Dear Members,

Attached you will find the 2021 PCC Dues and Fees Statement (click on the underlined text to open form). Again this year, the Dues and Fees Statement is a fillable PDF. Open the pdf and you can fill out the form digitally. We encourage everyone to fill it out electronically as it greatly reduces errors and legibility issues. Occasionally there have been issues with email virus scanners flagging this as a virus because of the code in the form that does the automatic calculations. If you have this issue you can download a copy directly from our website: At the bottom there is a link to the Dues and Fees Statement.

To get started, fill in the personal information on the first page. Note, boat length is necessary for the calculations to work correctly on the second page; so that is important if you will be keeping a boat at PCC. The second page starts with 3 questions at the top. Click the appropriate button and pick the appropriate drop down. This will auto fill much of your Dues and Fees Statement. Then fill in the applicable blue boxes only (they may be another color depending on your computer settings), not all will apply to everyone. The totals will auto calculate and give you a grand total that you owe. Once the form is fully filled out hit the print button and send a printed copy along with your payment to the address on the form. Please fill out the form in its entirety.

If you have any issues or the form does not work as expected feel free to give me a call or text or email and I’ll work with you on it. Note, the form does not work in Microsoft Edge web browser or on Apple devices but should be compatible with other browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome). Saving to your desktop and opening with Adobe Acrobat is the best way to fill out the form if other methods don’t work. Please note a few changes for 2021:

·      Lockers have been broken down to men’s and women’s. Please fill in the quantity of each you will be renting. This will help us better track which lockers are paid for.

·      There is a spot for an optional donation to various club funds. This is optional but is an easy way to put a few extra dollars (round up!) in one of several funds. New for this year only is a spot to donate towards the purchase of an AED and an overhaul of our First Aid Kit. Please refer to the article in the Jan 2021 Breeze regarding the importance of the AED. We are looking to raise approximately $1500 for this cause. If 2020 caused you to be unable to contribute to the club as you would have liked (work parties, social events, volunteer efforts, etc.) please consider a donation to this very important upgrade for our club.

Bill Gray