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Michiana Team Challenges Make What's Healthy for You Healthy for Our Community
C2 Your Health LLC brings the Kenko Challenge to Michiana to create a healthier community with The Eating Well of South Bend. 
SOUTH BEND, IN MARCH 17, 2015 - What could be more fun than to empower people to lead healthier lives and build a healthier community at the same time? The Michiana Community Kenko Challenge helps people get healthier in a fun and interesting way with friendly competition. You can play from a computer or smart phone challenging yourself to adopt healthy behaviors and learn new strategies to help you lead a healthier life.

The Michiana Community Kenko Challenge dates are May 5th through July 5th. The registration deadline is April 20th, 2015. Prizes will be awarded to the winning teams.

"Kenko" means health in Japanese, and is a work based team health challenge coming to the Michiana Community for everyone to participate. While the participants of the Michiana Community Kenko Challenge are getting healthier the Kenko Community Partner Program will be supporting the community with the proceeds of the challenge going to The Eating Well of South Bend for the purchase of hydroponic vertical urban tower gardens. The Eating Well of South Bend mission is to improve health outcomes for low-income families by providing them with access to fresh, healthy, affordable food choices. 

Kenko Challenge - Promo Video
Kenko Challenge - Promo Video

The Michiana Community Kenko Challenge  is a fun way to team up with family, friends, co-workers as well as companies, organizations and corporations  to lose weight, increase your physical activity and improve your nutrition.  The team size is 2 - 10 people. Don't have a team? No problem, y ou can make your own team or join the Michiana Community Team. 

C2 Your Health LLC of South Bend, Indiana is partnering with Columbus Chamber of Commerce of Ohio to bring the Kenko Challenge to the Michiana Community and joining Shelby County Chamber of Commerce KenkoChallenge, Indiana who have been facilitating the health challenge for three years.  


The Michiana Kenko Challenge is one of the many activities happening Celebrating SB150 and supporting South Bend's Let's Move initiative.  

When one challenger asked about the challenge experience they said "The Kenko Challenge has been a fun way for our "team" at work to work together on a project that is different than our day to day office tasks.  It's a special bonding experience for all of us." 



Cindy Cohen RN, owner of C2 Your Health LLC says "Creating teams that compete against each other fuels excitement, provides people with like interests support each other, increases success and is loads of fun!" 


Cohen goes on to say "Team challenges are successful because they provide a supportive, positive climate of fun and camaraderie helping everyone to adopt or maintain a healthy way of living."


The Michiana Community Kenko Challenge  is a great way for groups of people to get motivated to get healthy at home, at work and in the community. The challenge makes eating healthy and fitness so much fun you won't realize you are doing either. You can follow along on the  


For more information about C2 Your Health LLC and the Michiana Community Kenko Challenge Partner Program and challenge teams visit 




About The Eating Well of South Bend
The Eating Well of South Bend will be a grocery store and community café.  The grocery store will provide South Bend local LaSalle Square neighborhoods access to affordable, healthy food choices. The Eating Well will also boost the local economy by providing jobs, workforce training, and leadership development for the neighborhood. 
The community café will provide healthy breakfast and lunch options as an alternative to fast food and host a number of community events including interactive cooking classes and health seminars. for information go to 
About C2 Your Health LLC
C2 Your Health LLC

Since 2002 the team at C2 Your Health LLC is dedicated to providing health quality health coaching, worksite and community wellness with a focus on nutrition, lifestyle management and work - life balance.  

You will find C2 Your Health LLC in the community hosting and sponsoring community events such as the Michiana Go Red for Women BetterU Luncheon and Symposium, Hannah's House, The Eating Well, the Expo for Women Ladies Day Out, and Transform 365 Today Community and many others.  For more information contact Cindy Cohen by email by phone 800.245.8917800.245.8917vm.  #C2YourHealth


About Cindy Cohen RN

Cindy Cohen RN Cindy Cohen RN wellness consultant and owner of C2 Your Health LLC bringing 35+ years' experience in nursing with a focus on wellness and disease prevention. Cindy's goal is to connect you to information you need to positively impact your individual health, wellness goals and your business wellness objectives.  Cindy a sought after national speaker, published book author, health columnist and a Qualified National Director owner of an award winning franchise with the Juice Plus+ Corporation. You may contact Cindy by email