Dear Hospice Supporters,

April has been a busy month for Four Tides Hospice Society, and May promises to be as well! 

We’ve just finished Volunteer Appreciation Week, and I can tell you, we REALLY appreciate our volunteers and all they do. Our volunteers work with those at end of life or who are bereaved in a variety of settings. They support our fundraising efforts and step up whenever and wherever we need a helping hand. The work they do weaves us together and strengthens the fabric of our community.

Congratulations to Moira Kelly, a Partners in Education student whose logo design was chosen in our recent competition. Moira will work with Vanessa Bjerreskov from qathet Division of Family Practice to prepare our new logo for a variety of applications, from business cards to banners. Watch for the rollout of our new name and logo in the very near future!

On May 8th, we’ll be welcoming Ciara Knapp in the Program Coordinator position. Ciara brings a variety of experiences to this position and we look forward to working with her. If you have ideas for a program the community might need, please send your request to

There are plenty of volunteer opportunities coming up in the next few weeks. Thanks to those who have already begun fundraising for Walk, Run, Hike or Bike for Hospice, which runs May 7th through 14th. We’ve had some generous prizes donated, so we will be able to give a prize to the top three fundraisers this year. We’re still working to secure corporate sponsorship. If you own or know of a business that might be interested in becoming a sponsor of this event, please go to our website for more information.
Our Wildflower Blooms campaign is doing very well, as people are picking up packets of wildflower seeds from our website, at the office, and at Springtime Garden Centre. Watch for them at the Garden Club’s plant sale on Klahanie Drive on May 7th too! This is a great little fundraiser that will remind us of the diversity of Hospice programs as the flowers return to your garden year after year.
Be sure to stop by Tim Hortons May 1st through 7th to get your Smile Cookies! All the money from Smile Cookie sales will go to Hospice this year, so tell all your friends! Many organizations and businesses are ordering cookies in bulk for all their workers, so that’s another way you might want to get involved. If you’d like to help decorate cookies for an hour one day during that week, please sign up at

We will be at the Townsite Brewery in the early afternoon and evening on May 3rd and 4th to sell Tim Hortons Smile Cookies, wildflower seeds, and promote the Walk, Run, Hike or Bike for Hospice.
Thank you again for your ongoing support of Four Tides Hospice Society. As always, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like further information on any hospice-related topic.

Cathy Fisher, President
Updated Office Hours

Please note that effective immediately, the office will be open from 9:00am to 1:00pm, Monday to Thursday.
Update from Our Program Coordinator

Grief Group – Loss Due to Drug Poisoning/Overdose

This group offers a safe space for participants to express feelings and share experiences knowing that others will be understanding, non-judgmental, and supportive. Participants will explore the grieving process as well as coping, relaxation and stress management techniques and learn what others have found effective.

May 2nd to June 20th
Tuesday evenings from 6pm to 7:30pm

Please note that this group is by registration only, and you must contact Leslie at 604-208-4378 or to sign up.

Caregiver Support Group

The Powell River Hospice Society hosts a twice monthly drop-in for caregivers supporting a loved one with a chronic or acute illness. This is an informal gathering where participants share experiences and resources and take time to relax. Participation is free of charge. Meetings take place on Mondays from 10:00 am to 11:30 am. To register please contact or 604-208-4378.
Update from Our Client & Volunteer Coordinator

In light of Volunteer Week April 16-22, I want to thank our volunteers for being high quality human beings! You honestly inspire me so much in the way you care for people. I am always so impressed with the skills you bring from other work and life experiences. You are such a fun group of people to work with and I appreciate each of you. What a great team we have! Thank you!  

Grieving and Suicide 

Sometimes people who are grieving can become so low they think about harming themselves or ending their life. If you are concerned a loved one may be suicidal here is what you can do. This information is provided by
For more information on how to support someone who is suicidal visit their website.  

Talking about suicide can provide tremendous relief and being a listener is the best intervention anyone can give. Talking about suicide will not cause suicide. When experiencing intense emotions, the person will not be able to problem solve. It is not your job to fix their problems. Listen, care, validate and be non-judgmental.
Questions you can consider asking someone if you are concerned:
• Are you thinking of suicide?
• Have you tried to end your life before?
• Have you been feeling left out or alone?
• Have you been feeling like you’re a burden?
• Do you feel isolated and or disconnected?
• Are you experiencing the feeling of being trapped?
• Has someone close to you recently died by suicide?
• How are you thinking of ending your life?
• Do you have the means to do this (firearms, drugs, ropes)?
• Have you been drinking or taken any drugs or medications?
• How have you been sleeping?
• Are you feeling more anxious than usual?
• Who can we contact that you feel safe and/or comfortable with?

Important phone numbers
Anywhere in BC 1-800-SUICIDE or 1-800-784-2433
Talk Suicide Canada 1-833-456-4566
Online chat service for adults (noon-1am)
Seniors Distress Line 604-872-1234
Hospice House Update

Members of the Hospice House Development Committee include our eight board members, six community members, and our 4 staff members. The development work has been divided into three sub-committees: Fundraising, Community and Partner Engagement, and Design and Logistics.

The qathet Division of Family Practice has generously lent us their Communications Lead, Vanessa Bjerreskov, who is assisting us in the rebranding process (from PR Hospice Society to Four Tides Hospice Society); and in planning and implementing the Hospice House Fundraising Campaign.

The Fundraising Committee is the most active at the moment, as this committee combines sourcing our regular operations as well as raising money specifically for Hospice House.

Interested in learning more about how you can help? Contact us anytime at!
Connect With Us!
PO Box 33 Powell River, BC V8A 4Z5