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PPMA Online Classes
Equipment Maintenance Webinar

Thursday February 11 at 7pm

Craig Martelle - B & G Equipment 
Bill Best - Target Specialty

00-Core: 3 credits

Cost: $15 for members; $30 for non-members

To receive continuing education credits, attendees must be present for the entirety of the call and participate in questions asked by the moderator.
Introducing the Spring Seminar Line-up! Registration will be Available Soon!
Thursday 4th- Gabriel Gliwa (Zeocon) Mosquito and Ticks
Thursday 11th- Lisa DiDomenico (Bayer) American and Oriental Cockroaches
Thursday 18th- Heather King (Target Specialties)- Core Class
Thursday 25th- Harry Bryan (Nisus) Wood Boring Beetles
Tuesday 30th- Ed Van Istendal (Ensystex) Spotted Lantern Fly Update and Control 
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COVID-19 Vaccination Update
According to PA Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine, PA will soon be moving to Phase 1B of the Commonwealth’s COVID-19 Vaccination Plan. This phase includes pesticide control professionals.
You can learn more about the vaccination plan, including where you will be able to get a shot, at the PA Department of Health’s COVID-19 Vaccine Information page.
Training Opportunities
NJPMA Online Class Opportunities
Mosquito Business Opportunities Online Workshop
On February 10th, 2021 we invite you to join us for the NJPMA Mosquito Business Opportunity Online Workshop. This workshop will feature a mix of in-depth sessions on the Pros and Cons of adding Mosquito Control to your business offerings.  A great opportunity to directly reach the professionals working in the Mosquito Control Industry.

The Mosquito Business Opportunities Workshop will cover the following topics…
  • Mosquito Borne Diseases
  • Mosquito Biology
  • Basics of a control program
  • Why Barrier treatments
  • Potential breeding sites
  • Control equipment and products
Featured Speakers include:
  • Jeffrey O’Neill, Zoecon
Wood-Destroying Insect Workshop
On February 24th, 2021 we invite you to join us for the NJPMA Wood Destroying Insect Online Workshop. This workshop will feature a mix of in-depth sessions focusing on the latest research and technology in the pest management industry and how to combat Wood Destroying Insects. A great opportunity to directly reach the professionals working in the WDI Pest Control Industry.

The Wood Destroying Insects Workshop will cover the following topics…
  • Problems with Moisture: Using Borates to
  • Protect the Wood
  • Determining the Proper Amount of Materials to be Applied for Termite Services
  • Termite Myths and Lies
  • WDI Inspections and Treatment Labeling
Featured Speakers include:
  • Harry Bryan, Nisus
  • Jason Meyers, Ph.D., BASF
  • Janis Reed, Ph.D., Control Solutions
  • Frank MacDonald, Select Insurance Agency
NPMA Adapt & Accelerate Series
Recharging Your Business for 2021

Adapt. Pivot. Persevere. We've heard (and said) these words countless times over the past year. Our industry endured the challenges that came along with the pandemic in 2020, but now it's time to turn the page, recharge, and accelerate.
Pest control business owners and upper managers are encouraged to join us virtually for this four-week conversational series. With a new year of business ahead and a changing political and social landscape, learn from your peers and industry experts on how to not only thrive in 2021 but how to adapt and accelerate your business for greater success.

Discounted pricing for NPMA members!
$249 for NPMA Members / $349 for Non-Members
Registration includes access to all four sessions. 

Week 1: Preparing for Life After Covid
February 11, 2021

Week 2: What to Expect from the Next Administration
February 18, 2021

Week 3: Getting Ready for the Busy Season
February 25, 2021

Week 4: Embracing Diversity and Appealing to a Diversifying Customer Base
March 4, 2021
NPMA Back In Action 2021 Webinar Series
Back to Bugs: Rodents - February 29, 2021 from 1:00pm - 4:00pm ET
Keeping Roof Rats from Turning Your Rodent Control Efforts into a Circus
Optimizing Rodent Control for Commercial Accounts
Managing House Mice: America’s Most Common and Most Under-Appreciated Rodent Pest

Back to Bugs: Wood Destroying Organisms - March 26, 2021 from 1:00pm - 4:00pm ET
Everything You Never Knew You Wanted to Know About Carpenter Bees
Termites: Understanding the Past and Looking to the Future
Meet the (Wood Destroying) Beetles!

