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FACE Foundation Helps Pet Owners Affected by COVID-19
San Diego Pets Need Your Help Now More Than Ever
San Diego, CA – Pets are in need now more than ever due to the wide-spread repercussions of the COVID-19 health crisis. In less than 2 weeks since Governor Newsom issued California’s Stay-at-Home order, the local nonprofit FACE Foundation has seen an enormous increase of pet owners financially affected by the health crisis reaching out for help with their pet’s life-saving veterinary care. One of these pets is Bow, a 5-year-old Great Dane. The gentle giant’s parents, Mariah and Mason, are 8 months pregnant with their first child. Unfortunately, Mariah was recently laid off from her job due to the COVID-19 health crisis and the pair are financially strapped. An emergency medical issue couldn’t have come at a worse time.

Last Thursday, Bow unexpectedly started retching and gagging. His parents rushed him to Pet Emergency and Specialty Center where they diagnosed him with GDV, a life-threatening condition in which a pet’s stomach becomes overstretched and rotated. It was clear that surgery was the only option to save Bow’s life. Recently laid off with a baby on the way, Mariah and Mason just didn’t have the funds to pay for Bow’s surgery. They asked family, friends, and exhausted every option, but they just couldn’t afford Bow’s life-saving medical care.

Heartbroken and without any options left, the couple reached out to FACE for assistance. After reviewing their application, Bow’s case was approved and he had the surgery on Friday. Mariah says, “Without you, Bow might not be here. You saved my very best friend. I was terrified and you gave me the greatest gift I’ve ever received, and that was saving his life. All I wanted is for our baby to meet our first baby Bow. You made that possible for us.”

Bow is just one of the countless animals in San Diego County’s whose health is at risk due to the financial effects of the COVID-19 crisis. Executive Director Danae Davis says, “The numbers are astounding. Prior to the Stay-At-Home order, only 10% of FACE’s 2020 beneficiaries were unemployed. Since the order went into effect, this statistic has increased to a shocking 70%. In the past week, one pet per day has been assisted by FACE whose family was affected financially due to COVID-19, and it is expected to continue. We are so grateful to be able to help pets like Bow and are dedicated to continue our life-saving programs during these trying times.”

FACE Foundation is asking for donations in order to mitigate the increased level of support needed in these trying times. Help save a pet in need by calling 858-450-3223 or visiting to donate. Read about more pets affected by the health crisis here: .
About FACE Foundation
The Foundation for Animal Care and Education (FACE) was created in 2006 to combat the problem of “economic euthanasia” – the tragedy that occurs when pet owners are forced to euthanize their beloved companion animals because they cannot afford emergency veterinary care. FACE strives to save lives, reduce economic euthanasia, and increase the wellness of San Diego’s pets. To date, FACE has saved the lives of over 2,660 local pets by providing financial grants in partnership with over 173 veterinary partners throughout San Diego County for pet owners in need.