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April 17th, 2024

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Our April meeting will be a combination of politics and history. We will also be honoring our PVRW scholarship winners, Jacob Dueck and Reagan Taylor.

This month's featured speaker, Dirk van Leenen, will remind us of how important it is for us to protect our freedom and liberty. This will be an excellent opportunity to bring your husbands and wife’s (We love our Pachyderms). We will also hear from Carine Werner, LD 4 Senate candidate and Pamela Carter, LD 4 House candidate.

As previously mentioned, please be aware that our meetings may go until 1:30. We need to give attending candidates time to inform you and we also have featured candidates. I currently have a waiting list of candidates who are in the process of gathering and submitting their required signatures.

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Michal Joyner

1st Vice President, Programs

Dirk van Leenan, Holocaust Survivor

October 7, 2023, began the same way as Hitler-taking children, taking families, killing babies, and raping women. This is how the Holocaust began!

Dirk is an 83-year-old Mesa resident who was sent to a German concentration camp in 1945 with his parents. As a child, he was sent to Bergen-Belson where Anne Frank had died earlier in the year. Dirks father was part of the resistance in the Netherlands and was instrumental in saving over 1,000 Jews, placing them in hiding and moving them to different parts of the Country. These activities resulted in the Germans searching for and capturing the entire family.

He sees many parallels in his early experiences and how these actions are occurring today. We’re losing our freedom of speech, housing and zoning rights are being stripped away, our right to bear arms is under constant attack, and Republicans are turning on Republicans. Dirk recently spoke at the Scottsdale Center of the Arts to 700 school age children and recounted his survival experience. He has written 3 books that cover three stages of his family experience. His books will be for sale at our meeting at a discounted price.

Dirk is currently working with Tom Horne on an enhanced curriculum focusing on genocide and the Holocaust. 

Carine Werner, Candidate - Arizona Senate LD 4

Carine Werner is a mom, small business owner and SUSD School Board member. At 11 years old, she immigrated to the United States and has had the opportunity to build her American Dream right here in Arizona. Carine is running for State Senate in LD-4 because our next generation deserves the same opportunity that she had. Her common-sense, solution-driven agenda will foster safe communities, a better quality of life & economic prosperity for all Arizonans. 

Pamela Carter, Candidate - Arizona House LD 4

Pamela Carter is a native Arizonan who grew up in Scottsdale and is running for Arizona House in District 4. She is a strong advocate for people, relationships, and families. Her volunteer work has included serving on the Board of Directors for Help4Kidz, a non-profit that works with at-risk youth and families.

With a master’s degree in Communications and Biblical Studies, Pamela's past business experience includes ownership and management of a Sports Medicine and Training facility (one of the largest in the nation) utilized by many - including professional athletes, national teams and celebrities.

Pamela will bring strong business acumen and faith-based beliefs to the Legislature to protect our conservative beliefs and protect LD 4. 

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We are supporting mothers in need with our annual Mother's Day drive to collect purses and additional items (see below) for Shoebox Ministry at our next lunch meeting on April 17th at McCormick Ranch Pavillion. If you want to drop something off because you aren’t attending the luncheon, contact me, Cindy Hill or Jan Stephenson and we will connect with you ahead of time.

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