Deputy Jack Williams Memorial Highway Sign Dedication
May 29: PPOA was honored to help facilitate a tribute last Saturday to Deputy Jack Williams, who was killed in the line of duty on 5/29/79. It was also our honor to be joined by the Williams family at the ceremony as we unveiled a replica of the memorial highway sign that now stands as a reminder of the sacrifice of our fallen PPOA member. Thank you to everyone who helped make this significant event a success, including Senator Bob Archuleta, Undersheriff Tim Murakami and Captain Rick Rector. Most importantly, we are indebted to Deputy Williams for his service and legacy.
Background: Deputy Williams and members of the LASD Narcotics Bureau were serving a search warrant at a residence when a suspect opened fire, fatally wounding the nine-year department veteran. He is survived by his wife and two daughters. Ultimately, Deputy Williams' partner Bobby Esquivel and PPOA were successful in petitioning the state legislature to dedicate a section of Interstate Highway 605 to be recognized as the LA County Sheriff's Deputy Jack Williams Memorial Highway.

SB County Sheriff's Sergeant Killed in the Line of Duty
May 31: PPOA was extremely saddened to learn of the line-of-duty death of a San Bernardino County Sheriff's Sergeant on Monday evening.
A shooting occurred after a motorcyclist led deputies in a high-speed pursuit into the desert. Sergeant Vaca was among a group of deputies who found the motorcycle abandoned. As they approached the motorcycle, the suspect who had been riding it ambushed the deputies and began firing. Sergeant Vaca was struck by gunfire and the deputies returned fire, killing the suspect. Tragically, Sergeant Vaca succumbed to his wounds after being airlifted to a hospital.
Sergeant Dominic Vaca is the sixth line-of-duty death in California to date in 2021
Meeting with Sheriff and Undersheriff
June 1: PPOA President Tab Rhodes met with Sheriff Villanueva and Undersheriff Murakami as part of the quarterly meeting series agreed upon by all parties. Topics of discussion at Tuesday's meeting included the Sheriff's goals for the future, budget concerns and their impact on PPOA members, the promotional process and more.
Sheriff Discusses Current Events
June 2: Sheriff Villanueva hosted a Facebook live stream on Wednesday to discuss current events, including a public safety defunding update, LA County budget priorities, Measure J and more.

Meet and Confer re: Proposed SCV Station Jailer Positions
June 2: PPOA representatives continued their Meet and Confer process with LASD Patrol Division executives. Discussions included the Station Jailer positions for the new Santa Clarita Valley Station scheduled to open this July.  PPOA continues to meet collaboratively with the Department in an effort to identify staffing solutions, funding sources, and strategies to attain the goal of a successful opening of the station and demands on our Custody Assistants. Meeting participants from PPOA included President Rhodes, Executive Board Member Tony Coleman and Executive Director Wayne Quint Jr.
Meet and Greet with DME-C Deputy Chief
June 2: PPOA representatives held a Meet and Greet with the new Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner Deputy Chief Akiko Tagawa. Participants from PPOA included President Rhodes, Board Member Joyce Kato, Executive Director Quint, Labor Representative Teresa O'Neil and Intake Representative Kevin Thompson.
Coalition of County Unions
June 2: Executive Director Quint participated in a teleconference with fellow representatives of the Coalition of County Unions (CCU) to discuss proposals and strategies regarding upcoming fringe benefits negotiations with the County of Los Angeles.
The CCU collectively represents more than 30,000 union members employed by the County of Los Angeles and is their unified voice on County-wide matters such as health insurance, vacation pay, retirement, and other issues that impact County employees and their families. 

Proposed Lieutenant's Exam
June 2: PPOA participated in continued Meet and Confer meetings to address the proposed 2021 Lieutenant Promotional Examination. Participants included President Rhodes, Board Member Nancy Escobedo, Executive Director Quint, PPOA Attorney Jim Cunningham, Captain O'Brien and representatives from Employee Relations, Personnel Administration Bureau and Sworn Exams Unit. The meetings and conversations have yielded many concerns including the introduction of new desired qualifications, the elimination of some past practices, and a rating of record criteria which has yet to be agreed upon. Meetings are planned into the near future for continued discussion.
PPOA Legislative Committee
June 3: PPOA board and staff hosted a teleconference with our full-time Sacramento legislative representatives —Lang, Hansen, Giroux and Kidane — to review the status of pending legislation that could potentially impact PPOA members and public safety employees throughout the state. Yesterday (June 4) was the deadline for bills to be introduced into the Senate from the Assembly and from the Senate into the Assembly. Many bills have been made inactive or placed in suspense due to this deadline and a new limit of only 12 bills allowed to be introduced by each legislator. Meeting participants from PPOA included President Rhodes, Executive Director Quint and Legislative Consultant Art Reddy.

PPOA Members / End of Watch: May 2021
We extend sincere condolences to the families and friends of the following PPOA members who passed in May 2021:

Retired Deputy Lee Secrist
EOW: 5/7/21

Retired Lieutenant Richard L. Wallace
EOW: 5/9/21
US Navy Veteran

Retired Deputy Gilbert Sherwood
EOW: 5/19/21
US Army Veteran
Condolences may be emailed to family:

Retired Reserve Deputy/C.O. Pete Ramirez
EOW: 5/29/21
US Army Veteran
Condolences may be emailed to family:

Retired Deputy Albert Verduzco
EOW: 5/30/21
Condolences may be emailed to family:

Fraternal Order of Police
Click here to read the latest biweekly news update from the California Fraternal Order of Police (CAFOP). 

PPOA is a proud member of California FOP Lodge 1, which represents public safety organizations throughout Los Angeles County. The statewide CAFOP is comprised of 30 lodges with 17,000 members.
PPOA 21st Annual Fishing Trip
July 16, 2021
Hundreds of PPOA members have enjoyed these trips over the last 20 years and we hope you join us out on the ocean this summer! Per social distancing guidelines from LBM Sportfishing, our 85-foot boat will be limited to 36 people, so please reserve your spot as soon as possible. PPOA fishing trips sell out every year.


Friday, July 16, 2021

Gathering spot:
Pierpoint Landing
200 Aquarium Way, Long Beach
Please arrive no later than 5:30 am
Boat leaves promptly at 6:00 am

Catalina and/or local waters

85 ft. Enterprise 
Capacity for PPOA fishing trip:
36 person capacity
All participants must have masks.

$45 per PPOA member (1 guest $45 allowed per member)
Reservations are first come, first served. 
Call PPOA to book your spot: (323) 261-3010

Fishing license required. Purchase in advance or arrive early to purchase 1-day license. Rod/reel rental can be reserved with LBM Sportfishing: (562) 598-6649.
Coffee and lunch will be provided by PPOA.