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January 23, 2020
Boat Washes Ashore
Migrants Detained
migrants land on Palm Beach
High seas, a blustery day overall, daylight and winter, which is the height of the Season... all factors that made the boat load of immigrants stranded on the north end of Palm Beach island, a highly unusual event.

Migrants generally tend to come from the Bahamas, sometimes Haiti, in calmer waters, low surf, in the cover of darkness, and not during the prime popular winter months, when the Palm Beach population swells, and more potential witnesses are on and around the beach, making it less likely that the undocumented visitors might slip away unnoticed.

On this occasion, heavy police presence, including assistance from neighboring departments, quickly resolved the situation.

" Within minutes of the initial call Palm Beach Police Officers led by Chief Nicholas Caristo were in the area and detained 7 subjects. The Palm Beach Police Department drones were in the air and were an integral part of the search. U.S. Border Patrol Agents and Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Deputies were on scene and assisted with the search. After an extensive search of the area 12 immigrants (total) were located and detained. All the detainees were turned over to U.S. Border Patrol Agents. U.S. Border Patrol took custody of the boat." That according to Police Department spokesperson Michael Ogrodnick:

For more on this story, CLICK HERE to view video coverage.
Public Safety Forces Unite
Tim Moran and John Scarpa
Co-Founders Tim Moran, John Scarpa
Palm Beach Police & Fire Foundation
Police and Fire Foundation
Fire Rescue Chief Darrell Donatto
PBCA Chairman, Bob Wright
Police Chief Nicholas Caristo
Congratulations to the Palm Beach Police and Fire Foundation, headed up by Co-Founders Tim Moran and John Scarpa (PBCA Executive Committee Member).

After 15 years of providing support to the Palm Beach Police Department, the Foundation now extends its largesse to Palm Beach Fire Rescue workers, as well.

The goal to serve both public safety departments had been long sought, and now, finally achieved. This means proceeds from the January 18th Police and Firemen's Ball, as well as the Annual Golf Classic and Council of 100 Dinners, will all be shared between Police and Fire Rescue.

Among the many programs supported by the Foundation; academic scholarships to local school children, the Palm Beach Police and Fire Citizens Academy and Teen Academy, and the state-of-the-art Virta-300, which is a virtual reality training simulator that creates a variety of training situations from traffic stops to active shooter scenarios.

We salute Palm Beach Civic Association Executive Committee member John Scarpa and co-founder Tim Moran, for their work to expand the scope of the Foundation.
PBCA President Mary Robosson Delivers Strong Message on
Leadership and Legacy
Mary Robosson
Mary Robosson Pays Tribute to the Man Behind the
Stanley M. Rumbough Jr. Legacy Society

The occasion was the first Global Speaker Series Luncheon, held at the Beach Club, January 13th, featuring Immigration Attorneys Gwen Robosson and Austin Fragomen who spoke on the topic of Migration Policy: A Global Crisis.

The event was sponsored by the Stanley M. Rumbough Jr. Legacy Society Fund, which gave PBCA President Mary Robosson a perfect opportunity to enlighten the audience about the accomplishments and generosity of its benefactor, Stan Rumbough. Upon his passing, the Rumbough family contributed $1 million dollars to establish the fund in his memory.

Stanley M. Rumbough, Jr. was a highly respected leader who loved Palm Beach with a passion and inspired others to strive for a better community. The establishment of The Stanley M. Rumbough, Jr. Legacy Society honors his memory, and fulfills one of the key objectives of the Palm Beach Civic Association mission; to protect and enhance the quality of life by educating and engaging residents on key town issues, working with local government, and encouraging citizen involvement in the community.

“The Stanley M. Rumbough, Jr. Legacy Society will ensure the Palm Beach Civic Association long-term fiscal stability to benefit generations to come, by continuing our mission of protecting and enhancing the quality of life in Palm Beach,” said Bob Wright, Chairman and CEO of the Civic Association. “This Legacy Society will serve as the catalyst to educate our citizens, through organized forums and symposiums, in perpetuity.”

New Leash Law may
Curb Doggie Freedom
Prepare your pooch for a more restricted type of romp at the beach. The freewheeling, canine socializing that has been tolerated, though not strictly legal, along the stretch of beach between Wells Road to the north and Sunrise on the south end, will likely come to an end, thanks to a proposed new law.

Town ORDINANCE NO. 04-2020 was approved after a first reading, at the January 14, 2020 Town of Palm Beach Council meeting. This new law, if passed at second reading next month, will mean that dogs on the beach must be attached to their owner, via a leash. Stay tuned!
Global Speakers Series
2020 Global Speakers Series

An Insider’s Look at Intelligence
A. Buzzy Krongard
The second in our Global Speakers Series luncheons is set for February 10th, at Club Colette. On deck to enlighten us about the mysterious and fascinating world of the CIA, is A.B. Buzzy Krongard.

Mr. Krongard retired from the Central Intelligence Agency on November 30, 2004 where he had been Executive Director since March 2001.

The Speaker Series Luncheons are a benefit of membership at the Supporting Benefactor ($2500) level and above. To learn more about Palm Beach Civic Association membership, CLICK HERE.
Tour the Findlay Gallery
Findlay Gallery
Located on Worth Avenue, the Findlay Gallery displays an eclectic range of art, from the abstract and cubist works of Pablo Picasso and Marc Chagall to the traditional landscapes of Constantin Kluge. Visually dazzling, the collection at Findlay Gallery is nothing short of spectacular.

To see, first hand, gallery owner and Civic Association Director James Borynack's Findlay Gallery, CLICK HERE for video.
Songbirds II
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