Hundreds Roll Through LA to Pay Tribute to Fallen Heroes
March 27: More than 400 motorcyclists, supporters and volunteers helped ensure that PPOA's 8th Annual Heroes Ride was a memorable and meaningful tribute to fallen officers and military veterans. Riders staged at the Hollywood Bowl, where we held a ceremony to acknowledge California officers who died in the line of duty. The escorted ride then rolled to the LA National Cemetery for a military veterans tribute. Riders then headed east to Biscailuz Center for a festive finish line party. Special thanks to our guest speakers, including: Sheriff Alex Villanueva, Senator Tom Umberg and Retired Army Brigadier General Robin Umberg. We're also very grateful to the Sheriff's Department for their assistance and our many volunteers, sponsors and vendors for making this incredible day possible. Most importantly, we are eternally grateful for the service and sacrifice of America's fallen heroes.

Meeting to Discuss COVID-19 Legal Issues
March 29: PPOA representatives hosted their weekly teleconference on Tuesday to continue discussions about COVID-19 and its impact on PPOA members.

Meeting participants from PPOA included President Tab Rhodes, Executive Director Wayne Quint Jr., Senior Labor Rep. Venise Wallace, Labor Rep. Teresa O'Neil, Intake Rep. Kevin Thompson and PPOA legal counsel.
Unit 621 Contract Negotiations Pre-Meeting
March 29: Members of the Unit 621 Salary Contract Negotiations Team gathered at the PPOA office on Tuesday for the latest in a series of strategy sessions ahead of upcoming contract talks with the County. Unit 621 is the official bargaining unit for the following LASD classifications: Custody Assistant, Civilian Investigator, Crime Analyst, Public Response Dispatcher, Court Services Specialist, Law Enforcement Technician, Security Assistant, Security Officer.

Unit 621 is scheduled to officially open contract talks with County representatives on April 20, 2022. Barring any cancellations, these negotiations will take place every Wednesday, except on Wednesdays already reserved for the PPOA Board of Directors meeting. These bargaining sessions are expected to be challenging, more so than previous years as it comes during political infighting and the backdrop of what percentage, if any, of the county budget should be allocated for law enforcement.

The 621 Negotiations team is comprised of the following PPOA members:

  • 2nd V.P./Custody Assistant Tony Coleman (621 Negotiations Chair)
  • Board Member/Law Enforcement Technician Jim Blankenship
  • Board Member/Security Officer Gerry Garcia
  • Security Officer Angel Becerra
  • Civilian Investigator Ben Garcia
  • Custody Assistant Cynthia Murphy
  • Court Services Specialist Jesus Peralta
  • Public Response Dispatcher II Mike Salazar
  • Crime Analyst Joe Walker

Participants in this week's meeting also included President Rhodes, Executive Director Quint, Sr. Labor Rep. Wallace and PPOA Legal Counsel.
Unions Unite to March for Overdue Pay Increases
March 31: President Rhodes joined ALADS President James Wheeler and thousands of fellow County union members in downtown LA on Thursday to send a forceful and unified message to the Board of Supervisors: ESSENTIAL WORKERS DESERVE ESSENTIAL PAY.

Members from dozens of County unions, including ALADS, County Fire, and more were present for lively rally and march through the downtown. PPOA representatives took part in a month-long series of meetings in preparation for this event.
Support for Sheriff's Security Officers
March 31: PPOA was proud to support Sheriff ’s Security Officers (SSOs) from Court Services Bureau (CSB) during a day of training at the Industry Hills Expo Center. Board Member/SSO Gerry Garcia was on hand as PPOA deployed the mobile BBQ to ensure the SSOs and Courts staff were treated to a freshly grilled lunch. CSB also conducted training at this location in February and PPOA provided meals at that event, as well.
PPOA Welcomes New Sergeants
April 1: PPOA staff proudly welcomed approximately 40 newly-promoted LASD Sergeants to this Association yesterday. The Department's newest supervisors reported to the Sherman Block Buildinin Monterey Park to pick up their new badges and were joined by PPOA in order to answer questions and ensure the Sergeants would be protected by union representation. These 40 Sergeants will be officially promoted tomorrow and begin reporting to their new assignments. They are slated to attend their two-week "Super School" in April.
PPOA 2022 Scholarship Applications Available Online
PPOA is once again proud to offer college scholarships to help further the education of PPOA members and their sons/daughters. Since the inception of this scholarship program, PPOA has been honored to contribute approximately $100,000 toward the educational goals of our members and dependents. Eligibility is limited to active, full dues-paying PPOA members and the biological children, stepchildren or adopted children of active full dues-paying PPOA members or retired PPOA members who were paying full dues prior to retired membership. Application deadline is May 13, 2022 at 5:00 pm.

Visit PPOA.COM for applications and details.
Happy Retirement to Two Longtime PPOA Unit 621 Members
Spring has arrived and that means we are officially in retirement season. Two freshly-retired Unit 621 members recently offered their reflections (excerpts below) on decades of service to the County. We wish the best of luck to all PPOA members who are headed into a well-deserved retirement this year.

Custody Assistant Gladys Maddin
33 years of public service
“What a truly amazing 33 years. Some of the people I met have turned into best friends and lifelong friends. I have worked SBI -- leaving there was really hard, we closed those doors/gates and opened up Twin Towers. IRC then became my last home, got to work with some buddies that moved up the Ranks from SBI, made new friends. Was one of the first 10 Custody Assistants to go to Courts then went back home to IRC. I have worked different Units, was a bilingual examiner, a Peer support counselor helped out with 999 for Kids, Baker 2 Vegas, and counters for a lot of fun stuff. I have had lots of fun doing different things. I am extremely grateful that people still come to me for peer support. I will always be here for you. I also have to remember all the people we have lost who will remain in my heart forever. God bless each and every one of you. May He keep you safe and healthy. Watch out for each other. Be kind and humble."
Sheriff’s Security Officer Fernando Acosta
27 years of public service
“With a very heavy heart, I’d like to offer all my coworkers a parting message on my last day with LASD. I appreciate all your well-wishes, congratulations, and words of encouragement, and I sincerely echo them right back to you. Can you believe it’s my last day, and I’m not even being escorted out of the building in a straitjacket? I’m sure going to miss this crazy bunch at Downey Court! I won't miss the crazies coming into the court though. Saying goodbye to you, my work family, is one of the hardest things I’ve done in my professional life. Please know that you’ve all taught me so much – from teamwork and communication and patience… in that, a little piece of each of you will be coming along with me or not - LOL.”
Raffle Tickets Available for 6 Ft. Tall Gun Safe
PPOA will be raffling off an impressive 6-foot tall Liberty gun safe and all proceeds will benefit the Star & Shield Foundation. The winning ticket will be drawn at the Peace Officer Memorial Golf Tournament on June 6th. Winner need not be present.

To purchase tickets, please call PPOA at (323) 261-3010.
Fraternal Order of Police
PPOA members have long benefitted from our longtime affiliation with the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), the world's largest organization of law enforcement officers, with more than 364,000 members in more than 2,100 lodges nationwide. All active PPOA members are part of California FOP Lodge 1, which represents public safety organizations throughout LA County and operates under the capable leadership of former PPOA President Roger Mayberry. Click here to read the latest weekly news update from the California FOP.

Please make it a point to check out the Washington Watch — a weekly update provided by the National FOP. We encourage PPOA members to stay up to date on the legislative news and activity impacting public safety personnel nationwide.