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April, 2023

PTC Announcements

Attention Master Trainers:

Please be sure your newly trained class leaders have access to the Class Leader How-To Guide and the class leader resources page of the PTC website.

Class Leader How-to Guide [click here]

Class Leader Resources [click here]

If you have questions, please contact ptcaregivers@iastate.edu

Call for PTC Class Series for Caregivers of Children with Special Needs

Recently, PTC Headquarters received a request for a virtual class for caregivers of children with special needs. If you work with this population, please consider holding a virtual class series using this script.

Please remember to inform PTC headquarters of your class series through the "add an upcoming class series" form.

If you have less than 8 caregivers signed up for a class series, what do you do?

At PTC headquarters, we receive this question often. So you can be successful in your implementation efforts, we put together a list of considerations for this scenario.

The lowest number of people you should even consider leading a class with is 6 caregivers, BUT

  • Start with 8-12 people so when you do come across an individual or two that need to drop, you still have a viable group. Ask the registered caregivers if they have a neighbor or family member who would find support from joining the PTC class alongside them.
  • If you have only 6 caregivers, talk with them about their commitment to taking the class. For example:
  • Are you a family/friend caregiver?
  • Do you understand this is not a course about caring for your care receiver, but caring for yourself (and your care receiver will benefit)?
  • At this time does your schedule allow you to attend all six classes? Have arrangements been made for your care receiver, if needed?
  • Do you know any other caregivers that might benefit from the course?
  • The reason six is the absolute minimum you could try to hold a class is: 
  • Appointments, emergencies and unfortunately death of care receiver can happen before/during the six-week course. 
  • With less than six people, there is not enough group conversation, brainstorming, solution-seeking, etc. to meet the fidelity of the course. 

If you have less than six caregivers signed up, consider postponing or discontinuing the class series.

  • Postponing allows class leaders alongside their planning committee go back to the drawing board and try to reach back out into the community to see if there are pockets of individuals or groups who may not have heard about the PTC class starting. Having the support of a planning committee is absolutely essential in a case like this.
  • If you cancel, please remember to alert PTC Headquarters that the class series is cancelled. We will note that in your class leader file to give you credit.
  • If you cancel, you can suggest the caregivers find a different class entirely (i.e., not PTC) OR suggest that they look for another class series online. But, if you go this route, ensure that they are informed of any future planned classes in your area. Your organization might consider sponsoring The Caregiver Helpbook be given to class participants in cases like these. That way, caregivers can read the book on their own since it contains all the information in the course. If this isn't viable for your organization, consider checking with other organizations that would like to sponsor something like this such as a local Extension office or a public library.

List compiled by Malisa Rader, Barb Dunn-Swanson, and Phyllis Zalenski

Can you lead a PTC class series in Spanish, French, or Korean languages?

On occasion, we receive requests for class series to be taught in Spanish, French, or Korean, but, unfortunately, we are have incomplete information for some class leaders and master trainers.

If you speak Spanish, French, or Korean, please email ptcaregivers@iastate.edu that you would like to update your personal information. We will send you an online form where you can add this information.

With this updated information for each class leader, we will be better prepared connect caregivers and communities with the resources they need.

Please remember that if you need access to the Spanish, French, or Korean class leader materials to contact ptcaregivers@iastate.edu.

Interested in becoming a Master Trainer?

There is still space available for the

Master Trainer Training on June 6th!

·       Tuesday, June 6, 2023 1:00–3:00pm CST

·       Friday, August 18, 2023 10:00am–12:00pm CST


See requirements for becoming a PTC Master trainer.

If interested, please fill out the Master Trainer application form.

Contact PTC HQ & Access Materials


Be sure to add your upcoming PTC class series using the "add an upcoming class series" form.

Let us know about your upcoming class leader training events through this "class leader training confirmation" form.

Access Class Leader Material

Class Leader material can be accessed through the ISU Extension Store* and the PTC Website.

Access Master Trainer Material

Class Leader material can be accessed through the ISU Extension Store* and the PTC Website.

*When you set up your ISU Extension Store account, be sure to use the primary email address that PTC uses to contact you.

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