unfortunately, you may have read recently that crime within PVE is on the rise. 


We are well along in reaching our objective of $350,000 but we need your support! (The goal will cover the cost of acquiring, installing, and monitoring the devices for 5 years).  The Foundation’s desire is to achieve the required funding and be able to announce the grant before year end! It will require a few months to get the ALPRs installed and operational therefore timing is of the essence!


Please consider a tax-deductible contribution to help ensure the safety of your home as well as your neighbors.



PVE Foundation has donated a grant of $15,000 to Palos Verdes Little League that will play a vital role in preserving the legacy of the George Allen Field and elevating its significance as a hub for youth baseball in Palos Verdes.

Since 1969, George Allen Field has provided a space for the young of Palos Verdes to come together, enjoy the spirit of baseball, and build lasting memories. However, the effects of time, weather and lack of adequate funding, resulted in significant deferred maintenance needs that require immediate attention. The PVE Foundation is helping to sponsor the outdated irrigation system in the outfield. The lack of efficient irrigation lines not only compromises the quality of the field but also limits its usability and safety. In recent years, this lack of proper irrigation in the Summer months has created an infestation of gophers that has essentially closed the fields due to the safety issues around the gopher holes. 

This funding, along with major contributions from Palos Verdes Little League, will directly impact the quality of George Allen Field and contribute to the overall improvement of our community's recreational facilities.

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What's in the Future?

Currently the Foundation is actively exploring several potential projects, please click HERE for details. Should you have suggestions to add to this list please share your ideas with us! We would like to foster as many ideas as possible to make PVE the most desirable location to call “home”!

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Our Board of Directors wish each of you and your families an enjoyable fall and look for on-going communications from us!

Respectively Submitted,

Renee Jaco

Executive Director

Palos Verdes Estates Foundation