COVID-19 Bonus Pay
PPOA sent email to all active members on Tuesday announcing the long-awaited COVID-19 "Heroes Pay" bonuses from the County. While all active PPOA members should expect to receive a discretionary $1,000 bonus by the end of the year, an additional $500 bonus for first responders requires the completion of a Countywide "COVID Appreciation Bonus" attestation form by November 24, 2021.

Attention PPOA Members: Ballots are Out, Please Vote!
Per the PPOA Bylaws, ballots were mailed on October 21, 2021, and are due back by November 18, 2021. For those of you in Unit 612 (LASD SGT/LT) and Unit 621 (SSA/SSO classifications), you should have received a ballot for selecting your choice for Director(s) to represent your bargaining unit on the PPOA Board. ALL members should have received a two-part ballot related to Bylaws Amendments. As reflected in the accompanying documentation, it’s been eight years since we’ve had our bylaws reviewed. To ensure we conduct our business in accordance to the California Corporations Code and after a thorough review with our legal counsel, the Board of Directors has developed the proposed changes to comply with current law as well as revisions, which will benefit our association greatly.
Please take the time to assist your union in the election process by voting. The PPOA Board unanimously recommends a “Yes” vote on all of the proposed bylaws changes.
COVID-19 Legal Meeting
November 2: On Tuesday, PPOA hosted its weekly meeting in order for President Tab Rhodes, Executive Director Wayne Quint Jr., Senior Labor Rep. Venise Wallace, Labor Rep. Teresa O'Neil, Intake Rep. Kevin Thompson and PPOA attorneys to address COVID-19 issues impacting PPOA members. These meetings help PPOA representatives stay current on all aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic and related negotiations with the County. This dedication of PPOA resources supplements the efforts of the Coalition of County Unions (CCU) to negotiate reasonable terms as well as mitigate impacts on PPOA membership.
Meeting re: Fulgent Genetics
November 2: PPOA and the Coalition of County Unions met with representatives from the County and Fulgent Genetics to discuss the security of the Fulgent system as it pertains to personal information of registrants. Meeting participants from PPOA included Executive Director Quint and PPOA outside legal counsel.
Meeting re: College Transcripts
November 2: PPOA legal counsel Jim Cunningham took part in a follow-up meeting with representatives from the County and Employee Relations regarding official college transcripts pertaining to those on the current sergeant eligibility list.
Unit 612 Contract Negotiations Team Pre-Meeting
November 3: Members of the Unit 612 contract negotiations team joined PPOA legal counsel for a pre-meeting to discuss upcoming negotiations for a successor Memorandum of Understanding with the County. The Unit 612 team is comprised of the following PPOA members:

  • President/LT. Tab Rhodes, Negotiations Chair
  • SGT. Juan Calderon
  • SGT. Ruben Pastran
  • SGT. Jose Rios
  • SGT. Anthony Romo
  • LT. Geoffrey Chadwick
  • LT. Nancy Escobedo
  • LT. Todd Knight
  • LT. William Moulder
  • LT. Marshall Yelverton
  • DA SGT. Jay Chapman
  • DA SGT. Yvette Hartwell
  • PPOA Executive Director Wayne Quint Jr.
  • PPOA Legal Counsel
Sheriff Discusses Current Issues
November 3: Sheriff Villanueva hosted a Facebook live stream on Wednesday to discuss current issues, including gender parity in the Sheriff's Department, the upcoming Custody Assistant academy, and more.

Southern California Alliance of Law Enforcement
November 4: President Rhodes joined fellow law enforcement union leaders for a Southern California Alliance of Law Enforcement (SCALEBoard of Directors meeting hosted by the Riverside Sheriffs Association on Wednesday. Collectively, SCALE represents more than 37,000 peace officers in Southern California.
Law Enforcement Technician Classification Study
November 4: PPOA board and staff members met with representatives from the Sheriff's Department, Personnel, Technology Support Division and Communications and Fleet Management Bureau on Thursday to discuss the ongoing Law Enforcement Technician (LET) classification study. The teleconference was led by PPOA Vice President/LET Jim Blankenship and he was joined by Executive Director Quint.
Attention Retired PPOA Members: PLEASE JOIN US!
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California Peace Officers' Memorial Foundation
Fraternal Order of Police
PPOA is a longtime member of the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), the world's largest organization of law enforcement officers, with more than 364,000 members in more than 2,100 lodges nationwide. All active PPOA members are part of California FOP Lodge 1, which represents public safety organizations throughout LA County and operates under the capable leadership of former PPOA President Roger MayberryClick here to read the latest California FOP biweekly news update.

Please make it a point to check out the Washington Watch — a weekly update provided by the National FOP. We encourage PPOA members to stay up to date on the legislative news and activity impacting public safety personnel nationwide.