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Opportunities to learn
December 18, 2019
WHAT IS AHEAD IN DAIRY MARKETS? Join Dan Basse, president of Ag Resource Company, for a PDPW World Class Webinar session at 12pm central on Wed., Dec. 18, to get the bottom line on what you can expect in dairy markets in the seasons ahead. Basse will help you make sense of the complex and interrelated piece of ag markets today and in the future. If you have a date/time conflict, a recorded version will be available to view at your leisure. Click here for more details and registration information.  
January 14-16, 2020
HIGH COTTON AND BLACK GOLD at the 2020 Managers Academy for Dairy Professionals! Executive level tours are often a highlight for Managers Academy participants, and this year will be no exception.    Make plans today to join us Jan. 14-16, 2020, in Corpus Christi, Texas.

The U.S. cotton industry dates back to the 1550s, but it has reinvented itself to compete in a global marketplace. Learn how the cotton industry has transition from a labor-intensive crop to highly-mechanized industry when you meet with growers, tour a cotton gin, and visit a cotton classing laboratory to see how crop quality is determined. 

The economy and role of Texas on the world stage was forever changed with the discovery of oil in 1901. Now the largest producer of U.S. oil, the state’s energy sector balances environmental protection with explosive growth. Meet with executives of Valero Energy Corporation to learn how they effectively manage people, resources, activism, mineral rights and other industry challenges.

Register, view the program flier and learn more here .  
Applications due January 31, 2020
GET A HEAD START ON YOUR LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT GOALS by applying for the 2020 PDPW Cornerstone Dairy Academy to be held March 17 and 18, 2020, in conjunction with the PDPW Business Conference. With three training pillars to choose from, this application-based professional development program equips dairy professionals with the tools to communicate, collaborate and lead more effectively. Learn more and complete applications here . Don’t wait — applications are due Jan. 31, 2020. 
Financial Literacy for Dairy
Winter/Spring 2019-20
LEVEL TWO FINANCIAL LITERACY FOR DAIRY BEGINS JAN. 8!  Don’t miss your chance to start the new year with a strong financial foundation. Registered attendees will complete an online placement test, and sessions will be taught by dairy financial experts Gary Sipiorski, Dr. Kevin Bernhardt and Dick Wittman. Level Two courses will be held Jan 8-9, Feb. 12-13, and March 4-5; and the new Level Three course will be on March 24-25. Learn more and register here or call 800-947-7379 with questions.
Making Sense Out of These Economic Times - Strategies for Rising Labor Costs with Jason Karszes
January 8, 2020
NEED STRATEGIES FOR RISING LABOR COSTS? Join Jason Karszes, Senior Extension Associate with the PRO-DAIRY program at Cornell University, for a PDPW World Class Webinar session at 12pm central on Wed., January 8. The management decisions dairy producers make in response to rising labor costs varies widely. No matter the geographical
location or demographics of a dairy business, there are always operational adjustments producers can implement to impact profitability. Tune in as Jason Karszes shares strategies you can put to work on your farm in response to rising labor costs. If you have a date/time conflict, a recorded version will be available to view at your leisure. Click here to register or call 800-947-7379 with questions.
March 18-19, 2020
“FOCUS 2020” AT THE PDPW BUSINESS CONFERENCE.  Mark your calendars now for March 18-19 and make plans to join us at the premier educational event for the dairy industry.  Conference information is available here. In addition to a dynamic agenda, speaker line-up and entertainment showcase, members will elect new representatives to the PDPW Board of Directors. Keep watching for more details on keynote speakers, research previews, hands-on workshops and learning lounge sessions.
Dairy Wellbeing Workshop
February 12 & 13, 2020
HOW DOES U.S. DAIRY COMPARE TO THE REST OF THE WORLD in cull-cow quality and welfare challenges? Learn from experts Dr. Kurt Vogel and Dr. Don Hoglund about cull cow quality, animal welfare, appropriate euthanasia practices, and human-animal interaction, then tour American Foods Group at the 2020 PDPW Dairy Wellbeing Workshop. Two separate one-day workshops will be held on Feb. 12 and 13 at the Tundra Lodge Resort in Green Bay, Wis. Learn more and register here .
CHECK OUT DAIRY ADVAN CE – Continuing education season is upon us! If you’ve been able to get out of the fields to attend a program, be sure to give yourself credit for it at . The site is easy to navigate from desktop
or mobile phone and subscriptions are free for active farmers.

