Fire ban issued in Edmonton  
Due to prolonged dry, hot and windy conditions and a lack of rainfall, Edmonton Fire Rescue Services issued a fire ban effective 10 a.m. today. The ban prohibits open burning, fireworks, backyard fire pits, cooking stoves and BBQs​ that use fuels such as wood and briquettes.
This decision to implement the ban was based on the Fire Weather Index, which is monitored daily and takes into account temperature, wind conditions, humidity and precipitation levels. Although there has been some precipitation this week, the amount has been insufficient to improve conditions.
During the fire ban, the City emphasizes compliance over enforcement. However, anyone who does not comply with the terms of the ban may be subject to fines or charges if the activity causes a safety issue. This may also include covering costs for emergency services.
This ban remains in effect until further notice. Edmonton Fire Rescue Services continues to monitor the Fire Weather Index in order to determine the necessary precautions required to keep Edmontonians safe. 
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