November 2023: Palapa Society News

Celebrating Tradition:

Dia de los Muertos at The Palapa School

The 11th Grade class created an ofrenda (altar) for the Festival Dia de los Muertos in Todos Santos. The class created their altar in recognition of the Nauhuas of the state of Guerrero, in honor of one of our students' family.

This team project earned them 3rd place spot in the competition of the altars! This third place spot also awarded them $3,000 MXN that can be used toward their class trips.

Thank you to Rocio "Xio" who coordinated the effort and the family leaders and teachers who contributed to the creation of the altar.

We thank Bésame Mucho Bazaar and all the organizations and people who made this event possible.

University Bound!

The Palapa School Senior Class

Imagine being able to visit 4 of Mexico's most important cities in search of an exciting educational future. Got it? That's exactly what 11 of our Palapa students did during 10 days on the University Route 2023, accompanied by two teachers. Mexico City, Puebla, Querétaro, and Guadalajara were cities on the Route.

The trip included 8 universities where they learned the details of numerous careers, what it would be like to live and study in these cities, and had fun visiting historic centers and several important attractions. 

Some students reaffirmed their career choices while others discovered programs that are now their preference. Certainly, this trip was an important experience where students set in motion their future. 

Student Blog:

My Dear Eleventh Grade Class

By Dulce G,

My name is Dulce G, and I am currently in my fourth semester. In a year's time, I will be living my last days of high school with these people who, for better or worse, have been with me throughout this educational journey called school.

Personally, I believe that a good school is composed of various factors, but one of the most essential is the camaraderie and the relationship we have with each other as classmates. After all, it is with these people that you spend the majority of your time, and yes, it can be very challenging and complex at times. However, in the end, we can always find something that brings us together.

We are currently the fourth-semester group, but we were also the nervous new kids in middle school. Over time, we grew, faced numerous changes and challenges, but there was always something that united us. That something was the school, the space where friendships, feelings, relationships, laughter, tears, and stress emerged.

It started as four walls with chairs and a chalkboard on that first day, but over time, it became a safe place for many of us. Each classroom holds different meanings and memories for each of us, but for all of us, it is that place where we have grown, changed, matured, and shared different things with one another. (click here to read the rest of the story)

Thank You for Coming to Our Masquerade Party

A big round of applause to all our cherished guests who joined us for the grand kickoff of the season, our fabulous Masquerade Party! It was an evening brimming with joy and entertainment that not only filled our hearts but also boosted our fundraising efforts, raising $1,800 USD.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Los Hijos Del Trópico, La Palapa del Sabor, Colectivo Zenda, and our dedicated volunteers. We appreciate your continued support of education in Todos Santos.

Stay tuned, because we can't wait to see all of you again soon at our upcoming event!

Puente al Inglés para Niños

By Jacki Gillespie,

Classes are back in full swing and all 9 classes are full at this time. We currently have 110 students registered. The kids have settled into the routine of coming to English class.

This year we are enjoying using our newly donated TVs which came from the technology grant from J.M. McDonald Foundation. The TVs help to expand our curriculum to include more activities that enhance the learning experience. We have great new teachers and a few great volunteers, but we are always looking for more volunteers.

Anyone interested in volunteering, please contact Director Jacki Gillespie by clicking here.

Puente al Inglés para Adultos

(Adult English Program)

We are about halfway through our fall quarter, and classes are going well. We have both new and returning students and volunteers. The volunteers are being put to work developing some new curriculum, a goal of ours for some time. Our last day will be December 14, with the new term beginning after the holidays.

Registrations for the January term will be held Wednesday, December 13th, 10:00am-11:00am, and 6pm - 7pm.

If you know anyone who would benefit from improving their English, from beginner to advanced, please encourage them to enroll in our

3-month course!

Biblioteca Elena Poniatowska

By Paty Baum, Director


The library has been very active this summer and with the installation of A/C, we now have a comfortable environment for members, staff, and volunteers.

We are always looking for creative and engaging ways to increase our membership and visibility in the community. To that end, the library staff and volunteers will host a monthly book group encouraging participants to share their favorite books.

We hope readers will step out of their comfort zone and look to our selection of over 100 recently-acquired books and our 9000 existing books for inspiration. The focus will initially be on authors who address climate change in creative ways, however book choices will follow the interests of the group. The first meeting is Friday, November 17, noon-1:00, and will continue every third Friday.

Children's Library Hours

Community Calendar

Biblioteca Elena Poniatowska Hours

Community Library: M, W & F 10 am - 1 pm

Children’s Library: M, T & Th 5 - 6 pm Sat: 10 am - 2 pm

Biblioteca Elena Poniatowska Book Group

November 17, 2024 and runs every third Friday until June 2024

Cost: Priceless

Location: The Palapa Learning Center

Join us for stimulating discussions on books and climate change!

Puente al Inglés Adultos Inscriptions 

Wednesday, December 13, 2023 9:30 - 11 am and 6 - 7:30 pm

Classes start: January 2, 2024

Cost: $500 pesos 

Escuela de la Palapa 

February 1, 2024 Inscriptions for Secundaria and Preparatoria

For more information: Visit Website

Palapa Society Events Calendar

13th Annual Todos Santos Open Studio Tour

A Benefit for The Palapa Society of Todos Santos, A.C. 

February 2 - 4, 2024

Friday Night: Opening Night Party Location and Details coming soon!

Sat & Sun Tour: 10 am - 4 pm

$300 MXN for both days, children are free.

Ticket Sales: Online as of December 1, 2023 and the weekend of the tour at The Palapa Learning Center.

Click here for more information.

The Kitchen Witches

Community Theatre Production

A Benefit for The Palapa Society of Todos Santos, A.C.


16 - 18


23 - 25


Location: Teatro Manuel Marquez de Leon

Ticket Sales Online

$500 MXN in person

$400 MXN online

Watch the holiday edition of the Journal del Pacifico for more information.

Believe in Your Magic

A Benefit for The Palapa Society of Todos Santos, A.C.

Save the Date: March 16, 2024

Dinner and Show with Illusionist Diego Windburn

Click here for more information on Diego Windburn.

The Palapa Society’s Annual Donor Appreciation Party

April 13, 2024

5 - 8 PM

The Palapa Learning Center

Come celebrate our 20th Anniversary with us!

Free for Palapa Society Donors

Please R.S.V.P to

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