The Hidden Virtues of Winter
By Dr. Mao Shing Ni

In the depth of winter, when it’s cold, dark and stormy outside and the electricity goes out, it’s hard to not hope eagerly for the return of spring. Winter is an under appreciated season, save for the ski jocks eager to carve down the side of a slope. It’s hard to compete with Spring—its life giving energy, summer the explosive display of abundance, autumn the spectacle show of colors. Winter, well—a time of quiet and death under the hushed white blanket. 

Winter is regarded by ancient Taoist teachers, perhaps as the most important season when it comes to cultivation. Witness nature, when animals go into hibernation in winter, they conserve energy and sexual essence readying for the coming season of fertility. Likewise, plants drive their energy back to the root and store up for its re-emergence in spring. Taoist are students of nature, gasping the natural law so that in the winter months, returning to and cultivating their “root energy—yuan qi in order to sustain and lengthen their lives. 

Like many things, the truth and wisdom are often hidden. The following virtues of winter require deep contemplation and realization.

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Regrow, Revitalize, and Regenerate
“Embrace Tiger, Return to Mountain“ 

April 27, 2022 through May 1st, 2022
with optional class day on April 26th

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Dear Friends,

With all the challenges humanity is facing in the world right now; we definitely need to return to a nurturing, spiritually revitalizing and inspiring place where we can bring back balance and harmony in our lives. 2022 is the Year of the Tiger bringing new hope, courage, great confidence, and generosity.

We can't think of a better place to be than the Royal Way Retreat Site. it's absolutely beautiful.
A secluded, peaceful Oasis in the middle of the high dessert. Natural Spring wells provide all the water needed for the gardens, ponds, and streams. Walking paths take you to many areas of beauty and opportunities for reflection. April is a time when everything is in bloom.

The Royal Way Spiritual Center 
The Ranch
8088 High Road
  Lucerne Valley, CA 92356 

Royal Way offers spiritual retreats at their secluded 900-acre ranch located in California’s pristine high desert. The Ranch is a place for quiet spiritual contemplation. You will find meditation sites throughout the Ranch, each offering privacy, seclusion, and a distinctive setting. Some are set within colorful gardens or beside ponds and a tumbling stream. Others are open to the sky amid their vast high-desert landscape. Trails lead to a magnificent terraced-stone meditation site and a medicine wheel on the nearby Healing Hill.
Sign up now for Retreat April 27, 2022 thru May 1st 2022. 
You can also include the optional class day of April 26th.

Check in time is 4 pm, choosing either a Tuesday or Wednesday arrival. The 2 closest International Airports are Ontario Airport approximately 1 hour from the Retreat Center and LAX Airport 2 hours, depending on traffic. ( There will be ride share sign ups and rental transports)

Plenty of areas to meditate and relax upon arrival.
Check-out time is Noon on Sunday May 1st 2022.

All participants will be staying onsite in comfortable well appointed accommodations. The rooms are cozy, more like an apartment setting with heating and air-conditioning.
The food is entirely Organic​.
There is an 1800 Sq ft carpeted meeting room and a 1200 sq ft Yoga Room. As well as a separate dining area. 

The date change will also allow Students from Yo San to attend on Spring Break. Special Student Discount on website.

There will only be one event or class going on at any particular time. It will be a shared experience, more in tune with a calming and nurturing atmosphere, perfect for spiritual cultivation. We will be the only group onsite during our Retreat.

We look forward to sharing the 2022 College of Tao Retreat by uplifting our energy, restoring our balance and regenerating our lives with our beautiful Spiritual Family. 

Retreat Schedule on Website:

"Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” —Lao Tzu
This in-person gathering celebrates the Water Tiger year to accentuate the positive, nourishing, and harmonious interaction between Water and Wood elements. This is the perfect opportunity for personal spiritual growth and physical revitalization. 
We will be secure with Rapid Covid testing conducted upon guest arrival to ensure safety, with plenty of Fresh Air and Distance activities. 
Connect your Spirit with Nature
Please Join us or a wonderful Gathering of
Transformation, Health, and Enlightenment
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"It is Chi which coordinates the body
It is Sen (spirit) which masters the Chi
When the Chi and Sen embrace each other,
you are on the way to eternity"

Mastering Chi by Hua-Ching Ni
with Dr. Daoshing Ni and Dr. Mao Shing Ni

Mentorship of the Integral Way
Renewal due 1/31/2022

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“…the moment you decide to grow spiritually, you walk hand in hand with every sage that has walked the planet.” Hua-Ching Ni

Advanced Traditional Practice
(ATP) Instruction 2022.

