April 2021
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Pallet Design and Components for Pallet-Handling Conveyors
Ever wonder about what makes workpiece pallets so special? Their various components, design considerations? And their unique attributes?

Or are you considering a project using pallet-handling conveyors?

Or perhaps you are new to the conveyor industry.

Then this article is for you. Take a look at what makes workpiece pallets so unique by reading the article.
Curve Conveyors for Nearly Every Industry
Factories, assembly lines, and production and processing facilities don't run in one straight line. Often times it is necessary to convey product around a corner - either due to obstructions in the facility or due to the manufacturing process requirements and equipment locations.

Regardless of the reason it's important to choose the right conveyor for the job. In this article we explore the various types of curve conveyors offered by mk North America.
For Wide & Heavy Load Conveying
Plastic modular belt conveyors have many benefits and can be used in a variety of applications when compared to traditional "fabric" belt conveyors.

Plastic modular belt conveyors can be extremely wide (up to 10-ft) and can convey loads up to 1,000 lbs.

Additionally if the belt is damaged, only the broken belt segments need to be replaced versus the entire belt - savings time and money.
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