Billings, Montana, USA - GTUIT®, LLC announced today that the firm has been providing Kraken Oil & Gas, LLC natural gas liquids (NGL) recovery and flare reduction services. GTUIT will be providing 7,000 MCFD of processing capacity at multiple well locations in Montana and North Dakota. GTUIT's proven mobile and modular flare capture services help Kraken Oil & Gas to reduce air emissions and to meet the State of North Dakota Industrial Commission gas capture requirements as well as federal air emissions regulations.

The GTUIT mobile and modular gas processing units remove the NGLs, which GTUIT markets, and produce a conditioned residual gas stream which can also be monetized. Kraken will have a fleet of GTUIT 1000 MCFD units as well as a 3000 MCFD unit with total gas processing capacity of 7 MMCFD.

Kraken Oil and Gas Leviathan Site with GTUIT 1000 MCFD Unit
"We are glad that we can assist Kraken and helpthem meet and exceed their flare reduction targets. Our services help them bridge the gap until their midstream capacity comes on line by providing gas processing in producing areas that lack infrastruture. Kraken's well locations in eastern Montana and western ND help GTUIT expand our growing service footprint
in the Bakken" said Brian Cebull, President and CEO of GTUIT.

Bruce Larsen, President of Kraken Oil & Gas said "GTUIT provides NGL recovery and flare gas capture that allows us to continue our ongoing development and grow oil production in North Dakota and Montana. Kraken is proud of our ability to innovate operationally while protecting the environment and capturing otherwise stranded natural gas."


Kraken Oil & Gas is dedicated to development in the Williston Basin, and is currently running three rigs.. Since inception in 2012, Kraken has drilled nearly 80 wells and currently operates more than 150 Bakken and Three Forks wells in North Dakota and Montana.
Kraken has accumulated over 100,000 net leasehold acres with nearly 10 years of drilling inventory.
Kraken management has been involved in the Bakken play since its inception, studying, drilling and operating wells in nearly every part of the Williston Basin, and as such has a wealth of experience with the development of unconventional reservoirs, like the Bakken.
This experience, in combination with the hard work, diligence and dedication of its employees, contractors and service partners provide Kraken its primary competitive advantage. For more information please visit 

GTUIT is an industry leader of well-site level associated gas processing that includes innovative and gas processing using mobile and modular equipment to recover natural gas liquids (NGLs) and to condition fuel gas. GTUIT provides both proprietary equipment and best-in-class field service with 250 MCFD, 1000 MCFD and 3000 MCFD systems that are modular and scalable for well sites with up to 12 MMCFD or more of associated gas. GTUIT has processed over 4 BCF of associated gas and produced over 1 million barrels of NGLs.

The firm is focused on providing innovative solutions for stranded gas processing, timely manufacturing and industry leading service that creates value for its customers. More information is available at , Facebook , Twitter , Google+, and LinkedIn.
Source: GTUIT®, LLC
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