Meet and Confer re: LASD Lieutenant Exam
March 21: PPOA took part in a Meet and Confer with representatives from the Bureau of Labor Relations and Compliance, Personnel, Sworn Exams, and the Test Development Unit to discuss the proposed 2023 LASD Lieutenant Exam. Meeting participants from PPOA included President Nancy Escobedo, Executive Director Wayne Quint Jr., Labor Representative Dave Ladjevic and Legal Counsel Jim Cunningham.

PPOA is requesting additional information from the Department and will schedule a follow-up meeting in the near future.
PPOA/Labor Management Committee Meeting
March 22: President Escobedo and Executive Director Quint met with Assistant Sheriff Francisco and Bureau of Labor Relations and Compliance representatives on Wednesday. Topics of discussion at this Labor Management Committee meeting included:
  • LASD contract with LA County Probation impacting Sheriff's Security Officers
  • LASD staffing issues
  • 2-year Custody commitments
  • Uniform Committee meetings
  • Resumption of Law Enforcement Technician Labor Management Committee meetings
Notice Sent to Delegates re: Vacant Unit 612 Board Seat
March 22: PPOA sent an email to delegates to notify them of the vacant Unit 612 board seat for LASD Sergeants and Lieutenants. The vacancy resulted from the resignation of Tab Rhodes on March 8th due to his retirement from County service.

Per PPOA bylaws, only LASD Sergeants and Lieutenants currently serving as PPOA delegates are eligible to be appointed to fill this seat. For more details, click here to read the email sent to delegates.
Sheriff's Security Officer Orientation
March 23: PPOA was proud to welcome 20 newly-hired Sheriff's Security Officers (SSO) during their first day of orientation at STARS Center. This class is welcome news for the classification and the Sheriff's Department as it marks the first SSO academy class since March 2020.

Participants from PPOA at the orientation included Board Member/SSO Gerry Garcia, President Escodebo and Executive Director Quint.
PPOA Communications Committee Meeting
March 24: PPOA 1st Vice President and Communications Committee Chairman Jay Chapman joined PPOA staff and 911Media representatives for a videoconference to discuss the ongoing evaluation and enhancement of of communication with members. 
In Memoriam:
Retired Assistant Chief Oreal Cotton
District Attorney Bureau of Investigation
We were very saddened to hear of the passing of retired LADA Bureau of Investigation Assistant Chief Oreal Cotton this week. The US Air Force veteran and former LASD Deputy joined the DA's Office in 1983 before rising through the ranks during a long and distinguished career that earned him a number of accolades, including Peace Maker of the Year (issued by the California Governor), Outstanding Leadership Award, LADA Jemison Award, and more. Please click here to read a fitting tribute submitted by Captain Daewon Kim.
Fraternal Order of Police News Update
PPOA members have long benefitted from our longtime affiliation with the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), the world's largest organization of law enforcement officers, with more than 364,000 members in more than 2,100 lodges nationwide. All active PPOA members are part of California FOP Lodge 1.

Important news regarding FOP membership for retired PPOA members: When a sworn PPOA member retires and wishes to reactivate his/her FOP member benefits, the following step must be taken:
To reactivate your membership as a retired peace officer, you will need to pay FOP annual dues of $40 for 2023. To do so, please send an email to the FOP Lodge 1 Secretary: Be sure to include your full name and advise you are a retired PPOA member requesting membership with FOP.

Please make it a point to check out Washington Watch — a weekly update provided by the National FOP. We encourage PPOA members to stay up to date on the legislative news and activity impacting public safety personnel nationwide. 

PPOA Members - End of Watch Tribute
PPOA extends sincere condolences to the families and friends of the following members who passed in February 2023:

Retired Sergeant Jorge Chavez — 2/3/23
LASD ret. 2018
Retired Deputy Jerry Rupe — 2/8/23
LASD ret. 1992
Retired Lieutenant Brian Moran — 2/17/23
LASD ret. 2012
Academy class 188
US Army and US Marine Corps veteran
Condolences may be emailed to the family:
Retired Deputy Louise Lewis — 2/20/23
LASD ret. 1985
Academy class 176
Retired Sergeant Ronald Dietrich — 2/27/23
LASD ret. 2002
Academy class 128
US Army veteran
March 27
Cesar Chavez Day
PPOA office will be closed for the County holiday

March 30
POPA Federal Credit Union Annual Membership Meeting
Sheraton Cerritos Hotel

April 1
PPOA Scholarship Applications Will be Posted Online
Completed applications will be due by 5/19/23

April 1-2
Baker to Vegas Challenge Cup Relay

April 2
B2V BBQ hosted by Homicide Bureau, PPOA and ALADS
Sunset Parkway Business Center, Las Vegas

April 2-5
LASD Retiree Roundup
Riverside Resort and Casino, Laughlin

April 4
Cigar Night at LASD Retiree Roundup
Hosted by PPOA on Riverside Resort Pool Patio

April 12
PPOA Board of Directors Meeting
San Dimas

May 6
LASD Retired Female Deputies Social Club Luncheon
Crowne Plaza, Ventura

May 10
PPOA Board of Directors Meeting
San Dimas

May 19
77th Annual Tree Planting Ceremony
Honoring the memory of Sergeant Christopher Bracks and retired LASD Commander Walt Allsop
Star Post Memorial Wall, Pitchess Detention Center

May 20
Former LA Deputy Sheriffs in Texas Luncheon
Waskom, Texas