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Arabella Dane,
Assistant Director: Bob Costanzo,
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Welcome to the Spring 2023 Issue of the PSA NH Individual Membership Newsletter
NH Photographers
win recognition at
Winning images (1st, 2nd and 3rd places) from the three competitions this season will be sent to a judge outside of New England who will pick the Pictorial Class A, Pictorial Class B, Nature Class A, and Nature Class B photographs of the year.
Winners need not re-submit images as the competition chairmen have the images and will arrange the judging. Awards for winning images will be announced when they are finalized.
Featuring the Photographers whose entries won recognition in the Spring 2023 NECCC Interclub Digital Competition

In Nature Class A, Seacoast CC member Frank Forward competing for Greater Lynn Photography Association, MA, won an 2nd for his Caracara Confrontation with 25 points The photo was taken at the
Santa Clara Ranch, South Texas - using his canon R5 with RF 100-500.
In Nature Class A -
Mike Goodman - Seacoast member, competing for Greater Lynn Camera Club
Nature Class A - 24 points HM
Heron Catching Fish

"This is a Black-Crowned Night Heron, shot last summer on the north shore of Massachusetts. I was standing on a bridge overlooking a man-made waterfall.
These herons were fishing on the herring heading upstream to spawn. They do this annually.
Patience is required because much of the time (sometimes up to 30 mins) they just stand very still and wait for the right moment so a strike can happen at any moment. If you aren't already focused on them then its a real challenge to try and capture the image. Shot with a Nikon Z9 and 100-400mm lens
In Pictorial Class B - Carolyn Sharp of the Lakes Region CC - scored 23 points and won a 3rd place ribbon - for her image Frozen Bubble
Kristin Hand, LRCC's representative to NECCC says Well done Carolyn! It is a beautiful image and all of us in LRCC are proud of your success. Well done! They will be mailing me a ribbon to give to you.
Seacoast Camera Club places 1st in year end standing in the NECCC Pictorial B Category
Lakes Region Camera Club scored 3rd in the NECCC Digital Spring Competition Pictorial Class B with Carolyn Sharp's Frozen Bubble in the Pictorial B category.
Here are several of our NH photographers' images that won HM in this competition
Wayne Justason - LAKES REGION CC- Nature Class B - Sleek and Savvy in Yellowstone 22 points
Sharon Colacino - Seacoast CC -Nature Class B -S24 points - HM Cardinal Take Off
Michael Goodman - Pictorial Class A - for Greater Lynn, and member of Seacoast CC Steptoe Butte - 23 points HM
Marian Boyer, Manchester CC, Nature Class A - Yellowleg with Dragonfly 354 - 22 points HM
Jay Fitzpatrick - Lakes Region CC Pictorial Class B - 21 points HM
Tricia Moody - North Country CC - Pictorial Class B - Dazzling Sunflower - 22 points HM
The Rules and Regs for these competitions are here within this link. There are two divisions - Pictorial and Nature, and each camera club/group may enter 4 photographs by different photographers in each division. Once entered in an NECCC digital competition, that image may not be entered again, regardless of the score it received.

News from
Manchester Camera Club

Manchester Camera Club
From Joe Drapeau
Manchester camera club had an outing to photograph Otters. After a little bit of patience we were successful!
And for a reminder of the glories of NH winters, enjoy this link to the
 video of the ice sculptures at the state capitol in Concord NH.

"The Great Blue Herons are back in Massachusetts. By using a very long zoom lens so not to disturb the bird, I was able to get a photo and a short video.
There's a new pair this year that built a new nest hopefully they will be successful ."
Here is the video documentation of the new residents. Joe Drapeau

"The Manchester Camera Club has had some exciting speakers and is looking forward to more in the upcoming months! Dick Hudnall provided a photo critique aimed at NECCC rules and expectations, Bob Legg provided some inspiring creative ideas for abstract photography, Caleb Hoover spoke about urban wildlife photography, and upcoming, Ravi Sampath will be sharing photos of wildlife from around the globe! We are hoping for some fun photo trips as a club now that the weather is getting nicer! Lastly, Tracy Brunner will be teaching an Introduction to Nature Photography series at NH Audubon, Massabesic Center: 

