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Predator Defense calls for boycott of Wyoming until wolf abuser punished and wildlife policies reformed

Urges reform of cruel and antiquated policies that allow native predators to be tortured, run over with vehicles, and other atrocities

EUGENE, OR - In response to the state of Wyoming grabbing international headlines this month for an egregious act of animal cruelty and killing perpetrated by a resident named Cody Roberts--followed by the state taking no substantive actions to adequately punish the perpetrator or improve their wildlife policies--we have called for a boycott of Wyoming until they bring their wildlife policies into the 21st century.

The state of Wyoming bears responsibility for the Cody Roberts incident. Their policies made it possible. Perversely, they are on record saying they value wildlife, that its protection is of utmost importance, that they have the "gold standard" of wildlife management. In reality, there are no protections for wolves in 85 percent of the state. They tell people they can kill wolves and coyotes on sight and by any means.

Along with their neighboring Northern Rocky Mountain states, Idaho and Montana, Wyoming wildlife officials see no value in the essential ecosystem services wolves and other native predators provide and feel no need to substantively support caring for livestock using nonlethal practices. We are calling for an end to the cruelty and the implementation of humane, science-supported wildlife policies.

We encourage all environmental, conservation, animal rights and animal welfare groups to ask their followers and supporters to boycott Wyoming. We feel that only strong financial pressure, combined with an ever-increasing public outcry, will bring about the change that is needed.

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 Predator Defense is a national nonprofit advocacy organization devoted to protecting essential native predators, helping people learn to coexist with wild animals, and ending America's war on wildlife.

They have been championing native predators with science, sanity and heart since 1990.

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