In the November Issue of Landscape Management Magazine, Pacific Landscape Management was featured as a leader in landscape irrigation water irrigation.   Sherwood Branch Manager David Grover has been our leader on this subject and presented our work on  Water Conservation Planning  at National Association of Landscape Professionals conference this past September.

As you likely know, water rates have risen over the past decade faster than any other utility. It varies, but several water districts rates have risen by as much as 300% in the past 10 years. Water conservation is not just an environmental issue, it is now a financial issue as well.

Historically, landscape and irrigation design did not consider water conservation when water was less expensive. In addition, as landscapes and irrigation components age, efficient irrigation becomes more and more challenging. In addition, irrigation technology is improving and newer control and delivery products can assist reducing water use.

Pacific has adopted many water conserving products, projects, and initiatives including Weather Based Smart Irrigation Control, Pressure Regulated Sprinklers, Lawn Conversion, and drip irrigation. We have also developed a formal Water Conservation Plan to help develop long term planning of landscape and irrigation modification to assist in the reduction of water use.  

We can help you save water and save money:

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