Get Your 80th Anniversary Creative Juices Flowing
Challenge coins are a popular memento of an event or activity with a history as far back as the Roman Empire, which recognized soldiers' achievements by presenting them with specially minted coins.
Civil Air Patrol members have collected challenge coins as they participate in a celebration or occasion that befits special recognition, such as graduating from a CAP staff college or attending a National Cadet Special Activity.

So Vanguard will offer a special coin for the 80th anniversary of CAP, with one new twist we’re asking our members to suggest a design for the front of the coin

The back, called the “reverse” by coin collectors, will feature a version of 80th Anniversary “Proud Past” art, previously announced on PROPS and downloadable here.

We’re interested in your ideas for the coin front, called the “obverse” by coin hobbyists. As you create your design, keep the following in mind to make certain your design can be considered:

  • Design for the application (the coin will likely be a 2-inch diameter round die cast piece).
  • Incorporate the current CAP logo (triangle graphic only sans wordmark).

  • Modify the logo (designs must be brand compliant).
  • Design anything too complex (fine detail may get lost when reduced into a 2-inch diecast piece).
  • Submit a design that isn't round.

Email your submissions to by March 1, with “80th Anniversary Coin Submission” in the subject line. Be sure to include your rank, full name, unit and contact information. 
Social Media Covers Provided for 80th Anniversary
In observance of the organization's 80th anniversary, CAP has also produced social media covers for CAP squadrons, groups, wings and regions to use on their Facebook, Twitter and other social media pages. They're posted on the 80th Anniversary Resources page.
Ind. School Receives CAP Aerospace Education Grant
The Great Lakes Region recently awarded South Bend Community School Corp.'s Madison STEAM Academy a $4,000 CAP Aerospace Education Outreach Program grant to help introduce students to aerospace-themed lessons focusing on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) topics, character education and physical fitness.

The CAP grant will enable teachers to provide creative instruction for students, spark interest in aerospace and inspire the next generation’s STEM workforce through engaging and meaningful lessons in the classroom.

Madison is the first K-5 school in the South Bend Community School Corp. to receive funding to incorporate CAP’s Aerospace Connections in Education (ACE) program, which provides grade-specific educational items, curriculum guides and STEM Kits for the classroom.
CAP's Leadership Wants to Know What You Think
2020 has been a very challenging year. COVID-19 has changed, for the short term, how CAP members meet, train and support missions.

Recruiting and retention continues to be a top priority in CAP, and one of the national-level initiatives is to take a look at how the organization can better train and equip its leaders for success. Highly effective and successful leaders, especially at the squadron level, can have a direct and positive impact on recruiting and retention of both senior members and cadets.

To help understand where CAP’s leadership could be more effective, your support in completing a survey is requested. This will help CAP design its leadership training and mentoring program and do a better job of equipping its leaders for success.

The survey will be available to both adult members and cadets, beginning Feb. 3. It can be found on the eServices website under the “News” feed.

Participation in the survey is voluntary, and your responses will be kept strictly confidential. When filling out the survey, look back to the time before COVID-19 as well as this past year.
Mobile Training Team Experiencing Global Success
Since the National Emergency Services Academy-Mobile Training Team began supporting the Federal Emergency Management Agency in May with virtual COVID-19 Just-in-Time training and teaching the five-day K2300 Emergency Operations Center Intermediate Functions Course, the CAP initiative has chocked up some impressive numbers.

NESA-MTT has supported 26 classes and have taught 501 federal, state, local and tribal emergency managers in 42 states as well as Puerto Rico, Guam and the Marianas — all at no cost to FEMA, CAP or the students. So far the 10 FEMA-credentialed CAP volunteer instructors have provided quality "Globe-Wide" instruction at an estimated savings of over $80,000.

Beginning in March, this Joint FEMA/CAP instructor team will begin conducting weekend courses for CAP members assigned to work in federal and state emergency operations and Regional Response Coordination Centers. Region commanders will select the members.
NE Region Sets Cadet Leadership School,
Advanced Leadership Course for March
The Northeast Region will be hosting a virtual Region Cadet Leadership School in March, open to cadets from around the nation. The school promises to be a fun, challenging and rewarding experience for cadet officers and soon-to-be cadet officers.
A pair of courses will be offered Region Cadet Leadership School and Advanced Leadership Course. The leadership school is an opportunity for cadets to learn and practice leadership skills, including project management, interpersonal skills and leadership theory.

The Advanced Leadership Course is a new activity, centered around Phase IV topics like executive-level leadership, management, communication and planning.
Staff applications for both activities are due by Feb. 6. Staff applicants must have graduated from either a Region Cadet Leadership School or Cadet Officer School. Student registration will be open soon, so check the activity website.

Because the leadership school is not being held during a school break, it’s scheduled to work alongside normal school. The majority of classes take place over the weekends of March 13-28, with some study time scheduled on weekday evenings.
NHQ News
Commander Offers Tips for Effective Leadership

National Headquarters' Marketing & Strategic Communications team is reprising National Commander Maj. Gen. Mark Smith’s Tips for Effective Leadership Video Series from 2019.

Out With the Old, In With the New: Development
Team Offers These Suggestions for the New Year

Update your eServices profile. Update your email address, employer information, mailing address, contact numbers, etc. This ensures you receive timely and pertinent information from CAP.

Search this site! Many employers match your charitable contributions and/or your volunteer hours to CAP. In fact, retirees of a matching gift company may be included too. Search to see if your employer is included. Share the link with your fellow members to encourage designations to your unit.

Update your LinkedIn profile with your CAP service. Many members add CAP under their “experience” tab to allow others connect with the organization.

Connect with CAP on all social media channels, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Share our stories with your friends to show CAP in action!

Catch up with a former CAP senior member or cadet. You can call, write, email or schedule a video chat. Remind them they can sign up at to stay connected to CAP news and notes of alumni. They might even want to be highlighted in a future edition of the monthly newsletter.

Do you have your paperwork together? Although it may not be on your list of leisure activities, preparing your estate plan can help you prepare for the future and give confidence and clarity to your family and children. We have a gift for you and your future peace of mind to share with your family, fast and 100% free. Our top resource includes a comprehensive estate planning kit that will help you organize everything in one place and save on taxes. 
Innovation Portal Available for Submissions
Were you aware that HUBCAP was designed and is managed by an all-volunteer team?

The open source approach to sharing innovation was created by your Region IT Directors to give visibility of pioneering member-developed tools. Submissions undergo a “just enough” review for regulatory and security by the all-volunteer Innovation Pit Crew and are then made available in eServices for reuse by others.

Lt. Col. David Dlugiewicz, national IT manager and one of the architects of the Innovation Program, emphasizes that submissions don’t have to be IT tools. For example, a member recently submitted a spreadsheet template that records achievements toward awarding a cadet the CAP Model Rocketry badge. 

If you have a tool you think will help someone else, please submit it to HUBCAP.
'Civil Air Patrol Visits Turner Field in Albany'

Throughout 2021, Civil Air Patrol is featuring “This Week in CAP History” in observation of the organization's 80th anniversary on Dec. 1. Take a look at this week's link to CAP’s rich history, from the Atlanta Constitution courtesy of
CAP Accepting Applications for Nat'l Staff Positions
National Headquarters is accepting applications for an Annual Histories Manager and an Online Content Manager for the national CAP historian staff. Applications will now be accepted indefinitely until all positions are filled.
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