April 1, 2021
PORAC Member Update:
Oppose SB 2 - Digital Activation Portal 

By clicking HERE and pressing send on the pre-written email, you can help to oppose Senate Bill 2 – dangerous legislation that would not only create an unfair and unreliable process for revoking an officer’s license to practice law enforcement but also reaches far beyond police licensing to include policies that would place even the most respectful officers at risk of being personally liable for honest mistakes, even if they acted in accordance with the law.
The newly introduced bill is problematic for a number of reasons, as it will:
  • Create an inherently amateurish and potentially biased panel to oversee the process of revoking an officer’s license to practice law enforcement, ignoring our country’s tradition of due process and subjecting officers to an unfair review of their actions where the deck is stacked against them. 
  • Force taxpayers to foot the bill to support a dramatic spike in unfounded lawsuits against public employees and multi-million-dollar payouts.
  • Force officers to think twice before entering into potentially dangerous scenarios, putting our families and communities at increased risk of harm.
  • Remove the legal requirement that officers actually intended to violate a person’s civil rights, opening the floodgates of litigation against officers any time they are accused of making a mistake – not just law enforcement.

By clicking HERE, you can help to oppose SB 2, dangerous and short-sighted legislation that will put our law enforcement community and the public at risk. It only takes a few seconds: Take Action to Protect Public Employees from Frivolous Lawsuits.