🎨🐾 Get ready to unleash the artistic chaos with WAMAL’s POORLY DRAWN PETS Fundraiser! Our troop of 'artistic' volunteers is poised and ready to immortalize your beloved pets in a way that will either make you chuckle or leave you speechless—either way, it's all in good fun!

🌟 All pets are welcome to join the party—dogs, cats, horses, bunnies, fish, snakes, you name it! We're not discriminating against any furry, feathery, or scaly friends here. 🐶🎨 Our organization works tirelessly in Washington and Oregon to find loving homes for our rescued Malamutes. Your donations make our mission possible, and hey, why not have a blast while doing good, right?
🎉 Here’s the scoop: Donate $20 to support our rescue pups, and our volunteer ‘artists’ will put their creativity to work!! But brace yourself! You might get a stunning creation or something, well, let's say, creatively unique!

🐾 Ready to dive into the fun? Click the link below to submit your pet's photo and let the magic begin: https://www.wamal.com/poorly-drawn-pets-submission/


🖼️ Take a stroll through our gallery showcasing the 'masterpieces' from previous years: https://www.wamal.com/poorly-drawn-pets-gallery/   📸 Can't get enough of the hilarity? Follow us on Facebook, where we'll be sharing photos and creations galore: https://tinyurl.com/PDPwamalfb
🎨💡 Pro Tip: You'll receive a digital copy of your artwork not the original, but the creative possibilities are endless! Print it, frame it, make it a sticker, or even flaunt it on a t-shirt—the choice is yours!

🐾 Remember, there’s no cap on how many drawings you can snag. The more donations we receive, the more we can help our furry friends in need! WAMAL is a 100% volunteer-run, 501(c)3 non-profit rescue, so every penny goes straight to caring for our rescue pups.

💌 Have questions or need assistance? Drop us a line at poorlydrawnpets@wamal.com—we're here to help! 🐾 Thank you for being pawsome! Let’s make this fundraiser a howling success together!
Come join WAMAL at Auburn's Petpalooza on Saturday, May 18 from 10am - 5pm at Game Farm Park, 3030 R Street SE, Auburn, WA (Dog Trot at 9:30am). 

Stop by our booth to say hello and get some one-on-one time with our wonderful Ambassadogs! Petpalooza features animal entertainment, live music, children's attractions, pig races, pet contests, a food court and beer garden and TONS MORE! Leashed, licensed and well-behaved pets are welcome too! Find all the details at www.auburnwa.gov/petpalooza
Our Seattle/Tacoma Events calendar is filling up! Would you like to help at our booth during events? We need booth volunteers for 2–3-hour shifts and Ambassadog teams (those well-behaved Mals or Mal-enuffs that are good with other dogs and people) for 2-hour shifts. We will be using the iVolunteer sign up platform making it super easy to volunteer.
If you’d like us to add your name to be notified of upcoming event opportunities, please email events@wamal.com to be put on the contact list! We’re here to answer any of your questions. This is a super fun way to help WAMAL and our pups!! Help spread the word and find our rescues their furever homes!!
JUNE 8th 11 AM
Are you a new or current WAMAL volunteer or a volunteer from WAY back?  Here’s a chance for us all to get together at our Malley Valley kennel in Puyallup and celebrate! All WAMAL volunteers, board members (past and present), and interested loved ones are invited along with your well behaved and securely leashed pups. There will be a BBQ, games for dogs and people, Bingo, memorial for our Rainbow Bridge dogs, and more!
To ensure we've got plenty of treats for everyone (and yes, we mean both the humans and the pups), we kindly ask you to RSVP ahead of time. Just shoot a quick email to the lovely Melissa at melissa@wamal.com or hop on over to our RSVP form here: https://forms.gle/Qbkos2ynphiAHASaA.

Let's wag, woof, and whirl together in celebration of our incredible WAMAL community. Can't wait to see you all there, ready to “unleash” some serious fun! 🐶❤️
Bryce and Abby didn’t find WAMAL, we found them! In July 2022, during the Bark by the Bay Festival, I was captivated by a most beautiful black and white Mal who was checking out the event with his family. After spotting them heading into the off-leash dog park, I noticed this pup seemed quite comfortable around all the other pups and crowds. A possible new member for our Ambassadog team? Team members have well behaved and socialized pups and attend our events so people can have a ‘hands on’ experience with the breed, and let’s face it, these pups are people magnets!! So, I dashed over to introduce myself and asked if they might be interested. Bryce and his daughter, Abby, said that they and the handsome ‘Elvis’ would love to check it out!
After finding out more about WAMAL, Bryce and Abby decided to start their volunteer journey by training to become walkers at our Malley Valley (MV) kennel. Abby, a compassionate high school student with a passion for animals, dreams of opening her own animal shelter someday. With four furry companions at home, including Ambassadogs Elvis and Zoey (a Mal/Chow mix) and two Chows, their family is a true testament to puppy love and companionship—and fur!!
But that's not all! Abby's talent for photography has proven to be invaluable. Armed with her camera, she captures the essence of our furry friends during their walks, creating captivating images that showcase each dog's unique personality on social media.

