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April 19, 2017
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Important Upcoming PLA Votes
Dear  ,

Whether it's for educational institutions or counties, elected officials are gearing up to vote on instituting discriminatory Project Labor Agreements on our taxpayer funded public works projects.

College of Marin: After less than a month "negotiating" their Project Labor Agreement (PLA) with local big labor special interests, the Board of Trustees at the College of Marin voted on a boiler plate PLA at their meeting yesterday, April 18th. The PLA would apply to projects $2 million or greater. Please contact the Trustees today to let them hear from you.

President Diana Conti
Trustee Wanden Traenor

Palmdale Unified School District: After hearing from PLA proponents two months ago the District  has now agreed to hear from us . Yesterday, April 18th, at  5:00pm, the District heard why it would be a bad idea to place a PLA on their $80 million construction bond.  
Palomar Community College District: After fighting off attempts to have a PLA placed on the District's $694 million bond for 10 years   unions finally think they have the votes to get a PLA placed on the remaining $139 million. If you would like to help us prove them wrong then contact us today to help us implement our plan of action. You can also contact the Board of Trustees yourself to express your opinions of PLAs by going here:

Executive Assistant Debra Doerfler

County of Los Angeles: The County of Los Angeles, after almost 20 years of withstanding the push by unions to use PLAs, is now inching closer to placing PLAs  on all county projects. If you would like to help stop this move then contact CFEC today!