Q3 2023 | Issue 12


PFSCM is excited to have a booth in the US pavilion at this year's AidEx conference. AidEx is the world's largest annual event for humanitarian assistance and development.

One of PFSCM’s core services and capabilities is health and humanitarian logistics. PFSCM works closely with a network of reliable freight forwarders to ensure products are delivered to some of the most challenging destinations in the world.

Since 2020, PFSCM has delivered critical health products to at least 30 countries facing various hardships ranging from natural disasters to conflicts and political and social unrest. Service delivery and supply chain continuity would not have been possible without the collaboration of our clients, suppliers, freight forwarders, and other supply chain partners.

At AidEx, PFSCM will continue to connect with the humanitarian aid and relief community to learn how we can become stronger, more agile, and more resilient - together!


Global Health Supply Chain Summit (GHSCS) 2023

PFSCM 4PL Director Ishmael Muchemenyi will do a presentation on How Supply Chain Data Can Be Leveraged To Manage Cold Chain Risk.

Muchemenyi will demonstrate how digital tools and strategies can help supply chain stakeholders identify what data to prioritize and how to make it available to the right people at the right time so that data-driven decisions can be made early in the supply chain process. 


International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa (ICASA) 2023

PFSCM will have two poster presentations at ICASA 2023.

PFSCM Senior Laboratory Technical Advisor Dr. Timothy Meehan will present on The Changing Landscape Of Near Patient CD4 Diagnostics.

PFSCM Senior Laboratory Technical Advisor Aloysius Bingi Tusiime will present on The Challenges And Opportunities For NGS Implementation.


African Society for Laboratory Medicine Conference (ASLM) 2023

PFSCM's Senior Laboratory Technical Advisor Aloysius Bingi Tusiime will present on Key Considerations for Managing the Procurement and Delivery of NGS Products for Genomic Surveillance Programs.

PFSCM will also have six poster presentations ranging in topics from circular economy practices for laboratory product procurement to the importance of solid product prequalification processes.



PFSCM’s QMS recertified to ISO 9001:2015 and compliance to ISO 20400:2017 Standard confirmed

Holistic supply chain solution enables Malawi to acquire new specialized blood grouping machine


PFSCM Sustainability Strategy


PFSCM recognizes the challenges of climate change, social inequalities, and poor governance that can hinder the effectiveness of public health supply chains. We are taking proactive steps to address these challenges and promote sustainable and equitable health supply chains.

Read our 2023/24 Sustainability Strategy to learn more about what we are doing to reduce our carbon footprint and ensure the equity and well-being of our staff, and communities in which we operate.

Read our strategy here...

PFSCM joins the WHO-led Alliance for Transformative Action on Climate and Health

PFSCM recently became a non-state member of the WHO-led ATACH. This collaboration supports WHO Member States in fulfilling their COP26 Health Programme commitments.

Learn more...


Supply chain implications of recent CD4 market changes

Strong Supply Chains Save Lives brochure



PFSCM is a nonprofit procurement agent and 4PL services provider serving donors and governments. We specialize in health products for COVID-19, HIV, malaria, TB and more.

More than 90% of our volumes are destined for Africa. 

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