by Rev. David Wells, PCCNA President

Recently, I was privileged to represent the Pentecostal community as general superintendent of The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, and to a degree, the broader Christian community, at an international summit in Jerusalem. Along with my colleague, Dr. Wayne Hilsden, our presentation was entitled “The Importance of Christian-Jewish Relations.”

An article on that topic itself would certainly be worthwhile, but this opportunity caused me to consider the broader concept of representation, which is a function I regularly fulfill for Pentecostal and Christian communities. In providing representation, how I relate to the “other” is rooted in how we identify ourselves. In these contexts, one needs clarity on who we are—who am I representing?

Whether Pentecostal or Christian, it’s not about presenting a fixed or set “franchise” model of identity. Perhaps you’ve noted, as I have, that not all Pentecostals or Christians look at nor think about things the same! Instead, it’s about knowing what is at the center of who we are, the “main things,” and representing them well across very diverse contexts.

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On the campus of PTS, August 14, 2023, a celebrated ceremony signing a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) convened with two significant Pentecostal denominations: the Pentecostal Theological Seminary—A Church of God Ministry, and the Charles H. Mason Theological Seminary of the Church of God in Christ (COGIC).

Following months of planning and preparation, executives and educational representatives of the COGIC Commission of Education and executive leadership of PTS and the Church of God (COG), signed the MOA. The MOA provides for a collaborative partnership reflecting a primary purpose to promote the highest quality in academic programming in the area of theological studies. Dr. Michael L. Baker, PTS President, stated, “Today was momentous and historic as representatives from both Pentecostal denominations signed the MOA joining hearts and hands to prepare men and women, called of God for Spirit-filled, Spirit-led ministry around the world. Together, our Pentecostal synergy will touch every nation on every continent with the Spirit and power of Pentecost.”

Church of God Presiding Bishop Timothy M. Hill stated, “When church histories are penned, this event will be noted above most…I so appreciate this moment that God has brought us together for on this day.”

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by Rev. Joe Oden, Chairperson

What a powerful summer we have experienced over the last few months! We have had the privilege of traveling all over this great nation and witnessing God move tremendously. Anticipation is building for what God is doing and going to do in the United States and worldwide!

We have just returned from the 60th General Council of the Assemblies of God. This is a convention that takes place every two years where our entire fellowship comes together from all over the country. This year it was held in Columbus, Ohio. Close to 20,000 ministers and young people gathered for a time of refreshing and fellowship in the presence of the Lord.

Earlier this year in February, our Evangelism Commission met in Albuquerque at our annual PCCNA Conference where 20 Evangelism Commission members participated online and in person. We discussed strategies and practices that could serve PCCNA members. Werner Nachtchigal, President of the GoMovement, provided an update on the GoDecade, cast a vision for the future, and raised awareness about the tremendous evangelism resources available at Also attending the meeting was a representative from the HeGetsUs campaign to share about the resources available and how to encourage local churches to connect to this campaign.

In addition, our discussion was comprised of working through how we could provide a conference that would serve the PCCNA denominations and networks to enhance evangelism within the local church. The consensus was that we needed to convene a meeting before the end of 2023 and share a proposal to the PCCNA Executive Committee that would serve to offer equipping, geared to the local church in the areas of evangelism and outreach. The goal would be to serve the vast expression of the local church in reaching the lost through youth, children, street, relational, power, and many more forms of evangelism.

The majority of people on earth do not know about the wonderful forgiveness, hope, peace, and love that is available through Jesus Christ. They face a Christless eternity. That is tragic! While many Christian organizations are sharing the gospel, no one organization can, by itself, complete the Great Commission. Yet, by God’s grace, together we can! God is moving in many special ways today, and growing numbers of leaders feel the fulfillment of the Great Commission is within our grasp.

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PCCNA 2024
FEBRUARY 2021, 2024

Join us in Montgomery, Alabama, on Tuesday through Wednesday, February 20–21, for our annual PCCNA Conference as we honor and celebrate the 30-year anniversary of the "Memphis Miracle" while embracing the future mission of PCCNA.

The Embassy Suites by Hilton
300 Tallapoosa Street
Montgomery, AL 36104

Note: Due to the high demand for meeting space in the Montgomery area during the month of February, the conference will begin on Tuesday, February 20, with commission meetings at 9:00 a.m. and conclude on Wednesday, February 21, following the evening dinner session.

General Session #2
with Rev. Rick Warren
Executive Director, Finishing the Task

"If you want the blessing of God over your life, you must care about what God cares about most!"
- Rev. Rick Warren
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