News from
Lakes Region Camera Club

The Lakes Region Camera Club holds its hybrid meetings - the first and third Wednesday of the month - at the Meredith Library 7:00 pm.
Our plans for this year include field trips, workshops, programs by noted photographers and competitions. Visit us on facebook and join us in Meredith at the library! For more information contact
Wayne Justason, LRCC president, is just back from a month long cross-country photographic journey.
Next week, Wayne will be sharing his insights into Macro Photography with us and his instruction will be followed by a field trip to Prescott Farm Environmental Education Center where we will practice our macro photography skills on the abundant plants and pollinators found there. The Prescott Farm Environmental Educ. Center's theme for the year is pollinators!
Antelope Canyon - Wayne Justason
Phyllis Meinke, past president of LRCC, recently has had one of her black and white photos accepted into a PSA exhibit in India. Her submissions for our LRCC discussion groups always inspire and cause much excitement.
What to do with a beautiful heron in a colorful sunset ?
refining composition in MACRO
One night when admiring a ravishing sunset Phyllis noticed a crane fishing. Being Phyllis, she boldly eliminated the glorious color of the sunset and created this sark and lovely minimalist scene in silhouette.
Her beautiful Black-eyed Susan, an exercise for a Michael Moats macro course, became an experiment in angles, light, and shadow, wherein the proportional relationships between positive and negative space added drama and depth to her flower.
The Two Trees were photographed on a back road in Canterbury, NH. By adjusting the intensity of the hues and applying various filters she increased the painterly aspects of the scene.
Her macro of the back-lit Orchid resembles praying hands. She enjoys seeing the unseen. From Nature to Art, she inspires!
Two trees
Praying Hands

News from
Seacoast Camera Club

Seacoast members winning HM's
Seacoast won Nature B in the NECCC spring competition by a big margin! Three of our 4 entries in Nature received HM's. We have been promoted to Class A Nature for next year! Next year we'll focus on improving Seacoast's standing in Open A.Special thanks to Charlene, Emilie & Sharon for serving on the NECCC Interclub Team
Tony Baldasaro - Courtship -24 Points HM
Shirley Reed - Watch Your Back 22 points- HM
Upcoming Seacoast CC events Here is the link to our web site.

News from
The North Country Camera Club

Hello from North Country Camera Club of Conway, NH.
This year we have been meeting live at a new location, the Pope Memorial Library in North Conway.

We have Zoomed a couple of meetings due to inclement weather or at the request of a guest speaker.
We meet twice a month with the first meeting being educational and the second being our monthly competitions.
Recently in the NECCC "Pictorial" Spring Interclub competition our member Tricia Moody received an HM for her image "Dazzling Sunflower" (featured above with the HM's by NH club members)
Below is a review of the happenings in March and April and the upcoming programs for the rest of the year:
March 9th featured Fran McDonald, GLPA, NECCC with his program on Flower Photography & Focus Stacking.
March 23 was our "Open" competition, the judge was Judy Burgess, NCCC, GLPA Winning Images were:

Class A
1st John Keator "Peregrine Falcon"

2nd Bob Legg "Hoverfly on Pink Bee Balm" 3rd Karl Pfeil "Yosemite"
HM John Hoffman "Peggy's Cove" HM Tricia Moody "Fiddlehead Fern"
Class B
1st Terri Mahanor "Dad Baby Bluebirds"
2nd Bill Provencher "Alaska Glacier Bay"
3rd Bill Provencher "White Breasted Nuthatch"
March 24 the 3rd Annual SCCC(South Coast Camera Club of Australia) Vs NCCC Eagle & Open Challenge was held via Zoom and was judged by SCCC. We lost the challenge but are looking forward to next March and coming back strong. We will be hosting and providing the judging for the 2024 challenge.
April 13 Arabella Dane presented her program on "Cellphone Apps & Photography". An eye-opening presentation on what is available for cellphone photographers right at their fingertips.
April 27 competition subject was "Cloud(s)" and the judge was Rick Cloran, GLPA, NECCC and winning images were:
Class A
1st Judy Burgess "Summertime Sunset Clouds"
2nd Judy Burgess "Unique Wispy Ghostly Cloud"
3rd Jen Hohenboken "Time for Reflection"
HM Bob Legg "Building Storm Clouds"
HM Ed Boyle "Clouds on Fire"
1st Judy Burgess "Summertime Sunset Clouds"
2nd Judy Burgess "Unique Wispy Ghostly Cloud"
3rd Jen Hohenboken "Time for Reflection"

