A More Equitable Snack Time

Our Food for Schools (FFS) program, now in its seventh year, provides supplemental food to kids in Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools (CHCCS) who are hungry and struggling to concentrate in the classroom. Through FFS, PORCH Chapel Hill-Carrboro provides each school with $1,000 worth of snacks in a school year – $500 at the beginning of the school year and $500 after the holidays. FFS is funded by the generosity of local businesses, as well as civic organizations and a few individuals who sponsor the program. (See our list of sponsors here – and please thank them if you see them around town!)

PORCH launched this program because it’s proven that hunger impedes classroom performance, and teachers and social workers often purchase snacks for students using out-of-pocket funds. FFS takes the financial burden off of school staff while ensuring that school pantries are well-stocked with healthy snacks.

“What I mostly think of is how very painful it is to be hungry,” says Smith Middle School social worker Tina Moore. “When students come up for a snack, I often think how hard it must be for them to do work – to focus – when they’re hungry. I am so very grateful for this program. ... We really did need the snacks, and it was hard to find funding for it.” 

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