Participate in the District Planning Public Hearing 
May 1, 2024

The District Planning Public Hearing agenda is now available. Edmontonians can register to speak at the public hearing to share their views directly with City Council on the proposed District Policy and 15 district plans. 

Public Hearing Details
Date: Tuesday, May 28
Time: 9:30 a.m.
Location: Council Chambers, City Hall

*Note: City Council may extend the public hearing over several days based on the number of registered speakers

Edmontonians can watch the public hearing via live streaming video or on the Council Chambers YouTube channel

Register to Speak
Edmontonians are encouraged to register in advance to speak at the public hearing. It is recommended that you sign up for the District Policy agenda item as this is when the overall project and the policy direction for all districts will be discussed. 

If you wish to speak about the content of a specific district plan(s), you may also register to speak to that specific district plan agenda item(s). The existing geographic plans proposed to be changed or retired have been grouped together by district and will be dealt with as part of the related district plan agenda item.

Speakers for each agenda item will be grouped into panels based on registration order and whether they are speaking in support or not in support. The panels of people in support of an item will speak first, followed by the panels of those not in support. Each speaker will have up to five minutes. 

Review our Quick Guide to Land Use Statutory Public Hearings to learn more about participating.

View the Policy and Plans
To view the final proposed District Policy and plans, go to the Agendas and Minutes section of the Council and Committee Meetings page and select the agenda for the May 28, 2024 City Council Public Hearing.

Read the Overview of Changes 2024 to learn more about the changes made to the Policy and plans since December 2023. Changes are reflected in the final proposed Policy and plan documents on the public hearing agenda.

Next Steps
Following the May Public Hearing, the District Policy and plans must go to the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board for approval under the Regional Evaluation Framework. The policy and plans will then return to City Council in fall 2024 before coming into effect.

What is District Planning?
District Planning will help guide growth and change in Edmonton, showing where development, and infrastructure and amenity investment should be encouraged in each district. Together, the District Policy and plans will give Edmontonians a clearer picture of how they can expect their communities to grow and change over time, encouraging development in the redeveloping areas of the city (roughly inside the Anthony Henday) and directing larger buildings to nodes and corridors.

The intent is to move Edmonton towards The City Plan vision of a healthy, urban, climate resilient city where everyone enjoys easy access to amenities and services close to home. A modern, streamlined planning framework also facilitates a more efficient development review process which reduces barriers to building new homes and encourages business investment in our city.
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