The ATP Program will be offering instruction in 2022. This program consists of the esoteric cultivations of the Ni family tradition. It is available to all College of Tao Mentors and to those who have completed all 3 levels of the International Taoist Meditation Institute(ITMI) program.

This is along term program of specific cultivations taught at the rate of 1-2 per year. They are used for one’s own personal development and healing, as well as a healing modality to be used with others.

Currently, most instruction is on ZOOM. For more details on the ATP program and how the application process works, please refer to or contact Peter Stege, ATP Program Director at

Applications to current participants will be emailed Jan. 8, 2022
Dates of instruction for 2022:
Sat. Feb. 5 and Sun. Feb. 6.
Sat. Aug. 6 and Sunday Aug. 7.
Attaining Unlimited Life

The Teachings of Chuang Tzu Reading Group

by Ni, Hua Ching- Reading Group
“After you have studied Chuang Tzu, I believe that your mind has been expanded and your spiritual vision has been purified.” Ni, Hua Ching

The First reading group began in March 2021 and meets on ZOOM every Wed. at 7AM PT in 3-month sessions.  We will finish Session III on Jan 26, 2022, and then Session IV will be March 2- May 25, 2022.  

It's not too late to join for the last month of Session III and continue on with Session IV. The material and class structure are suitable for participants to join now.

Tuition: $20/Month or $50 for entire Session IV
Attaining unlimited Life may be obtained at

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Chuang Tzu’s work is a living ocean.’’
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Taoist January Horoscope
In the Chinese horoscope, January is the twelfth and final month of the lunar year in a heavenly stem called Chui. It is a time of soft Earth Element energy that nourishes the seeds that are waiting quietly in the soil, absorbing nutrients and moisture in order to burst forth in the spring. Earth energy nurtures; it encourages future growth so this is a good time for us to be on the alert for opportunities for growth in our own future. 
We are about to leave a Year of the Ox and will welcome a Chinese Year of the Tiger on February 1. Tiger babies born in 2022 are expected to be happy and endearing with irrepressible energy who plunge themselves passionately into life. Both boys and girls will enjoy sports and love nothing more than a challenge. Famous tigers include England’s Queen Elizabeth II, Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter, the young poet, and activist Amanda Gorman, the multi-talented Lady Gaga, and super singer-songwriter, Stevie Wonder
We will have to wait quite some time to find out what our newest batch of Tiger babies have in store for the world, but in the meantime, we welcome you to check out what The I Ching predicts for this, the final month of what has been yet another challenging lunar year.
Horoscope by Element
Quiz Link:to determine your Element click below 

Taoist Horoscope Link for December: 


Every Sunday at 7 am PST, Dr. Mao Shing Ni invites you to join in a spiritual renewal ceremony followed by a talk on how to apply the wisdom of the Integral Way to the Five Healths—healthy body, mind/spirit, relationship, work and finance. On alternate Sundays James Tuggle shall lead the Sunday Renewal sessions free for the College of Tao community.
Friends and family are welcome.
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Master Ni, Hua-Ching, the 37th-generation practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as Taoist Healing Arts, has written many well-known books on spirituality. Led by Dr. Dao, our monthly tele-study group is open to everyone. There is a wide range of experience in this group from newcomers to long-term participants. Together, we will explore Master Ni’s writings. Participants take turns to select a passage from his books so that as a group, we can delve into the meanings of his writings and how we can apply this knowledge into our daily lives

THURSDAY January 20, 2022 5:30-6:30 PM PST

Master Ni, Hua-Ching, the 37th-generation practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as Taoist Healing Arts, has written many well-known books on spirituality. Led by Dr. Dao, our monthly tele-study group is open to everyone. There is a wide range of experience in this group from newcomers to long-term participants. Together, we will explore Master Ni’s writings. Participants take turns to select a passage from his books so that as a group, we can delve into the meanings of his writings and how we can apply this knowledge into our daily lives

