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Sept / Oct 2023 News

PCC needs your help with Hands Free

Hundreds of you signed the Hands Free petition. THANK YOU! We are sending your petition signatures to House Judiciary committee this month, in preparation for the final leg of the 2023-2024 legislative session.

We led the Hands Free effort in partnership with the motorcycle lobby in Spring 2023, after years of supporting it. Now, the Hands Free bill needs a major push. We launched a billboard campaign across South Carolina in 3 regions, with the help of a major donor. However, our leaders' positions have not changed. This is where we need your help again:

If you live in any of these House Judiciary member districts, please set up an in person meeting during October or early November 2023. In your meeting, urge them to pass the Hands Free bill through committee by March 2024, and to set up a meeting with SCDPS prior to settle differences.

Rep. Wes Newton

Rep. John R.C. King

Rep. Justin Bamber

Rep. Case Brittain

Rep. Jason Elliott

Rep. Brandon Guffey

Rep. Pat Henegan

Rep. Matt Leber

Rep. Cody Mitchell

Rep. Robby Robbins

Rep. Carla Schuessler

Rep. Spencer Wetmore

Rep. Chris Wooten

Rep. Jay Jordan

Rep. William Bailey

Rep. Beth Bernstein

Rep. Ben Connell

Rep. Val Guest

Rep. Rosalyn Henderson-Myers

Rep. Jeff Johnson

Rep. John McCravy

Rep. Travis Moore

Rep. Seth Rose

Rep. Ivory Thigpen

Rep. Will Wheeler

Find your district legislators here. If your House Representative serves on Judiciary committee, listed above, contact them from this list and set up a meeting now. Thank you.

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Volunteers needed for Road Safety Audits

Can you take off work for a few hours on any given 2 weekdays? Do you have good knowledge of modern engineering for safe streets? Can you work with planning professionals? Do you have lived experience as a pedestrian and bike rider in non-preferred areas? PCC seeks willing & able volunteers to serve officially in the role of "Citizen Stakeholder" for Road Safety Audits across South Carolina, on behalf of PCC. This role is part of a federal process to inform a broad group of stakeholders, led by SCDOT and their consultant teams, to bring federal funding to fix road safety problems in South Carolina. All RSA's are done in "hot spot" locations, where ped/bike fatalities & serious injuries stack up at high levels. Seeking serious applicants. Let us know!

PCC signs NHTSA letter on your behalf

PCC recently signed a support letter about car safety standards, for the League of American Bicyclists (LAB) with an initiative seeking for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to be more inclusive of bicyclists and motorcyclists in their safety standards. Charleston Moves also signed in support. LAB now has a coalition of organizations from 49 states in a campaign to improve car safety standards.


Myrtle Beach, SC
October 15
Georgetown, SC
October 28
Bluffton, SC
November 5
Walterboro, SC
November 8-12

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