Back to Bugs: Flies, Ants, and Spiders - April 23, 2021 from 1:00pm - 4:00pm ET
Big Picture Pest Control for Small Fly Problems
Uncontrollable Ants... Or are They?
Beyond the Brown Recluse: Managing Nuisance Spiders in Homes
Silver Partners

PA811 Safety Day Virtual Conference 2021
Pennsylvania One Call System, Inc. is taking its industry leading premier safety training event to a virtual platform for 2021. A complete program of 3 training tracks and an Exhibit room will be available for this entire event. The virtual venue allows sign on for the entire event as well as allowing targeted attendance for sessions of interest.
The training tracks will cover:
   Track 1: A complete walk through of the construction process from design to complex project meeting prior to the dig date.
   Track 2: Working through 811 including member services, tolerance zone training, Excavator obligation, Designer obligations, and Paradigm Pipeline Safety.
   Track 3: Industry, public agencies, and compliance speakers including LTAP, PUC, working on curved roads, renting equipment and meeting 811 obligations, utilities cuts, and more.
   Resource Room: Available all day. Sponsor information will run to allow you to discover contacts to help with your business needs.
An interactive learning game with prizes will close our day similar to our Live Safety Day. You won’t want to miss this! It is reinforcement for your day of safety learning. Remember there is no travel involved. We will do our best to give the look and feel of our hustle and bustle safety days in this live virtual event.
Bronze Partners
Pests In the News
CDC Research Shows Uptick in Lyme Disease Cases
It may be time for pest management professionals to step up their tick management services, as new research shows the number of cases of Lyme disease in the United States is higher than the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC’s) previous estimates.

Consumer Reports, the 85-year-old non-profit organization known for the testing of consumer products published in its advertising-free print publication, cites in an online article a new CDC study that shows the number of Lyme disease cases is approximately 476,000 per year instead of the CDC’s previous estimate of 300,000. The lower figure was from 2010 research based on laboratory test results and health insurance claims.

The CDC study — titled Estimating the Frequency of Lyme Disease Diagnosis, United States, 2010-2018 – is based on information culled from a database of commercial insurance claims, which is more current, Consumer Reports says.

CDC researchers arrived at the new, higher estimate by:
  • Counting the number of cases in the database that were officially coded as Lyme disease for insurance documentation and for which the patient received treatment.
  • Using statistics, including CDC’s data, to estimate Lyme disease cases across the U.S. population. The goal was to estimate cases among people 65 and older, a segment of the population not included in commercial insurance claims data.
  • Using evidence “from other studies that evaluated the scope of the undercounting,” Consumer Reports said, because cases of Lyme disease typically are not coded correctly for health insurance purposes.

Researchers conducting the study did not review patients’ symptoms or laboratory tests, so they did not confirm whether or not Lyme disease was the correct diagnosis, according to Consumer Reports. Typically, the CDC’s Nationally Notifiable Disease Surveillance System keeps track of confirmed Lyme disease cases each year; the number ranges from 30,000 to 40,000 cases.

The researchers conclude that diagnosing Lyme disease can be challenging, although “evolving electronic medical and laboratory systems” may result in “more reliable monitoring” of Lyme disease and its spread.

In September, the CDC released a National Public Health Framework for the Prevention and Control of Vector-Borne Diseases in Humans to help protect those in the United States from diseases transmitted by ticks, mosquitoes, fleas and other blood-feeding vectors. The initiative was developed as a result of the Kay Hagan Tick Act, which was signed into law in December 2019, and is named for Senator Kay Hagan, who died in October of that year from complications of Powassan virus, a tick-borne disease.
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Pest World for Kids!
Kids grade K through 8 might want to check out Pest World for Kids! There are ebooks, crafts, games and more to educate and entice a young learner, especially the kids that love creepy crawlies! Check it out now!