3rd Jen Hohenboken "Time for Reflection"
Class B
1st Terri Mahanor "Sunset Sky"
2nd Terri Mahanor "Sunbeam Cloud"
3rd Bill Provencher "Cloud Bowl"
HM Don Jones "Grand Tetons Rainbow Cloud"
1st Terri Mahanor - Sunset Sky
2nd Terri Mahahanor - Sunbeam Cloud
3rd Bill Provencher - Cloud Bowl
A field trip is scheduled for Thursday, May 11 with club member John Keator taking us to Plum Island in Massachusetts for Spring migrating birds.
May 25 is our "Bug(s)/Insect(s)" competition, and the judge is Donna Dolan.
June 8 will be of Year-End Competition which includes all the winning images from September through May.
Awards include an Image of the Year plaque for Class A & B as well as ribbons for 1st through HM.
Preparations are underway for the 2023/24 season with the following monthly competition subjects chosen:
4 "Open" months, 1 "Nature", and "Moody Image", "Night Life", "Reflections" and " Car Details".
Best wishes for a wonderful summer and keep on clicking!!!
Judy Burgess, NCCC President

News from
the Central NH Photographer's Group

Jay Fitzpatrick
This week I want to feature two photos of Great Blue Herons by Larry Turner. He showed them to the participants at our last Zoom meeting, and I thought they were great.
The photos were taken on July 4, 2022, in the late afternoon at a small pond with a heron rookery in Milford, NH. Larry was using his Canon 80D with a Tamron 150-600 mm lens. Settings were ISO 2500, 1/320 of a second at F16, and the lens was set at 552mm.
This is a three-mile hike round-trip, and Larry and wife Sally go there frequently. There are 6-10 Great Blue Heron nests every year and they enjoy watching the parents build the nests, incubate the eggs and raise the crazy looking young. In these two photos, young siblings share their thoughts. Larry’s first photo is titled “Heron Plan,” the second is “Heron Talk.” The rookery is located on conservation land and lots of folks from the area know the location.

News from
The Merrimack Valley Camera Club

News from Merrimack Valley from Bob Costanzo, NH PSA Membership Assistant Dir.
"Don Toothaker, a self-taught photographer, has been professionally photographing a variety of subjects for the past 20 years while teaching others to do so as well. He recently spoke at a Merrimack Valley Camera Club meeting.
Listed below are my key takeaways from Don's presentation along with some of the images he presented.
As the Director of Photo Adventures for Hunt's Photo and Video in Massachusetts, Don leads numerous instructional photo walks in the greater Boston and New England area as well as a wide variety of photography workshops locally, nationally, and internationally. He is deeply committed to sharing the unique beauty of the world through his imagery, his instructing, and his writings. He is motivated by his mantra;
                               “Photograph What You Feel”
Listed below are my key takeaways from his presentation
1)  The law protects photographers with the right to take photographs in a public area of people and buildings in public view and a person’s reasonable expectation for privacy is very low. However, if you want to sell the images, you’ll need a release.
2)  Photographing children is legal in public places but, the situation may vary and you could ask a parent or guardian for permission.
3)  Don’t hid your camera as it may draw negative attention to you,
4)  Some people do not want their photos taken because of where they are, who they are with, or what they are doing.
5)  Some countries are more open to photographing in public and others.
6)  Have your professional business card with you if people question you about what you’re doing.
Bob Costanzo at
NH PSA Assistant Membership Dir.

News from the Sunapee NH Area Center for the Arts -
the Photography Cafe and Art Cafe

Jay Fitzpatrick
The Sunapee NH Area Center for the Arts’ (CFA) Photography Café and Art Café have embarked on a unique collaboration which features an exhibit of paintings displayed next to photographs that were used as reference images, all professionally finished and hung for public viewing at one of the group’s five micro-galleries in the town of New London, NH.

The show, entitled “Where Painterly Art and Photography Converge,” features 15 paintings and one sculpture displayed next to the photographs that were used as reference images by members of the painter’s group. In some cases, the painters produced literal interpretations of the photographs, but others created abstract and semi-abstract works as they saw fit. In one case, a member sculptor created a three-dimensional grouping of eggs in a bird’s nest -- her creative interpretation of a photo of white and brown eggs in a bowl.

