I won’t lie. February has always been a hard month for me…with a name like Cupid. From the “Hey it’s your birthday!!” (it is not), to statements similar to “I know you’re going to be busy this month HA-HA-HA”, February has always been circled as a month with a particular day to make myself scarce. But as of recently, February has been the month I look forward to preparing for the NAHRO Conference and the legislative work happening in Washington, DC- much of which is led by our elected individuals representing the states comprising the Pacific Northwest. Additionally, February is the month that a lot of our planning work for our regional conference, is in full swing. And I’ve learned ultimately, February is a month to love housing. Lets have a successful and productive month! “

Cupid S. Alexander
PNRC Regional
Seattle developer to sell upscale, just-finished Capitol Hill apartments for low-income housing
Seattle developer to sell upscale, just-finished Capitol ...

A "rare opportunity" on Capitol Hill will transform a just-finished apartment building planned for upscale market-rate rentals into affordable housing for people who are currently homeless. The developer of the 76-unit Clay apartments plans to...

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Meet the Candidates for NAHRO President and Senior Vice President
From left: Patricia Wells, George Guy, Marsha Parham-Green.
At #NAHRONavigates, the association’s online national conference, Patricia Wells, CEO of the Oakland Housing Authority and the current NAHRO Senior Vice President, officially announced her candidacy for the office of NAHRO President.

George Guy, Executive Director of the Fort Wayne Housing Authority, and Marsha Parham-Green, Executive Director of the Baltimore County Office of Housing, both announced their candidacy for the office of NAHRO Senior Vice President.

For more information about NAHRO’s election, please contact Sylvia Bowen, Director of Board Relations and Special Projects.
As our nation continues to grapple with COVID-19 and a historic rental housing crisis, we also need to prepare for a new administration and shifting Congressional priorities. Get ready to reconnect with your allies, forge new relationships, and make your voice heard on Capitol Hill!
This year, we’ll schedule virtual Hill visits for you and provide pre-visit advocacy training. Make sure you register early so you get access to the training and preparation meetings! Last year, we learned that the virtual meeting format allows members of Congress and their staff to attend more meetings and chat with their constituents longer than they might normally be able to, so don’t miss this opportunity!
More information on advocacy, speakers and sessions will be coming soon – check our website often for updates.
Celebrate Black History Month with an unsung hero
By Denise Barricklow

Did you know that South Jersey was home to an unsung hero of the civil rights movement who helped revolutionize the affordable housing movement forever?

Celebrate this Black History Month by learning about the heroic and inspiring struggle of Ethel Lawrence, who is often called the “Rosa Parks of affordable housing.”

Ethel's epic battle began in the late 1960s when she joined forces with a brilliant team of lawyers — Carl S. Bisgaier, Kenneth E. Meiser and Peter J. O’Connor — to resist exclusionary zoning in Mount Laurel, which had shut out the development of affordable homes for the poor.

Ethel Lawrence is often called the “Rosa Parks of affordable housing.”
A teacher, mom and wife, Ethel braved racist death threats to stand up for her children’s right to continue to raise their families in her beloved hometown, where her African-American ancestors had lived for generations.

Ethel's fight led to an unprecedented legal victory that has been hailed as one of the most important civil rights decisions of modern times.

Thanks to this landmark litigation, known nationally as the Mount Laurel Doctrine, more than 70,000 low-income families have won the opportunity to live in safe communities near decent jobs and good schools.

It took decades to win the Mount Laurel court battles, which later led to the passage of NJ's Fair Housing Act in 1985. But Ethel refused to stop there.

In 1986, she partnered with O’Connor, who founded the nonprofit Fair Share Housing Development (FHSD) to implement the settlement agreement in the Mount Laurel litigation. 

Ethel R. Lawrence Homes (ERLH) first opened its doors in 2000, six years after its namesake had passed away from cancer, and FSHD’s flagship development continues to honor her amazing legacy more than 20 years later. Continue reading.

This new Nampa factory may be the future of affordable housing: robotic manufacturing
This new Nampa factory may be the future of affordable...

An affordable apartment building for one of the nation's most expensive markets is being built right now in Idaho. The five-story building, with 301 apartments for seniors, isn't for Boise. Instead, Virginia Street Studios will open in San Jose,...

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Deadline Approaching: Apply for an Award of Merit
The Agency Awards Program was created to give national recognition to the achievement and innovation of NAHRO agency/organizational members.

Applications are first considered for an Award of Merit, and then if they score high enough, they can be nominated for an Award of Excellence. Just think of all the innovations you’ve put into place just in the last year due to the pandemic. Why not share those best practices with your colleagues and get the recognition you deserve for your creativity and hard work?

Send in your Awards of Merit application today! Application deadline is Feb. 22, 2021.

Apply here.

PNRC NAHRO Members Save $$ and the Region Earns $$
PNRC NAHRO has partnered with NAHRO Professional Development on their "Distance Learning" trainings that will directly benefit members and our Region!
Members will receive a discount of $10 on every NAHRO "Distance Learning" training and PNRC NAHRO will also receive a revenue share for each participant from our region.
How does it work?
When registering, please use code: PNRC2020 (All CAPS)
and your discount will automatically be applied, it’s that simple!

Please note: this code must be used when registering! It cannot be retroactively applied.

What is Distance learning?
Multi-day training delivered in a modular and a web-based format. Participants register individually and access the sessions with a direct email. Sessions are typically 3 hours (1:30-4:30pm ET) and spread out. This allows participants to balance learning with other work responsibilities.  Attendance is recorded and upon successful completion, CEUs are applied towards certification requirements. Distance learnings are meant to be interactive. Participants will engage with the faculty member by discussions, polls and utilizing a chat feature. 
March 15-19:  FSS
March 8-12:   UPCS
March 22-26:  HQS
April 6-7: Workshop for EDs

For more information, contact NAHRO Professional Development at
202 580 7211 or
PNRC NAHRO Regional Service Officer 202.580.7203
Shelli Scrogum  |  pnrc@nahro.org
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