ETS spring service changes start April 28
April 17, 2024

On Sunday, April 28, Edmonton Transit Service (ETS) spring service changes will take effect. Various bus routes will have service changes to reflect typical spring ridership patterns. These changes include the suspension of post-secondary school service until the start of the Fall 2024 term.

Service adjustments occur five times per year. Adjustments are based on transit data, rider feedback, seasonal changes and ridership growth, and make service more efficient and effective for riders. 

Key Service Updates

132 Avenue Renewal 
Renewal work on 132 Avenue continues in 2024. This year, the majority of construction will take place from 107 Street to 113A Street (West) and from Fort Road to 68 Street (East) in two separate construction areas. There will also be additional closures between 97 Street and 101 Street. 

The following detours began April 15 and continue until Fall 2024:
  • Route 106 detours along 134 Avenue/135 Avenue between 113A Street and 97 Street.
  • Route 150X detours along 113a Street, 127 Avenue, 109 Street, 129 Avenue, and 103 Street. Route 150X cannot operate on 129 Avenue for the entire length of the detour because the intersection of 113a Street and 129 Avenue is not large enough for buses to safely make left and right turns. 
  • Routes 613, 624, and 625 detours along 134 Avenue/135 Avenue between 113a Street and 97 Street. This detour will continue for the rest of the 2023/2024 school year and will start again in September 2024. 

There is currently no specific start date for 132 Avenue Renewal East construction, but it is expected to start in May.

When construction begins, Route 106 will have to detour for a second time, along 135 Avenue/Delwood Road between 82 Street and 66 Street. Route 626 will also detour along 135 Avenue/Delwood Road between 82 Street and 66 Street. This detour will continue for the rest of the 2023/2024 school year and will start again in September 2024.

Other Construction and Detours
CN Tower traffic loop and 103A Avenue westbound are closed to accommodate pedway construction. Routes 7, 511 and 523 will detour until November.

Due to Valley Line West LRT line construction, 87 Avenue and 189 Street is expected to be closed from May 15 to early July. To help ensure service is reliable and predictable for the duration of construction, Route 914 will be on detour starting April 28. An On Demand Transit zone is temporarily being added to Aldergrove with service to West Edmonton Mall. 

Summer Streets will return in early May. On the following roads, a vehicle lane will be converted for walking, biking and other activities:
  • Victoria Park Road (116 Street to River Valley Road)
  • Stop closure for #1806 on Victoria Park Road for Route 902
  • Saskatchewan Drive (109 Street to 104 Street)
  • No stop closures or travel time impacts for Route 701
  • Calgary Trail (104 Street, Saskatchewan Drive to University Avenue)
  • Routes 701 and 726 will be affected

On Demand Transit
On May 15, a temporary On Demand Transit zone will be added to the Aldergrove area due to construction (189 Street & 87 Avenue). The following stops are being created to take riders to West Edmonton Mall:
  • #5915 - 189 Street & 85 Avenue (NB)
  • #5868 - 189 Street & 85 Avenue (SB)
  • #5732 - 187 Street & 84 Avenue (WB)
  • #5729 - 187 Street & 84 Avenue (EB)
  • On Demand Transit buses to Aldergrove will pick up at Stop 5840 - West Edmonton Mall Transit Centre Bay B

Other service changes
  • Route 622 will be suspended until the start of the Fall 2024 term.
  • Route 906 will transition from a 30-foot bus to a 40-foot bus for all trips to increase service capacity and better serve rider needs.
  • Routes 130X and 150X will see frequency reduced during peak p.m. hours - from every 15 minutes to every 20 minutes - based on ridership patterns. 
  • Route 700X will have a permanent adjustment to the weekday a.m. peak times. Peak hours will be changed from 5:30 to 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 - 9 a.m due to lower ridership in the early and late mornings.
  • Route 910X will see its hours of service permanently changed to better reflect ridership needs by starting later in the morning and earlier in the afternoon.

Holidays and Special Events
Transit service is reduced on holidays and in alignment with public, Catholic and post-secondary school calendars:
  • On May 17, there will be no Catholic school specials.
  • On May 20 (Victoria Day), buses will run regular Sunday service. 
  • On May 21 and 22, buses will run regular weekday service, except for public school service due to PD days.
  • On June 21, there will be no public school specials. 
  • June 26 is the last day for public and Catholic school specials.

Riders are encouraged to plan their trips early by using the trip planner on or Google Maps and selecting a date after April 28.
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