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PICA Fact Sheet: Tax Reform and Fiscal Stability

This February, Philadelphia City Council voted to reconvene the Philadelphia Tax Reform Commission to conduct an updated comprehensive analysis of all taxes imposed in Philadelphia, including by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and to make recommendations concerning tax reforms. The 15 member Commission is comprised of four members appointed by the Mayor, four members appointed by City Council, one member appointed by the City Controller, and one member appointed by each of the local chambers of commerce. As the Commission starts its work, PICA looked back at how recommendations from prior Tax Reform Commissions have been implemented, and how tax reform relates to the City's fiscal stability.

PICA Fact Sheet: Tax Reform and Fiscal Stability

PICA Fact Sheet: City Contributions

The City makes contributions to outside entities in each year's budget. In the last decade, these contributions have grown from 4.3 percent of General Fund obligations to an estimated 6.5 percent in FY23. The bulk of the City's contributions go to the School District of Philadelphia and Community College of Philadelphia. This portion of the City's contributions has grown 140 percent since FY14. The fastest growing segment of the City's contributions are grants to non-profits. These have grown by nearly 186 percent, from $25.6 million in FY14 to $47.6 million in FY23. Check out our full Fact Sheet to learn more about the City's contributions.

PICA Fact Sheet: City Contributions

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The PICA Board Meeting for May 21, 2024 has been CANCELLED

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Pew's 2024 State of the City Report


  • 36.3% of Philadelphians over 25 had at least a bachelor's degree in 2022, the highest percentage ever.

  • 4.2% of Philadelphians are unemployed—our lowest unemployment rate since 1990.

  • Some estimated 1,300 Philadelphians died of drug overdoses in 2023, marking the seventh straight year of at least 1,100 overdose deaths.

  • 774,058 Philadelphians receive their health insurance from Medicaid, about half of the population.
Pew's 2024 State of the City Report

PICA Tax revenue to Philadelphia through March 31, 2024

$511.5 Million

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