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Last minute Christmas gift idea
ONE HARD-TO-BUY-FOR PERSON STILL ON YOUR LIST? The “Faithfully Feeding the Future” painting created by Larry Schultz to honor farmers and recognize PDPW’s 25 th anniversary is the perfect gift for farm families, industry professionals and the hard-to-buy-for dairy enthusiast. The painting is inspired by the generations of dairy farmers connected by a common thread of stewardship and partnership. Sustained by faith and by a sense of mission, each day is dedicated to caring for our land, our herds and our families, doing our part to feed our world.

PDPW has prints and canvases available for purchase, and we will get it to you in the time for Christmas if you order by December 19th. Call the office at 800-947-7379 or visit  our website  for details. 
For your dairy
INCLUDING HERDMATE DATA CAN IMPROVE PERFORMANCE PREDICTIONS for a selection candidate, according to a recent study published in the Journal of Dairy Science.  As genomic selection is more widely used, producers will have access to genomic data on all animals in a herd. A review of data from more than 3,300 Holsteins from seven herds showed that including herdmates in the training population improved mean within-herd prediction accuracy for milk production traits including milk yield, fat percentage and protein percentage and feed efficiency traits including milk energy, DMI and metabolic body weight. Learn more in the full study here .
HIGHER HERD SIZES CORRELATED WITH LOWER MILKING STIMULATION TIMES in a study of Michigan dairy herds that was published in the Journal of Dairy Science.   The study reviewed 64 herds and included observation of milking protocols and digital vacuum recorders to measure milk flow dynamics. Two goals for milking procedures are that the lag time from stimulation to attachment should be 60 to 90 seconds; and total teat stimulation time should be at least 10 seconds per cow.  Read more in the research study and review recommendations for milking protocols in Michigan State Extension article .
THE IMPACT OF RUMEN-PROTECTED LYSINE AND METHIONINE SUPPLEMENTS during prepartum and postpartum periods was the focus of research published in the Journal of Dairy Science . Eighty-eight cows were monitored and given diets that included supplementation or control during prepartum and/or postpartum. Researchers did not see positive effects of rumen-protected lysine and methionine supplements on dairy cow performance, however they found that supplementation in prepartum cows may have the potential to improve the udder health and immune status of fresh cows. Learn more here .
For your business mind
RECRUITING EMPLOYEES WHO ARE THE RIGHT FIT FOR YOUR FARM is critical to building and maintaining a high performing workforce. Especially in a tight labor market, it is easy to simply hire anyone willing to take the job, but an article from Ohio State University Extension emphasizes the importance of creating clear job descriptions, recruiting top quality candidates and managing the interview process to identify candidates who will fit the culture of your farm. Read the full article here .
MAKING TIME FOR STRATEGIC THINKING is easier said than done for most business professionals. In fact, one study reported that 96% of surveyed leaders said time was a hurdle in being able to think strategically. Taking stock of what busy work is preventing you from looking at the big picture and focusing on planning, goals and strategy is the first step. Strategies include:
-       Think differently about your role and priorities
-       Set boundaries
-       Be okay with letting go
-       Ask a bigger question
Click here to read the full article and learn more. 
WRAPPING UP THE YEAR WITH ONE-ON-ONE MEETINGS with your employees can provide an opportunity to reflect on 2019 and set the tone for the new year. Unlike a formal performance review that includes self-evaluations and specific goals, a year-end meeting can focus more on open-ended questions and identify areas of improvement and growth for the year ahead. Discussion questions can include:
·       When you consider this past year in full, how do you feel about the progress you personally made? How about the progress your team made?
·       When did you feel most proud to be a part of the company this past year?
·       When did you feel most discouraged last year?
·       What can I do better in the upcoming year to be the best manager to you, as possible?
·        In what ways do you want to stretch and grow in the upcoming year?

