Property Owners' Association of Deep Creek Lake
POA Board of Directors Election Process
June 16, 2018

As the annual need arises to elect new Directors to your POA Board we follow a documented process which is summarized below.
  1. Pursuant to Article IV, Section 4 of the POA By-Laws, "No later than June 30 of any year in which the term of any Director is scheduled to expire, any member of the Corporation may nominate any member of the Corporation who is in good standing for consideration by the Nominating Committee as a nominee for the position of Director." A member so nominating a member in good standing for the position of Director should notify any member of the Nominating Committee.  This year the Nominating Committee is made up of Susie Crawford, Ed King, and Scott Johnson. Their email addresses can be found on the POA website.   
  2. The Nominating Committee will contact each nominated Board candidate to schedule a meeting with the candidate and at least one member of the Nominating Committee.  Vetting of candidates by the Nominating Committee then occurs during June and July 
  3. The Nominating Committee member(s) will explain the type of person sought for Board duty.  The prospective candidate should be supportive of the POA, interested in improving the Deep Creek Watershed, and be willing to spend considerable time serving on a committee or performing other duties during his/her tenure.  The prospective candidate does not need to live full time in Garrett County to serve on the POA Board.  We strive for diversity to the greatest degree possible. 
  4. At the August meeting of the Board of Directors, the Nominating Committee will present a slate of Directors to the Board for approval to present to the General Membership for election. In the event there are more qualified candidates for Director than there are vacancies, the Nominating Committee may recommend additional candidates to the Board of Directors to fill a "bench" from which candidates, who are already vetted, may be selected when needed.
  5. At the August General Membership Meeting, the slate of candidates for the POA Board going forward is presented to the members (only) and a vote is taken to confirm their selection.   
POA Board of Directors Election Process

Cheers, Bob

Bob Hoffmann
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