Springtime is compost time
April 18, 2024

Edmontonians can once again get free, high-quality horticultural compost for personal home use at the Ambleside and Kennedale Eco Stations while supplies last. 

Each year, the City of Edmonton produces horticultural compost from yard waste dropped off at Eco Stations and collected as part of the residential curbside collections program. Compost adds nutrients and microbes to soil to enrich plant mixes and enhance the growth of turf, ornamental plants, vegetables and fruit trees. Its low moisture makes it easy and light to work with, and this compost is safe to use, lab-tested and weed-free. 

Compost pickup is self-serve. People are required to bring their own shovel, protective gloves, pails or containers and tarps for securing and transporting the compost. Residents may want to wear a dust mask and protective eyewear on windy days. We ask visitors to take only what they need to ensure fair access for others.

Tips to get the most out of compost:
  • Use a little, not a lot. Compost is similar to a slow-release fertilizer. Use one part compost for every three parts soil for best results.
  • Mix compost with soil. You should not plant directly into pure compost. 
  • For topdressing and mulch, spread a thin layer of finished compost on the garden, around plants, or on a lawn. Compost will slowly mix into the soil, adding nutrients for plant roots.
  • Wear protective gloves and wash hands after use.

For larger projects, horticultural compost is also available for bulk purchase and in pre-packaged bags (30 L / 11 kg each) at select retailers.

Compost School Temporary Closure

For more than 30 years, the City of Edmonton’s Compost School has provided free workshops to help Edmontonians gain hands-on experience with a variety of composting methods. And now Compost School is growing to serve residents better! 

The facility, located beside the John Janzen Nature Centre, will be temporarily closed for construction to make it more accessible, more inviting and, ultimately, more of a gathering place. Construction is anticipated to start in mid-May and wrap up in the fall. 

Over the summer, composting workshops will be available to residents virtually through the Edmonton Public Library and at various locations around Edmonton. Check edmonton.ca/Compost for details.


Not sure how to dispose of grass, leaves, branches or food scraps? Use the WasteWise app on edmonton.ca/WasteWise or download it for free from Google Play or the Apple App Store to find out.
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