Click here for more details and a template for year-end meetings. 
Dairy currents
CHOCOLATE MILK’S COMEBACK IN SOME SCHOOLS is underway after bans of flavored milks in recent years. An article in Education Week highlights school districts in Connecticut, Washington and California that are bringing back chocolate milk to reduce food waste and increase consumption. Read the full article here
VALUE OF U.S. DAIRY EXPORTS TOPPED $500 MILLION for the second straight month in October, thanks to record shipments of nonfat dry milk/skim milk powder to Southeast Asia as well as strong sales of cheese to Mexico and lactose to New Zealand. The value of all exports was the most since May at $527.7 million. Exports of nonfat dry milk/skim milk powder were the highest in 18 months and the third-highest month on record. Cheese export volume is also tracking at a five-year high for the year through October. Read more and see interactive charts from the U.S. Dairy Exporter blog h ere
FARMER SENTIMENT IMPROVES IN NOVEMBER to tie July’s rating for the highest of 2019, according to the Ag Economy Barometer created by Purdue University and the CME Group. The barometer’s rise was driven higher by increased optimism about current economic conditions. The November survey reported farmers’ expectations for resolutions to trade disputes soon and a more optimistic view regarding farmland values. Read more here
Sponsor profile
FOCUS ON ENERGY ® has been dedicated to serving Wisconsin's agriculture industry since the program began in 2001. With agricultural energy expenses climbing to almost $700 million a year, dairy farmers need the resources and knowledge to eliminate unnecessary expenses while maintaining a safe and productive business. Fellow organizations like the Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin make a partnership with Focus on Energy a seamless fit. Not only does PDPW focus on helping today’s dairy producers build financially fit businesses, they also promote sustainable practices that will serve current farming processes for future generations.

Both PDPW and Focus on Energy put a conscious effort toward continuing education. Similar to PDPW’s best-in-class training opportunities, Focus on Energy is committed to giving today’s dairy farmers the information they need to make economic decisions for their businesses. Whether instructing on basic maintenance best practices or breaking down components of an energy bill, no topic is unimportant. Through its partnership with PDPW, Focus on Energy provides information through electronic and printed means, such as Manager’s Memo and Dairy’s Bottom Line . It’s team members also speak occasionally at financial-centered PDPW trainings.

As PDPW is committed to identifying challenges and looking for possible solutions, Focus on Energy is as well. In 2019, Focus on Energy provided a 25% bonus to Wisconsin farmers that experienced a natural farm disaster such as barn roofs collapsing from the previous winter’s heavy snowfall. This funding helped farmers replace damaged equipment such as lights, waterers and circulation fans. In addition farmers received the benefit of choosing energy-efficient options that will save them money on their energy bills for years to come.

Focus on Energy has a team of vested, statewide Energy Advisors committed to providing comprehensive technical expertise. Together with utilities across the state, Focus on Energy helps the agricultural community understand their farm’s energy use and develop an energy-efficiency strategy.

Even though it’s not feasible to completely eliminate energy expenses while operating a safe and modern operation there are many ways to decrease energy use. For assistance with energy-efficiency improvement, contact an Energy Advisor from Focus on Energy at . Energy Advisors have the tools and skills needed to guide you through potential energy-saving projects. Learn more about Focus on Energy by calling 888.947.7828 or visiting .
Words to live by
"It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving."
--- Mother Theresa
PDPW Educational Calendar
December 18

January 8, 2020
World Class Webinar - Strategies for Rising Labor Costs with Jason Karszes:

January 8 & 9, 2020: Level 2 Begins

January 14-16, 2020
Corpus Christi, Texas

February 5, 2020
World Class Webinar - What are the Top 20% Doing? with Jason Karszes:
February 12 & 13, 2020
Green Bay, Wis.

March 17-18, 2020
Alliant Energy Center, Madison, Wis.

March 18-19, 2020
Alliant Energy Center, Madison, Wis.

March 24-25, 2020: Level 3

April 4-5, 2020
Juneau, Wis.

April 14, 2020
Madison, Wis.
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