Using Innovative Technology, Lifesaving Efforts Reach 5th-Highest Mark Ever
Civil Air Patrol finished fiscal 2020 with 130 lives saved, making it one of the most productive years ever for the U.S. Air Force auxiliary’s search and rescue efforts.

“This is a top-five-of-all-time save year for us,” said John Desmarais, CAP’s director of operations. The 130 lives saved in 2020 ranks fifth behind fiscal 2018 (a record 158 saves), 1983 and 1994 (both with 154 saves) and 1986 (with 136 saves).
CAP, in its role as the Air Force auxiliary, conducts about 90% of all search operations within the contiguous United States as assigned by Air Forces Northern’s Air Force Rescue Coordination Center (AFRCC).

“Through advances in location technology, CAP is able to narrow large search areas and focus efforts, saving the rescue teams valuable time in finding a missing person,” said Lt. Gen. Kirk Pierce, commander, 1st Air Force (AFNORTH). “These highly dedicated civil volunteers are on call 24/7. Civil Air Patrol is a national asset we rely on almost every day of the year.”
FAA Calls for Propeller Governor Inspections

CAP was alerted last week to an Federal Aviation Administration airworthiness directive (AD2020-19-06), effective Nov. 3, that affects propeller governors on a significant portion of the organization’s fleet.

The AD was prompted by reports of an unapproved idler gear bearing being installed in propeller governors either at manufacture or during overhaul. The FAA is issuing the directive AD to prevent failure of the idler gear bearing. Failure could result in failure of the propeller governor, loss of propeller pitch control, engine and propeller over speed, engine oil contamination or loss of aircraft controlAffected propeller governors must be removed and returned to a McCauley Service Center for inspection and possible replacement of the idler gear. The AD could potentially affect 282 CAP aircraft. 

McCauley Alert Service Bulletin 273C (ASB273C), issued Sept. 27, 2018, alerted aircraft owners to this condition and directed that the same inspection and measures be taken. There is a good possibility that a number of CAP aircraft are compliant and no further action will be required. We have asked our aircraft maintenance officers to review their logbooks to see if that's the case.

For aircraft not already compliant, the AD must be completed within 50 flying hours from Nov. 3 or within the next 24 months, whichever comes first. CAP's Logistics and Missions Resources directorate will be creating a discrepancy for all affected aircraft in AMRAD, stating that this inspection must be completed within the next 50 hours or during the next midcycle oil change, whichever occurs first.
Photo Flights Launched After Hurricane Delta
Louisiana Wing aircrews flew over south and central Louisiana on Sunday in the aftermath of Hurricane Delta, their post-hurricane mission to acquire aerial images of wind and flood damage and deliver them to local, state and federal emergency management agencies.
The principal recipients of the photos are the Louisiana Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Disaster response managers at these agencies can use the photos in making immediate assessments of wind and flood impact and developing recovery plans in the most efficient manner.

The Louisiana Wing’s actions are being directed by Maj. Tracy L. Breithaupt, incident commander, who has many years of experience in leading the wing’s emergency services activities. “In the aftermath of Hurricane Delta, we can serve as our customers’ eyes by providing high-resolution aerial and ground-based images to help identify points where lives and property are in greatest jeopardy,” Breithaupt said.
Regional Effort Boosts Response to Ore. Wildfires
Wildfires have kept CAP members fully engaged in the West.

CAP and its aircraft assisted with state and federal efforts to assess wildfire damage by providing high-resolution aerial photography to the Oregon Office of Emergency Management.

“We are grateful for and confident in CAP’s capabilities to be there for the nation,” said Brig. Gen. William Betts, vice commander, 1st Air Force (Air Forces Northern). “The Oregon Wing took on a colossal task in responding to civil requests for assistance after fires spread over much of Oregon.”

The wing also partnered with neighboring wings to ensure enough planes and pilots were available for the imagery effort. CAP’s Pacific Region set up an Area Command and used California Wing members to support operations and mobilized resources from several wings, according to Lt. Col. Joe Brickman of the California Wing, an Area Command staff member.
NHQ News
CAP's Core Value of 'Integrity' Explored Today
National Headquarters' Marketing & Strategic Communications team is reprising National Commander Maj. Gen. Mark Smith's Core Values Video Series from 2019.

Over the next four weeks, the general will talk about each of CAP's core values Integrity, Volunteer Service, Excellence and Respect.

This is Week 2 of the series. Time to hear Smith's video on Core Value Series: Integrity.
Don't Forget the Leadership Development Survey
Senior members are reminded to take the Leadership Development Survey before 11:30 p.m. CDT this Wednesday, Oct. 14.

Over 2,100 senior members have already responded, but if you haven't please do.

The link to the survey was sent to senior members Oct. 1. (Please note that the link is valid only one time for each device.)
Wreaths Across America Webinar This Thursday
Wreath Day 2020 is happening! While some ceremonies will look different this year, the national nonprofit is moving forward with all Wreath Day events. Most locations will be placing wreaths and having a ceremony Saturday, Dec. 19.

Join us at 7 p.m. CDT Oct. 15 for updates to the program, fundraising during the COVID-19 pandemic, and answers to all your Wreaths Across America questions.

The session will be moderated by WAA staff and CAP development staff.
Quality Cadet Unit Award Template on HUBCAP
Cadet Programs just announced the most recent winners of the Quality Cadet Unit Award.

Do you want to start tracking your unit’s progress toward next year’s award? Check out the Quality Cadet Unit Award template on HUBCAP.
Good Deed of the Month
First Lt. Peter Castline, director of sUAS operations for the National Capital Wing, recently shared his time and aircraft at an Aerospace Education Resource Organization (AERO) weekend event at Potomac Airfield in Fort Washington, Maryland. It was a thrill for these kids who had never been close to an airplane,said Stacey Bechdolt, founder of the nonprofit AERO and a member of CAP's Board of Governors since 2016.

Lt. Castine gave a great briefing that covered a lot of ground ... most importantly, the Civil Air Patrol and I believe we’ll see some new CAP members,she said. One of the teachers who joined the event has already signed up for his first flight lesson and AERO will donate a CAP membership so that he can connect with aerospace education tools.
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