“This is a really exciting and unique project for both groups of talented local artists,” CFA Visual Arts Coordinator Rick Stockwell said. “While the tools and techniques used by photographers are different than those used by painters, they are all creative tools that can be adapted in many ways to create fine art.”

Photography Café coordinator Jay Fitzpatrick and Art Café leader Roger Wells worked together to coordinate the efforts of each group’s participating members. Altogether, the exhibit features the works of 12 painters and four photographers who were involved in the project.
The exhibit runs through the end of April at the Bar Harbor Bank in New London.
A video describing the project may be seen here:

These four photographs were among 35 photos offered up by members of the Photography Cafe, for use by members of the Art Cafe, most of whom are painters, but who also create multi-media pieces and sculptures. In all, 32 pieces, including photographs and their paired paintings (and one sculpture), are included in the exhibit

The Photography Cafe meets on the second Thursday of each month at the Tracy Library in New London, or on a location for a photo shoot.
For more information about the group, contact Jay Fitzpatrick by email:
Rick Stockwell (Vermont Barns in Autumn)
Marc Beerman (Marsh Sunrise)
Bill Balsam (Yellow Warbler)
Jay Fitzpatrick (Bowl of Eggs)
Notes from Arabella Dane
PSA NH Membership Director
I'm enjoying exploring the opportunities available to individual PSA members and hope that you will find time to take advantage of these very comprehensive opportunities.
Here is a document that explains some of the benefits. PSA individual member benefits. I plan to work my way through the various options on the newly revamped web-site as time permits.
I was asked to submit an image for the PSA digital dialogue home page for the mont of March, and sent in my loons. Our digital group has a great time discussing each other's monthly submissions. Here is the link to the Digital Dialogue listings.
I recently took the PSA course on using the DSLR camera and found it to be most helpful, especially as I need discipline in using even the most basic features to their best advantage. The assignments were challenging but fun, and the critiques were Fabulous. it really helped to make me use those features and dials I tend to ignore. The instructor was extremely patient with me, but strict. His comments were detailed on target and very helpful.These PSA courses are one of the many free benefits available exclusively to individual member of PSA. If you have not already made a gallery please do so so that we can enjoy your work!
Here are some more options for you to explore.
PSA Annual Exhibition is now open for entry. There are three exhibitions which all have Digital and Print sections.
Notes from Bob Costanzo,
Assistant PSA NH Membership Director
Bob says " Here are some of my favorite images. My grandson is in several of the Lacrosse images. Lacrosse images are challenging because you can only stand on one sideline with spectators.
The surfing images were taken along the NH coast. Typically surfers do not want the exact location published.
All of the action images were taken with a Canon 5D Mark IV The camera also helps me track erratic moving people. The speeds range from 1/1600 to 1/1200 and F 5.0 to 7.1

PSA Individual Membership
Individual Membership in PSA gives access to many
including webinars, courses,workshops, programs, study groups, and competitions exclusive to PSA individual members.
PSA Study Groups

"As a member of the Photographic Society of America for the last 6 years, I have participated in a PSA study group of 5 people. We share and critique each other’s images each month.
Projected Image Division News and Competition Deadlines
PID is replacing the Creative Altered Reality Interclub competition with a new Open Monochrome Interclub competition.
PID Interclub competition deadlines:
Round deadlines for competition entry at midnight Central Time USA 15 Nov, 15 Feb, 15 April
PID Individual Portrait ( Creative Competitions (   Round deadlines 1 Nov, 1 Feb, 1 April. If you have any questions please contact Christine Pence, QPSA, Div. Chair at
you are invited to attend the Special event July 15th 2023 - online - for an early bird reduced registration fee of $20. Here is the registration link
Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email with information on joining the webinar
The New England Camera Club Council (NECCC) offers an educational miniseries
"You Be the Judge,"
which is designed to enrich the experience of participating in camera club competitions. These discussions and presentations are free and available to everyone who is interested. For more information, please visit

Join us on Friday, May 19 from 7 to 8 pm Eastern to learn more about how judges look at your photos. Bring your questions, this is an interactive discussion. This episode is for photographers and judges. Click here to register.
consider signing up for the The NECCC blog which offers timely information about upcoming events and programs.
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