Portage County TEA Party Endorses

Jill Crawford for Portage County Commissioner

For Immediate Release: Thursday, February 15, 2024

Contact: Tom Zawistowski,

Akron, OH: Tom Zawistowski, Executive Director of the Portage County TEA Party and the Treasurer of the Ohio Citizens PAC, announced today that both organizations are endorsing Jill Crawford for County Commissioner in Portage County for the March 19, 2024 Republican Primary. In making the endorsement, Zawistowski focused on Crawford's qualifications for the job as well as her family's long time relationship with the Portage County TEA Party.

Jill Crawford

County Commissioner Candidate

Zawistowski said, "I have known Jill Crawford for many years as her late husband Carl Crawford was the Treasurer for the Portage County TEA Party for almost its entire 15 year existance. Carl Crawford played an integral role in our turning Portage County from totally blue to totally red. It was Jill Crawford who helped make it possible for Carl to give the time, effort and money they gave as a family to help elect conservatives to most of the key elected positions in Portage County."

Zawistowski continued, "Since Carl's passing, Jill Crawford has stepped up to support conservative candidates, like our own Sheriff Bruce Zuchowski, and recently decided to run for office herself. I will be the first to tell you, and she will confirm, that she is no politician! Jill is a very accomplished Certified Public Accountant with over 30 years of experience. She is not one to be swayed by emotions when making a decision. She is a practical, commonsense, fact based, conservative who will be as tight with your tax dollars as she is with her own family budget! As a County Commissioner, we need people who can analyze complex situations and determine the best, and least expensive, way to do what is best for the citizens of Portage County. That defines Jill Crawford to a tee!"

Zawistowski concluded, "We in the Portage County TEA Party are so proud of Jill for being willing to run for office in order to serve the county she loves so much. We ask that all conservative Republican voters in Portage County share our endorsement with everyone they know so that they can vote for Jill Crawford for Portage County Commissioner in the March Primary. Remember, early voting starts next week on February 21, 2024! Anyone who would like to donate to help us elect Jill Crawford can do so by Clicking Here to Donate to the Ohio Citizens PAC which will be helping to promote her campaign."


Read Jill Crawford's Letter to You

Dear Portage County Voter:

I am Jill Crawford and would like to introduce myself as I hope to serve you as your Portage County Commissioner.

In the economic times we are facing at a national, state, and local level, it is important that there is strong oversight of the fiscal duties that impact how Portage County tax dollars are spent. The Board of County Commissioners is granted administrative duties to support and promote development as well as fiscal responsibilities to oversee and coordinate the county General Fund across various departments and services. The Board of County Commissioners is essentially the custodian of the county’s checkbook.

Providing transparency and accountability to you, the taxpayer, should remain the focus for making financial decisions with these tax dollars. Strong analytical skills are important to properly evaluate issues brought forward for consideration. The skill set I have developed as a professional in the financial area will be relevant and valuable to making these types of decisions.

I am well qualified to serve as County Commissioner. I graduated with honors from Kent State University with a bachelor’s degree in accounting. I am a Certified Public Accountant, and I have over 30 years of experience practicing at national and regional public accounting firms as well as at a large, privately held business. I gained valuable insight during my career to the challenges faced by entities whether in the private or public sector. I have strong analytical skills to work through relevant facts to make decisions. The traits demonstrated over my professional career are instilled in me, and I will apply these same traits and professionalism to this office.

My roots in Portage County run deep. I have been a resident for over twenty-five years. My late husband Carl and I chose to live here and to raise our son Joseph in this community. Joseph attends Kent State University, continuing to reside in the county where he was raised, further strengthening my family commitment to this area.

Why am I seeking an elected county office? Many reasons come to mind including a very personal one. My late husband was active in local political organizations including the Portage County Republican Party as well as serving as a campaign treasurer for several candidates. He was passionate about his love for this great country as well as the belief that even one voice can make a difference. I share that passion and that belief. I will be your voice.

I am asking for your vote as I am well qualified and will bring transparency, accountability, and professionalism to the office. The opportunity to represent my county through the role of County Commissioner is a privilege in which I will take great pride and responsibility. I look forward to serving the county which so many other families like mine have chosen to call home.


Jill Crawford

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