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August 2023 News
SCDOT Commission to update Policy 3, giving you more sidewalks.
Late last year, PCC advocated directly to the Secretary of Transportation at SCDOT to seek an update to SCDOT Commission Policy 3, which directs money to sidewalks on state roads. This policy from 2012 was long overdue for an update. It was so restrictive in allowing sidewalk funding (from a state match pool), that regional planners told us they often omitted sidewalks from many projects that used these millions of dollars in federal money. In other words, they could get all other road widening and intersection projects fully funded, but adding sidewalks most often meant they had to bring MORE money to the table JUST for sidewalks. Policy 3 set the bar so high for sidewalks getting funding, that it affected their complete streets designs.
Well, we helped change this! PCC advocated directly to SCDOT to change this policy, in alignment with the 2021 Complete Streets policy, and we are excited to announce that in the August 17 SCDOT Commission Workshop, SCDOT began working to improve it. We look forward to seeing sidewalk projects happen more often, directly from a funding stream that annually allocates $238 Million in federal funding across every urban and rural area in South Carolina.

This is PCC working for you! Then please thank SCDOT for following through!
PCC & Road Safety Audits
PCC has participated in dozens of Road Safety Audits (RSA's) around the state, after receiving training from FHWA. For the past 5 years, we've either done these ourselves in the required role of "citizen stakeholder", or we found local advocates to serve.

These Audits run two days mid-week and include a Walk Audit of the roadway, a data review, and a final discussion by stakeholders to develop recommendations to address the safety problems. RSAs are always conducted in "hot spots", where serious injuries and fatalities for people biking and walking have been significant. If you're interested in participating in an RSA in your area, please let us know.

PCC is seeking funds to continue our efforts to assist with this valuable SCDOT program. Our latest RSA was in Lake City, SC, in the 2 photos below.
Event Spotlight: 2nd annual Bike Bluffton
Don't miss the 2nd annual Bike Bluffton on Sunday, November 5, 2023, on one of four cycling route options designed for all levels and abilities. The 62-mile metric century ride tours riders through prestigious Palmetto Bluff. Other highlights include Hampton Lake, Sun City and beautiful and historic Bluffton, SC: The Heart of the Lowcountry! All proceeds benefit The Boys & Girls Club of Bluffton. Visit their website for more details and register today at
National Partner Spotlight: E-Bike Smart courses!
Do you have an e-bike? Take an E-Bike Smart course! With more people discovering the joys and benefits of riding an e-bike, the League of American Bicyclists, People for Bikes, and Bicycle Colorado have partnered to create "E-Bike Smart" to share the basics of maintaining your e-bike, handling and charging your e-bike battery, and riding safely while out on the road or trail. E-bikes have different maintenance needs, go faster, and enjoy a much further range than standard bicycles. Whether you’re new to riding or just want more info on e-bikes, it's a good course to take!

Myrtle Beach, SC
October 15
Georgetown, SC
October 28
Bluffton, SC
November 5
Walterboro, SC
November 8-12

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