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October 30, 2019 Edition - The News Palm Beachers Need to Know

26 Years of Service

Pat Cooper, for more than two and half decades an Executive Committee Member and Director at the Palm Beach Civic Association, ten years of which he served as Treasurer, is stepping down as Treasurer effective October 31 st .
In a letter to Bob Wright, the Chairman and CEO of the Civic Association, Pat wrote, in part, that he served “with hope that I did make a difference in the organization and, at the same time, enhanced the role of Treasurer into that of a meaningful position for my successor”
Pat will still be a familiar presence at the Civic Association. Civic Association President Mary Robosson said, “We are pleased to have retained Pat Cooper as a consultant to the Civic Association. The expertise Pat brings to our Organization is invaluable, we look forward to working with Pat in his new role and congratulate him in his new endeavor and consulting practice. 

Slow Recovery for the Bahamas
The Hurricane Season is winding down with Florida going virtually unscathed.

Not so for the Northern Bahamas where 70 per cent of the population lost their homes, schools are closed and businesses are shuttered or struggling.

We look back on the generous and in some cases heroic efforts by Civic Association Directors and members who flew supplies to the rescue and partnered with others to create matching gifts toward the Bahamas recovery effort.

It is important to remember as we approach the holidays that our Bahamian neighbors just to the east of us are still struggling terribly.

Historic Districting Debate
Still Simmering
434 Seaspray Ave
If the Palm Beach Town Council votes to change a 40-year Town Ordinance, and give homeowners 30-day’s notice if their property may be designated ‘historic’, does that provide reasonable notice to homeowners, or create a major loophole?

Landmarks and Preservation Commission Chairman Ted Cooney fears the loophole: “It gives them the right to file for a permit for demolition, which immediately undercuts efforts to preserve the property.”

However, homeowners along the ‘Sea’ Streets, who received letters out of the blue this past summer informing them that their properties were under consideration for historic status, see the 30-day notice proposal as a must, going forward.

Marcia Fick, 230 Seaspray owner, exclaimed “The first time people hear about it is when the packet arrives in the mail.” Eric Weiner of 159 Seaspray put it this way: “We were shocked and scared and thought oh my god, what just happened to the value of our houses?”

Steve Greenwald, owner of 128 Seaspray, says forced landmarking is becoming less common nationwide: “It can’t happen at a secret meeting in the middle of the summer.”

Town Preservation consultant Emily Stillings informed members of the Ordinance and Rules Committee that, in general, “historic districts are more successful when it’s a grassroots effort that brings homeowners together.”

Town Council members will address the 30-day notice proposal at the November 16 th meeting.
Banning Straws a Victory
But Town Wants More

Get ready to sip that soda through a hollow pasta noodle, or any one of the many new non-plastic straw alternatives. The Town-wide ban on plastic straws and stirrers goes into effect December 12. 

Deputy Town Manager Jay Boodheshwar says many of the restaurants and retail stores on the island are already offering paper or other alternative material straws, and stirrers.
The ban on plastic straws was to have been enacted at the same time as a ban on single use plastic bags and polystyrene cups. But the bags ban was blocked by possible legal action on behalf of the Florida Retail Association. So as of December 12, no more plastic straws and stirrers.

As for the plastic bags and cups… the Town of Palm Beach is joining with several other municipalities to pressure the Florida legislature to allow local governments to make their own rules regarding use of plastics.

Meantime, the Palm Beach Civic Association is hosting an event on 12/12, entitled “Protect Our Paradise”, designed to provide education to the public on the subject of plastic waste in our oceans, and other timely environmental concerns.

Our Gardens

Bad Ficus Makes Good Neighbors
Now an ‘Our Gardens’ story about a mutual landscaping concern that could become the model for the future of ridding Palm Beach of a prolific and controversial plant that invades gardens and attracts flies.

Ficus is out - So what to put in?
The Town is here to help

The Ainslies and the Maguires decided on a Florida Friendly option, the Califillum, to replace their shared ficus hedge. But there are a number of native Florida plants that also make great ficus hedge alternatives.

Town of Palm Beach Facilities Manager, Paul Colby, says you may want to take a drive by the Town park located on N. Park Avenue just east of Bradley Place, to check out the Florida natives, Simpson's Stopper and Jamaican Caper, that were planted as ficus hedge replacements about a year ago.

As part of its Green Initiative, the town will be replacing its ficus hedges, and showcasing native and Florida friendly alternatives at all of the Town-owned locations, over the next few years, as the ficus replacement programs continues.

Hold the Caviar and the Veuve Clicquot
La Goulue NYC
A much anticipated restaurant opening hits a speed bump. La Goulue's grand opening is delayed.

Construction delays have pushed the opening of a wildly popular New York transplant into early 2020.The high end Manhattan restaurant which is taking over the space occupied by L’Epecier on the corner of Royal Palm Way and South County, was slated to open in time for The Season.

A switch in contractors is cited as the reason for the request to the Town Council to allow work inside the building until 8pm on weekdays. La Goulue, an Upper Eastside staple, is expected to shake up the the island's restaurant landscape by enticing loyal New Yorkers to the 138 seat restaurant.
An Early Fall Sunrise
near the Beach Club

Eye-popping Art
Adelson Cavalier Gallery
Artwork from Adelson Cavalier
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