Former Assistant Sheriff Announces Candidacy for Sheriff
July 12: Former LASD Assistant Sheriff Cecil Rhambo announced his plans to run for LA County Sheriff in 2022. After retiring from LASD in 2014, he spent three years as Assistant City Manager of Carson and another three years as City Manager of Compton. He currently serves as Chief of the LA International Airport Police.
Eli Vera, Chief of the LASD Technology and Support Division, also publicly announced his candidacy for sheriff earlier this year.
Supporting Health and Fitness for Members
July 13: PPOA staff members delivered an elliptical machine and sanitizers to Lakewood Station on Thursday. In a continuing effort to support members, PPOA's Star & Shield Foundation teams up with New Life Cardio Equipment (NLCE) each year to secure a limited number of treadmills and ellipticals for employee gyms at units throughout the County. The machines are purchased by the Foundation at discounted pricing and delivered by PPOA to units in need of new exercise equipment. PPOA has also arranged for NLCE to extend special pricing to any PPOA member interested in purchasing cardio equipment for personal use at home. Call New Life Cardio for more info: (323) 345-7216.
PPOA Board of Directors Meeting
July 14: The monthly PPOA Board of Directors meeting took place on Wednesday. Directors present included: President Rhodes, Vice President Jim Blankenship, Secretary Tony Coleman, Treasurer Robert Maus, and Directors Joel Barnett, Nancy Escobedo, Henry Jimenez, Joyce Kato, Chris Lee, Jose Rios, Tony Romo and Jim Schallert. Collectively, the PPOA board brings more approximately 300 years of county experience to the table. 
Fringe Benefits Contract Negotiations
July 14: President Rhodes, Executive Director Wayne Quint Jr. and our fellow Coalition of County Unions (CCU) leaders were notified by the County on Wednesday morning that the contract negotiations originally scheduled for the same day would have to be canceled.

The fringe benefits contract expired on June 30, 2021 and PPOA and the CCU have been working earnestly to secure a new contract for members. PPOA will keep members informed of any developments when all parties return to the bargaining table next week.
Sheriff Discusses Current Events
July 14: Sheriff Villanueva hosted a Facebook live stream on Wednesday to discuss current events, including recall elections, campaign promises, vaccinations and more.

COVID-19 Legal Meeting
July 15: PPOA hosted its weekly legal meeting on Thursday in order for President Rhodes, Executive Director Quint, Sr. Labor Rep. Venise Wallace, Labor Rep. Teresa O'Neil, Intake Representative Kevin Thompson and PPOA attorneys to address and analyze COVID-19 issues impacting PPOA members. Recent increases in COVID-19 cases and worries regarding the Delta variant of the virus have caused LA County Health officials to re-initiate the wearing of masks in all indoor facilities effective this evening. Click here for more info.
Meet and Confer re: Proposed LT Exam
July 15: PPOA representatives took part in a Meet and Confer teleconference with LASD executives regarding the proposed Lieutenants' examination process. Participants from PPOA included President Rhodes, Board Member Nancy Escobedo, Executive Director Quint and PPOA legal counsel.
PPOA 21st Annual Fishing Trip
July 16: Early yesterday morning, a crew of seaworthy (give or take a few) PPOA members and their guests set off for a day of fishing near Catalina Island. Chartering that boat is a tradition PPOA has maintained for 21 consecutive years and judging by the looks of yesterday's salty anglers, we can expect a steep decline in the Pacific fish population this weekend.
Efforts to Recall LA County DA George Gascon
This week, the City of San Dimas announced that it has cast a vote of no confidence in District Attorney George Gascon. It is the latest in a growing list of 22 cities that have signaled their disapproval of Gascon's policies.

Despite taking office just seven months ago, DA Gascon has been the target of recall efforts since March. Backers of the recall must gather valid signatures from 579,062 registered voters in the county -- 10% of the total number of voters in the county -- by October 27, 2021 for the recall to qualify for the ballot.

Many crime victims, law enforcement officials (including Sheriff Villanueva), elected leaders and some DA's Office prosecutors have accused Gascon of creating a revolving door for criminals who are not fully held accountable for their offenses. 

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