Their debut at one of our community events was nothing short of remarkable. On a sweltering day, Abby and Bryce arrived with a wagon filled with treats and refreshments for humans and pups alike, transforming our booth into a hub of activity and joy. Their infectious energy and playful spirit quickly earned them the title of "fun coordinators," as they hosted engaging games and giveaways for visitors of all ages at various events.
When asked about her favorite part of volunteering, Abby's answer is heartfelt: “I love seeing the dogs evolve out of their shells; to see the shy ones, in the beginning, so afraid in their kennels, transform into happy faces on their walks! I have such a great time taking their pics!” Even the sad times provide happy memories. “We loved seeing Nooka, who sadly passed away last year at MV, and spending time with her. Just knowing how loved and well cared for she was makes it a bit easier when missing her.”
Bryce, a flight instructor, and animal lover whose love of Mals began during his bush piloting years in Alaska, has a bit of a different perspective on his time spent volunteering with WAMAL. “I get to spend time with Abby and share in her joy. I want to be the ‘cool Dad’ who gets to expose my daughter to what volunteering and helping these pups is all about. It’s my special Father/Daughter time!”

Their wish list for MV? Both father and daughter agree that increasing the number of paddocks available so each pup can have their own is high on their list. The paddocks provide safe large grassy areas for the pups to run and play out of their kennels and a place to just hang out with volunteers. There aren’t enough paddocks for all the pups, so they need to be rotated to allow each to have their special ‘time out’. There is space for more paddocks—it’s just a matter of funding for supplies and installation.
So, here's to Bryce and Abby—our dedicated volunteers and "Funbassadors" extraordinaire! Their commitment to our cause and unwavering enthusiasm embodies the spirit of compassion and kindness that defines our organization. We are truly grateful for their invaluable contributions and the joy they bring to both our furry friends and our community!  

Interested in becoming a volunteer or do you have a Mal who may be Ambassadog ready? Email Melissa@wamal.com for more information.
📣 CALLING ALL WAMAL ALUMNI! New “Spotlight Sunday” on Facebook and Instagram!📣

Our fantastic Social Media Team is starting a weekly feature called “Spotlight Sunday” where they will showcase one of our alumni on our Facebook and Instagram platforms (@WAMALrescue).
Interested in having your pup(s) featured? Just send 2 or 3 recent pictures of your dog(s) to social@wamal.com and share a little bit about what they have been up to, or some funny story! 
Thanks! We look forward to keeping up with the pack!!
Hello again humans - it's me, Yuki! You may recognize me from my Ambassadogging for WAMAL at events like Salmon Days or Bark at the Park. As an Ambassadog, my good looks and loving pupsonality have done a lot to spread WAMAL's mission. Now WAMAL needs your help to spread *my* mission which is to find my furever family!

At 6 years old I'm past that crazy puppy energy, so if you want a chill leisurely stroll that's fine by me. But I'm also ready to accompany you for adventures like hiking or jogging! I am housetrained, crate trained, good on leash, and know my basic commands already so we can skip some of that work and get straight to the fun!

I'm good with other dogs out and about and could be OK with another dog in the home if the humans are careful about high-value resources (being crate trained makes that a lot easier!) but I'd be really happy as your one and only so that I could get all the pettings and attention! I'm also good with kids, but please no cats or other small critters - I get a little too interested in them!

I have some pretty severe seasonal allergies, but thankfully my wonderful fosters have narrowed down a medication and wipedown regimen that keeps me happy and comfortable. That little bit of extra work is nothing compared to all the love and affection I would bring to your family!
So if you'd like a ready-made Ambassadog please apply to adopt me today! And even if I'm not the right fit for you please spread the word - I know my furever family is out there!
Hi there WAMAL community - I'm new here and wanted to introduce myself! My name is Odeza, but my friends call me Dezy for short. And I just know that we are going to be good friends!

I am a very big, beautiful, and strong girl and I'm looking for a new mal-savvy home. Although I'm 7 years old I can't help getting very hyper and jumpy when I'm excited, so I'd really love to live with someone who will help me with my "paws on the ground" manners. Although I have lived with small humans before, given my size and excitability it's probably best not to have them in my new home - I wouldn't want to accidentally knock them over!

I am housetrained and will tell you when I need to go out by standing at the door. Given the opportunity, I've been known to take myself out on solo adventures, so having secure containment is a must. I know a lot of basics like sit, down, and shake; but I'm told my recall could use a bit more work. I'm food motivated, so if you keep some tasty treats on hand I think you'll find I learn very quickly!

I can be selective about my doggie friends and I don't like to share my food, so I would do well as your only dog. If you have other dogs we'd need to meet first to see if we can be friends, and you'd want to feed us separately.
I'm currently hanging out at Malley Valley and hoping my forever home will come along soon, but barring that I'd also love to meet a great savvy foster in the meantime. If you think you might be a good match please apply to foster or adopt me!!