Sept. 25, 2022


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Community Supports Humane Officer With Vehicle

Pictured, from left, Animal Friends' President & CEO Kathleen Beaver handing vehicle keys to Humane Animal Allies' Chris Jirak O'Donnell, Armstrong County Humane Police Officer.

ARMSTRONG COUNTY, PA -- An Armstrong County humane police officer (HPO) now has a vehicle to use on animal cruelty and neglect calls. 

The SUV was made possible through the generosity of Animal Friends, the Ramage Family Trust, the ACMH Medical Staff Foundation, the Armstrong County Community Foundation, the Kozakiewicz family fund, and Kay Detrick Owen.

"Before this vehicle, to go on a call I had to find someone to drive, borrow or rent a vehicle, or use my personal sedan which is unsuited for this work," said HPO Chris Jirak O'Donnell.

"In fact, on one day I managed to fit a crate with a cat into the front seat of my car, only to have her go into labor. The crate was stuck, and it was touch-and-go to get her out without jostling her too much," said O'Donnell.

“Officer O’Donnell was part of the Animal Friends' family long before she became a HPO. We are pleased and honored to support her tireless work in Armstrong County and be a part of the team to ensure she has proper transportation for her investigations and provide other resources and guidance as, together, we remain committed to saving lives throughout the region,” said Kathleen Beaver, President & CEO of Animal Friends.

"It was our pleasure to support the fine and much needed work of HPO O’Donnell. Not only do HPOs save the lives of animals, but they also act as social workers to assist pet owners in need of education and assistance. Their presence in our county adds to the quality of life for all of us," said Lynn Ramage.

"The ACMH Medical Staff Foundation is proud to support Humane Animal Allies in its future endeavors. We look forward to seeing the program continue to grow throughout the years," said Dr. Michelle Sparks, Chairperson of the ACMH Medical Staff Foundation.

"We are very pleased to support Humane Animal Allies and the HPOs in Armstrong County. It takes the community working together to see projects like this come to fruition! We are excited to see the improvements that Humane Animal Allies is making, and this vehicle enables the HPOs to expand on that outstanding work," said Jodi E. Beers, Executive Director of the Armstrong County Community Foundation.

"It is our privilege to support the HPOs of Armstrong County in their efforts to promote a healthier, safer place for animals to thrive. They provide an invaluable service to the community, and we are pleased that we are able to make their jobs a bit easier," said Shannon Kozakiewicz.

“I have heard stories of amazing and heartbreaking work being done by the HPOs of Armstrong County. They do this work as volunteers. It was my pleasure to at least support their work by helping to get them a suitable vehicle," said Kay Detrick Owen.

"I am overwhelmed by the generosity of our community in supporting the humane treatment of animals," said HPO O'Donnell.

The two Armstrong County HPOs investigate more than 100 calls a year and are unpaid volunteers. Those wishing to support this work may visit

Humane Animal Allies promotes respect and compassion for all living creatures in the hearts and minds of those in our community. 


The SUV is equipped and ready at a moment's notice to respond to animal neglect & cruelty calls.

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