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Imagination Playground Receives International Playground Design Award 

Providence, RI-Imagination Playground received a bronze medal in an international playground design competition held by A’Design. The award-winning design was Imagination Playground’s Big Blue Blocks Transportation Set.  

The Transportation Set is the newest creation by Imagination Playground. This innovative play system is made from a proprietary, durable foam and introduces new block shapes, like various designs of wings and wheels that inspire vehicles while staying true to the loose-parts play philosophy. Designed for 3+ builds at a time, young minds’ work together to create, imagine, and assemble boats, planes, and other vehicles. 

For the last 15 years, the Big Blue Blocks have been played with by millions of children in more than 75 countries worldwide. Watching creations come to life and friendships built through the stacking and connecting of the handcrafted blocks has inspired the design of this newest addition to the product family,” said Imagination Playground CEO Jim Stallman. 

The A'Playground Equipment, Play Structures and Public Park Design Award by A'Design receives submissions from playground designers, manufacturers and brands worldwide. Winners are recognized for their creative and innovative designs that inspire imaginative and enriching play for children. Imagination Playground's Transportation Set was designed to feature shapes that were vague enough to be used for various vehicles while still being recognizable to young children.

Vehicles have always been one of the most popular structures created using the Blue Blocks and this set allows for builders to expand and advance these designs,” added Stallman. “Create a motorcycle to zoom through adventures on curving mountain highways, or a submarine for two sailors to explore under the sea. The loose-parts easily integrate with one another to build whatever the child can imagine!” 

The first transportation set was launched in Panama City Beach, Florida in 2022 after being designed, cut and tested in Providence, Rhode Island. The set comes with over 100 block pieces of varying shapes that interlock for the construction of vehicles. The original Big Blue Blocks were conceptualized by architect David Rockwell. The original set underwent various play studies, emphasizing the importance of interacting with loose-parts for developing minds. 

Imagination Playground is honored to receive the bronze medal award for our submission in the A’Playground Equipment, Play Structures and Public Park Design Competition. Our mission is to promote the benefits of imaginative and interactive play for young, developing minds. Congratulations to the additional winning designers, and thank you for all you do to enrich and encourage the next generation,said Stallman. 


Photo Credit: Davista Photography

About Imagination Playground: Imagination Playground is a breakthrough portable playground designed to encourage child-directed unstructured free play. Unlike traditional hardscape playgrounds, the award-winning Blue Blocks are a low cost, easy to clean, waterproof foam play system that can be used both indoors or out on a variety of surfaces. Handcrafted in the USA with a focus on loose parts, the durable blocks allow children to design their own course of play. Each set comes with an industry leading 5-year warranty.


May 15, 2024

Contact: Abby Appel