With Veterans Day being observed Nov. 11, Civil Air Patrol salutes the nation’s military veterans, including many members of our organization. Thank you for your service.
CAP Marks 2-Year Anniversary of Newsletter
PROPS, Civil Air Patrol's digital digest of news, events, essential information and human-interest stories, has completed two full years of weekly delivery to your inbox.

Started in November 2019 by CAP's Marketing and Strategic Communications directorate, PROPS provides a mechanism to share timely information between the biannual appearances of Civil Air Patrol Volunteer magazine. It's emailed to about 48,000 CAP members as well as Air Force officials and other interested parties each Tuesday evening.

The content is usually brief but informative, so articles are often linked to a full story or more detailed information on CAP.news and the organization's social media outlets, as well as other online sources.

To mark the anniversary of PROPS, the MAC directorate would like to know what you think. Please participate in this short survey:
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140th Cadet Earns Pilot Certificate Through CAP
Cadet Capt. Samuel Beyer of the Oregon Wing's Salem Composite Squadron is the 140th CAP cadet to earn his private pilot certificate through the U.S. Air Force-funded Cadet Wings program. Congratulating Beyer is his FAA examiner, Ray Beverly.

Beyer is the first cadet from the Oregon Wing to receive his pilot certificate through the Cadet Wings program.
The mask icon is used in the photo above as a visual cue to explain any perceived deviation from COVID-19 safety protocol(s). The icon is used on images captured prior to the pandemic or for images captured in an area where masks are currently not required for vaccinated individuals.
NESA-MTT Instructors Recognized by FEMA
Four lead instructors on Civil Air Patrol's National Emergency Services Academy-Mobile Training Team (NESA-MTT) were recently recognized by the superintendent of the FEMA Emergency Management Institute as certified FEMA instructors. This honor was bestowed on:
  • Col. Carol Lynn of the Nevada Wing;
  • Col. Jack Ozer of the Northeast Region;
  • Lt. Col. Ed Wolff of National Headquarters; and
  • Lt. Col. Bob Ditch, NESA-MTT director.

These individuals were recognized for their excellence in course delivery and subject matter expertise in emergency management.

Individuals interested in becoming NESA-MTT instructors can reach out to DOSI@capnhq.gov.
Memorial Blood Donation Campaign Nears 400 Units
Forty-three wings have participated so far in this fall's Paul C. Williamson Memorial Blood Donation Campaign, which began on Labor Day.

Williamson was a committed CAP member in the Alabama Wing and a staunch supporter of blood donor programs throughout his state and region.

This campaign will go to the new year and has so far collected 394 units of blood responsible for potentially saving nearly 1,200 lives,” said Lt. Col. Bob Ditch, director of Operation Pulse Lift. ”Let's keep it up for others in Paul's name.

To donate blood go to Schedule Your Blood Donation With The Red Cross (redcrossblood.org) or any local blood collection agency.
NHQ News
CAP Now Accepting CadetInvest Applications
Interested in CAP flight training or STEM career exploration? Would you like to attend a National Flight Academy or one of the National Cadet Special Activities? if so, CadetInvest the financial assistance portal for CAP cadets can help with funding, maybe even a scholarship.

The portal is now open for applications for the new fiscal year.

”Apply now, said Wendy Hamilton, deputy director of Cadet Programs. “We will be accepting applications through noon Central Time Dec. 31.
We Have a Winner: The Northern Lights Greeting Card
Vanguard Industries Inc. is offering Civil Air Patrol members Northern Lights holiday greeting cards this year, thanks to an overwhelming response from PROPS readers. The card was the top choice of 78% of those surveyed from two holiday designs provided last week in a poll.

Stay tuned for details on ordering the new CAP holiday cards from Vanguard.
Timeline Flight Series Leads Up to CAP Anniversary
With the approach of Civil Air Patrol's 80th anniversary Dec. 1, Maj. Ronald C. Finger of the Minnesota Wing's Crow Wing Composite Squadron worked with National Historian Col. Frank Blazich on a special project to create “Timeline Flight” paintings showcasing some of the wide variety of CAP aircraft flown over the years.

The 21 aircraft selected span the Coastal Patrol days of World War II, the postwar years and finally the aircraft CAP aircrews fly today. Here is the 16th installment, as seen on CAP.news. The next one will be posted on Veterans Day.
November 'Beacon' Connects Wellness and Safety
How are wellness and safety connected? We all know that human factors play a significant role in safety outcomes, but how often do we look behind the human factor to determine if wellness was a contributing factor?

There are strongly established links between wellness factors such as burnout, fatigue, stress, sleep, diet, and fitness and safety factors such as attention, vigilance, concentration, and memory. Wellness is the foundation that allows members to participate at their best and safest.
Online Communications Conference Set for Nov. 20
The Rocky Mountain and North Central regions will conduct an online communications conference, “Your CAP Communicator Excellence: Servant Leaders as Volunteer Professionalism,” from 9 a.m.-11:30a.m MST/10 a.m.-12:30 p.m. CST Nov. 20.

Presentations will be made by Capts. Carey Heckman of the New Hampshire Wing summarizing and reviewing the 2021 National HF Test and Chris MacSpadden of the Washington Wing on “How to Get Going, Get Better and Help Others Get Better in Radio.” A Q&A with five CAP radio communications experts will follow.

Register here to participate. Questions or comments should be directed here. Connection information will follow registration.

The conference is dedicated to the late Malcolm Kyser, former CAP chief of communications, in tribute to his exemplary standards of excellence and integrity and his model of servant leadership.
On Nov. 9, 1942, Flight Officer George Ruhl of the Maryland Wing returned home from a tour with the Army Air Corps participating in Civil Air Patrol's World War II efforts.

Ruhl was a member of the CAP squadron in Cumberland, Maryland. When the Department of War reached out to CAP for members to fly coastal patrols and submarine reconnaissance missions, Ruhl immediately jumped at the opportunity. He came back home Nov. 9, two months after he began the patrols.

Read more about Ruhl's return home in this story in the Cumberland News.
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