Spirit NowA Global Movement
Behind-the-Scenes Glimpses of 25th Pentecostal World Congress
Spirit Now is an engaging documentary featuring respected religious leaders and experts from around the world, including many of our PCCNA members. YES TV investigates the urgency of the Pentecostal message and gives insights involving some of the supernatural, systemic issues, the mysterious practice of "speaking in other tongues," and the future hope for Pentecostalism.

This will not only encourage you but provide an excellent resource to share with others, who may be questioning and hungry for a deeper experience of the Holy Spirit. View here >>>
“As the Pentecostal movement has exploded past 650 million Christians worldwide . . . This documentary uniquely invites us into the personal experiences and insights of some of the movement’s most significant leaders as they address the challenges and opportunities for Pentecostalism. The unifying message of a hope-filled future will inspire you . . .”
Rev. Kevin Shepherd
‍CEO | Crossroads, YES TV
Documentary Producers
Passionate Prayer Prioritized
Carol Leake, Commission Chair
Formed in 2017, under the inspiring leadership of Doug Small, the PCCNA Prayer Commission's mission is to create a context for fellowship, dialogue, and cooperation between the prayer coordinators of Pentecostal and Charismatic denominations, churches, and ministries in North America. More than a static commission, they seek to give priority to prayer training and mobilization, marked by humble, unified, passionate Pentecostal praying for revival in the church and a great awakening in the culture.

Newly elected chair, Carol Leake, is continuing to pursue their vision of inspiring and encouraging leaders to bring prayer to the heart of their denominational mission. Learn more >>>
Explore and Engage in Prayer
AmericaPray.net Upcoming Events
Our only hope is united, desperate, prevailing prayers. Multiple ministries and denominations are uniting to seek the face of God through prayer and fasting, persistently asking our Father to send revival in the church and spiritual awakening to our nations, so that Christ’s Great Commission might be fulfilled worldwide in our generation. Learn more >>>
Prelude to Pentecost
Canadian National Prayer Meeting
PCCNA President David Wells hosted a Canadian, online, prayer meeting on Sunday, May 16, 2021. A number of Pentecostal/Charismatic denominations, networks, and ministries were linked together with a shared vision for a profound work of the Spirit within Canada. These groups have developed a deep sense of partnership through shared involvement within the Pentecostal World Fellowship, Empowered 21, and the Pentecostal-Charismatic Churches of North America. View here >>>
National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference
Welcomes 26th U.S. Chapter
In a March 29 meeting, the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference confirmed the Evangelical Association of Hispanic Ministers as an official NHCLC chapter in the Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia Metropolitan (DMV) area, making the DMV the 26th NHCLC chapter in the U.S. Read more >>>
A Different Family Tree
From Drafting Free-Agents
to Developing Disciple-Makers
The leadership development strategy in many denominations involved finding and recruiting disciples who are ready to lead. But fifty years and a generation into the Church Growth Movement, this strategy has run its course and is failing. As the daughter of farmers, I would liken this strategy to harvesting without planting. Eventually, the crop and the soil will fail. As a denominational leader, the fallout of this strategy keeps me up at night.

In this article, Tammy Dunahoo, Vice President of The Foursquare Church, unpacks some of the ideas behind a FREE Exponential webinar designed to help us develop disciple-makers.
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