THURSDAY January 20, 2022 5:30-6:30 PM PST
This month's selection comes from: James Evans LA
"I chose this section for its simplicity in explaining the importance of our soul and it's development over time through cultivation. I am interested in exploring different aspects of spiritual evolution in our lives.I have found that my personal struggles brought out my most significant personal growth. Fear being one of my biggest obstacles. I would like to discuss this in relation to the passage."
This book may be purchased on the Wellness Living Store website at:
If you have any questions, please contact Peter Stege at:
DR. DAOSHING NI, is a 38th generation doctor of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine,
He holds two doctorates in Oriental Medicine and was awarded the American Fertility Association’s Dr. Joyce
Vargyas Visionary Award. Dr. Dao has appeared on theToday Show, provided numerous news/magazine interviews, and is a best-selling author.

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High Energy Days for January

January 2022 Last month of Metal Chui Ox year
                Hippo/Beaver month
New Moon       January 2nd  10:35am PST
Full Moon        January 17th.   03:51 pm PST
Geng Shen       January 7th  Yang Metal/Yang Metal
Hsin Yu             January 8th  Yin Metal/Yin Metal
New 60            January 11th  Jia/Tze Yang Wood/Yang Water
day cycle

Mercury January 14th-February 3rd/4th

Spring              January 31st     Jia/Shen  Yang Wood/Yang Metal
Festival Eve

We invite you all to join us:
Every other Sunday Morning @ 8:15 AM Pacific Standard time, continuing January following the Sunday Renewal to carry on our lively discussion of the 10 Heavenly Stems and 12 Earthly Branches. James Tuggle guides our exploration of this helpful resource that connects us with the universal cycles and living in harmony and balance with the flow of nature.

If any questions, please contact Courtney 

The Sisters of the Heavenly Way
Its History, Purpose and Future

Perfect indeed is the sublimity of the receptive energy.  All beings owe their lives to its support.  It realizes the will of nature within."
from Harmony: The Art of Life by Hua Ching Ni (OmNi)

The world is in turmoil due to an over exaltation of masculine energy.  Pushed by this energy, we over intellectualize and externalize, and we rush after physical expansion and material gain in competitive and aggressive ways.  Because of all this rushing about, we fail to receive the subtle life-giving messages that emanate from within and outside ourselves. We fail, as OmNi remarks, “to give Mother Nature a chance to inspire our vision of life.  As a result, we make mistakes, some of which are fatal.”

How do we redress this life-threatening imbalance? 
Brothers Meeting
Dec. 26, 2021
“Is there an echo?” Someone’s microphone was feeding back and causing an audible echo whenever anyone spoke. This month’s meeting was the first in two months, so the brothers were a bit rusty in their Zoom calls. Once the echo was addressed, there was the usual holiday chit chat and then a discussion of generators and solar batteries. But that ended quickly and we dove into the Hua Hu Ching. We couldn’t remember where we had left off, so decided to read Chapter 18.
The first passage that jumped out at us was: when an integral being renders service to others “he discovers that, in truth, there is no one being served; he no longer perceives other lives as external to himself”. This seemed to be an awareness that was far out of reach. Ed expressed the image of leaves on a tree. Some leaves are still, some are waving in the wind, some are falling, some are growing... all share the same trunk.
Someone else paraphrased OmNi saying, “Although this is true, you can avoid bad energy if you want.” This turned the conversation into a discussion of how everyone has a different level of development and how to discern bad energy. Curt shared a personal story of encountering someone with bad energy and how he coaxed their good energy to the surface and turned the altercation around.
This is internal cultivation in action. Transforming the low to be high. We discussed how it was a cultivation of the heart to embrace others. That spiritual evolution occurs in the heart, not the mind. Connect to the divinity in others through the heart. When we’re lost inter-personally it’s usually because we’re stuck in the mind. In thinking.
Is there an echo? Sure. It’s the sound of your own divine spirits residing within the hearts of others.

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Time: JANUARY 26th, 2021 10:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
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The Complete Works of Lao Tzu 
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5:00 PM-6:00 PM
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Please join us for the 2022 College of Tao Retreat at
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