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PPMA Membership Update
PPMA Members:
Thank you to everyone who helped make the PPMA conference a success. Along with the technical training, the membership passed a new set of bylaws that reflect current times. Committees are reforming and a plan for 2022 activities will be completed in January for the upcoming year. Would you like to serve on a committee? Care to share your talents with the association? See the following list below and reply to to volunteer. The committee chairs are listed beside the committees:

Education/Mentorship/Conference (Jeff King)
Budget/Finance (Keith Jones)
Legislative/Policy (Marty Overline)
Member/Partner (Adam Witt)
Bylaws/Procedures (Adam Witt)
Scholarship (Paul Kutney)
PestVets (Marty Overline)
Women in Pest Management (WIPM) (Eve Pappas).
Congratulations to our own Marty Overline for winning the Crown Leadership Award at Pest World! See the ceremony here.
Congratulations to our own Eve Pappas for winning the NPMA Woman of the Year award!

We are so fortunate to have such high honors bestowed on our members!

Thanks again and have a good week.
MeeCee Baker
Executive Director
Marty Overline receiving the Crown Leadership Award.
Eve Pappas receiving her award at PestWorld.
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NPMA's Pest Image Gallery
A membership benefit of a joint membership with NPMA and PPMA is the Pest Image Gallery. Thousands of pictures of pests have been gathered to help you with pest ID. You need to be logged in to your NPMA account to see the pictures.
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Pest World for Kids!
Kids grade K through 8 might want to check out Pest World for Kids! There are ebooks, crafts, games and more to educate and entice a young learner, especially the kids that love creepy crawlies! Check it out now!