Join the Wisconsin Catholic Conference and other members of the Heal Without Harm Coalition at a public hearing this Thursday in support of SB 423 & SB 424!
Where: Wisconsin State Capitol, Room 411 South

When: 10 AM, Nov. 2nd, 2017

Why: Your voice is needed at the State Capitol! Please come to register in support and even testify in favor of the Heal Without Harm Legislative Initiative, SB 423 and SB 424 .

This initiative creates ethical standards for medical research that will allow scientists, medical professionals, and families experiencing illness to explore new treatments in good conscience and without controversy.  This proposal will also make certain that families who have suffered the loss of a child due to miscarriage or stillbirth are given information about their options for the final disposition of their child, and the opportunity to donate their child's remains.

If you plan on attending the hearing, email the coalition at so we can connect with you and get you more resources!

Can't make it to the hearing?

-Consider submitting written testimony! Email the coalition at for more information.

-Contact your legislators and ask them:
-To co-sponsor the Heal Without Harm Legislative Initiative
-Ensure public hearings are held in the Assembly ASAP
-Ensure the bills are passed in both houses ASAP

Don't know who your legislators are?  Go to and type in your home address under "Find My Legislators" or call the Legislative Hotline: 1-800-362-9472.

Questions?  Take some time to visit  our Q&A to learn more about this critical issue.
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