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Welcome to the second Newsletter of 2021!
Let's get jazzed up, people! I know 2021 may not have started the way everyone wanted it to, but it is what it is (eaaaasily my least favorite cliché of all time). And let's be real - a simple change of date doesn't really do much to change the state of affairs around us. The only thing that can change what happens around us is how we respond to each event, and how we conduct ourselves after we've processed what the hell is going on.

When I was quarantined at home, separated from my wife and daughter, wearing a mask and gloves in my own apartment, I was feeling pretty low. But I kept thinking about a lyric I heard one time from one of the greatest musical artists of my generation, and it really helped me to put everything into perspective.

"Sunny days wouldn't be special, if it wasn't for rain." - 50 Cent
Actually I am listening to an old playlist while writing this newsletter, and that song just came on. The line is so corny that it made me laugh. Laughter is good, I tell ya!

In all seriousness, though, I have been reading a book recommended to me by none other than the Renaissance Man himself, Jake Louro. It is called, "The Obstacle is the Way," by Ryan Holiday. It is a fantastic read, and definitely one I would point people to for some well-directed guidance in these tumultuous times.


Selfishly, kind of, I have some great news to share with everyone.

As some of you know, I have been in lengthy discussions about a potential business partnership with a dude I met about a year ago. He met my pal/client/commercial real estate broker, Adam Conviser of the Conviser Property Group, at a different site for a different type of health and fitness venture. They got to talking, and Adam told him to reach out to me and come check out our space. (Kudos to AC for the introduction!)

Long story short, I had a coffee with this dude and explained to him why I started PEX and what my vision was for the future, and about halfway through our chat, he reached across the table to shake my hand (pre-Covid) and said, "I'm in. Let's do it." I didn't quite understand what he meant, or what just happened, but 10 months later, we just did it!
If I could work this .gif into every newsletter, I would.

So, what did we do?

Well, first, let me introduce you to "the dude." His name is David Daglio, and he is everything a guy like me would look for in a business partner. He is smart, accomplished, experienced, older than me, taller than me, and is a health and fitness enthusiast himself. (I have better hair, though.)

He is super-duper successful, and is looking to start one of the next chapters in his life. (Yes, I just said "super-duper" in an adult newsletter.) In his own words, he is looking to find his "tribe" and get behind a movement that he believes in and is passionate about. Insert PEX Health and Fitness.

PEX is not your typical personal training studio. No coach at PEX is an employee of PEX, rather they all are their own small business owners and they run their own business. My business is to make sure their businesses thrive and prosper. (And pay all of the bills.)

You won't find a place like ours in the health and fitness industry. The egos are too big. Everyone wants their name on the front door, their logo on everyone's shirt, their training methodology being pumped out by all of the employees, and, typically, the head gal or guy wants to work the least, but make the most.

Not here, baby.

I have basically taken the worst from all of the studios I have worked at, used those experiences as learning opportunities, and aim to build the best studio(s), specifically for the benefit of the coaches, so they can provide you, the client, the best experience possible.

And we are going to start opening up more facilities so we can expand this model and enhance the experience for coaches and clients wherever we can! So, if you have your ear to the ground and you know of any places that might be a nice spot for the next PEX Health and Fitness, let us know!

(Also, my wife and I are looking to move out of our 800 square foot apartment, and into a house, so let us know if you have a nice house on hand, too. LOL)


Some quick, nerdy stuff, coming at ya. Check out this study, Neural Adaptations Underlying Cross-Education After Unilateral Strength Training, when you get a quick second.

I can summarize it for you here:

Training the non-injured, pain-free limb, will help to maintain strength, decrease pain, and increase recovery of the injured, pain-stricken limb.

And there you have it, people - there really is never a (physical) reason to cancel your training session!
That's all, folks. Have a great week. Get outside. Take a walk. Kick some ass.

Yours truly,

MC Hammer
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